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The benefits of a bare bottom when spanking the older teen girl

A bare bottom spanking is so very effective for many reasons, which is why it is still a common practice in the homes of the US, when an older teen girl needs to be punished.  When it comes to a young lady having to bare her bottom for a spanking, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that it will hurt more as a result of being on the bare skin.  While this is indeed true, let’s take a look at all of the benefits of a bared bottom for a spanking.

bare bottom spanking

Mom knows that a bare bottom spanking works much better

When the teenage girl finds herself in trouble for a minor offense, and may have only earned herself a handspanking, it is pretty much mandatory that her bottom be bared for the process.  A handspanking over pants and panties does very little to provide much sting, and the only way any sort of lesson is going to be learned is with skin to skin contact.  A handspanking, by design, only really works during the course of the punishment, as the sting goes away pretty quickly, with no long term discomfort.  The only real benefit is for the parent to provide as much sting as possible, so her bottom must be bared to make in progress in her learning.

dad spanks daughters bare bottom otk

By baring her bottom, he is clearly achieving the desired results.

Clearly baring a young lady’s bottom is not limited to a handspanking and a punishment with any implement can be further enhanced with a bare bottom.  An implement such as a belt becomes even more effective, as a belt is an implement with the potential for a lot of sting.  A belt can be used with great effect over a teen girl’s pants, especially if it is a heavy belt.  But there is no doubt that leather applied to her bare skin is far more effective in getting the desired results.  But the purpose of baring a teen girl’s bottom goes so far beyond just that of adding more sting.

mom spanks daughter on bare bottom

Mom bared her tiny teen bottom before getting to work with the belt.

The baring of a bottom brings additional psychological factors that can serve to make a punishment far more memorable than just making it hurt more.  Often the perception of pain, prior to the spanking, can be just as memorable as the spanking itself.  Picture the young lady, in a shit load of trouble, standing before her dad as his belt is pulled from his pants.  It is already bad for her, as she sees that dad is going to use the belt, so she knows she is really in for it.  This is not a simple handspanking from mom, and she knows this is going to be the real deal.  Just when it seems like it is going to be as bad as it gets, she hears those dreaded words from dad, “turn around, bare your bottom, and bend over”.  What was already going to be a memorable punishment, just because all that more effective.  As she pulls down her pants and panties and bends over, a real lesson is already being learned.  Many teen girls find themselves in tears, as the bare their little butts, knowing how bad it is going to be.  Before the belt is ever applied to her teen bottom, the learning has already begun.

bare bottom belt spanking from dad

Dad learned a long time ago that his belt is far more effective on her bare bottom.

Another great benefit of a bare bottom spanking is demonstrating to the teen girl, who thinks she is all grown up, that she will be treated exactly how she acts, and regardless of her age, her parents are still in charge.  After the age of eight or nine, most girls reach a point where there parents do not see them in any state of undress at all.  It is a common progression in most households, in which privacy and modesty are respected.  But when it comes to her discipline, all bets are off, and her behavior directly affects the amount of modesty she is allowed.  Picture the little princess, spoiled rotten, with her own car, the biggest and best IPhone, lives on Twitter and Facebook, and just thinks she is all that.  But when the time comes, that a real impression needs to be made about her attitude and being too big for her britches, a bare bottom spanking is the great equalizer.

Those three simple words “bare your bottom” have a very real effect on someone’s behavior.  She thinks she is all grown up and in control, but when it comes down to it, her parents are still in charge.  There are very few situations in life in which someone can demand that someone else show their butt.  But when a parent feels the nature of her offense requires it, they can indeed exercise this option.  Nothing deflates a young lady’s ego, and sense of entitlement, then having to present her bare bottom to be spanked.  Being cute, popular, with well-off parents does nothing to help her in this situation.  Quite simply, she acted like a spoiled little brat, and as a result, her spoiled little bare bottom is going to be given the attention it deserves.

bare bottom paddling from dad

Each and every time it is required, dad has her bare her teen bottom for a good paddling.

There are two variations on a bare bottom spanking.  The first requires her to bare her own bottom and present it to be punished.  This is very effective as it gives her full ownership of the spanking.  Mom is not going to pin her down and pull her pants down; she is required to do it herself.  She is actually cooperating by helping to provide a situation that is going to make her punishment more painful.  This is her spanking, mom wants it to hurt as much as possible, and she is going to have to assist in the entire process.  This can be a very powerful component to a proper spanking and when all is said and done, she will be a better person by helping to make her own discipline as effective as possible.

mom spanks daughter's bare bottom

It does not matter that she is 18, mom always makes her bare her bottom and present it for each and every spanking.

The other variation is for the parent to bare the bottom of the teen girl that is about to be spanked.  This goes to the earlier point of showing a young lady that is her behavior requires it, that her parents still have the right to bare her bottom.  There is no other situation in a typical home in which a mom or a dad can demand that their 17-18 year old daughter has to show any part of her anatomy.  But if her behavior requires it, she not only has to bare her bottom, but they will actually do it for her.  It demonstrates who is actually in control in the home.  They are not only going to spank her teen butt, they will actually pull down her pants and her panties to do so.

mom straps daughter's bare bottom

Sent to her room so a dose of mom’s belt. Mom bares her bottom to show her who is really in charge.

I have never believed that anyone should be humiliated over the course of corporal punishment, but I believe that embarrassment can go a long way to supplement any form of discipline.  Picture the typical teen girl and how she lives her daily life.  Lots people will do whatever is required to not be embarrassed, hell, this alone can often lead to bad behavior.  There are many girls who get in trouble because they do not want to embarrass themselves by being the only one that will not engage in a certain activity.  Well do you know what is very embarrassing for the teenage girl?  Having to bare her bottom for her mom or her dad, so they can give her a good whoopin.  They will be just as likely to adjust their behavior to avoid presenting their bare butts for a spanking as they will to avoid the actual pain of a spanking.

paddling from dad

Paddled in the living room, after dinner, with the family present.

A bare bottom spanking that takes place in a common area of a house, can further add to the overall embarrassment.  Being sent to her room to wait for her bare bottom spanking is one thing, but knowing that it can happen right there in the dining room, is something completely different.  I cannot think of a teen girl in this world that will not give a second thought to her behavior if she knows the results are getting her bare bottom spanked in front of whatever family members are present.  It only takes a single whoopin with a belt, on her bare butt, in the middle of the family room, while her little brothers watching, to make a very real change in her behavior.  We have now taken something that might only have the potential to hurt and changed it into a situation she would never want to be in, even without the spanking.

Paddled after school by dad

A paddling right after school, in the living room, with her brothers watching.

Beyond all of these other factors that make a bare bottom spanking effective, we still come back to the point that a spanking on her bare bottom hurts much more.  Is this not the point of a spanking? A spanking should provide as much pain as the situation calls for.  We are talking about the punishment of older teen girls, not little children, so clearly the spanking needs to hurt a lot to be an actual deterrent.  If she is able to just suck it up and it not hurt all that much, it does nothing to change behavior.  So the spanking should take place in a manner that brings the most amount of pain to her bottom, which can be applied in a safe manner.  A bare bottom also allows the parent to gauge the progress that they are making.  A belt applied over her jeans, with her kicking, screaming, and throwing a fit, does not allow the parent to effectively gauge the actual progress that is being made.  Maybe she is just putting on an act and playing it all up to end things quicker.  But when a parent chooses to bare the bottom, they can check their work as they go.  A bottom that is barely pink does nothing for a long term change in attitude. But with a bare bottom, they can see when real results are being achieved.  Regardless of how much she is carrying on, the spanking needs to be applied long enough and hard enough, that her bottom ends up sore.  When she is bent over and her teen bottom is bared, they will be able to see first-hand when her bottom starts to bruise. This allows them to accurately apply the lesson required and get exactly the result that not only they are looking for, but have been earned.

bare bottom paddling from dad

With her bottom bared, her dad can continue to paddle her until he can actually see a lesson being learned.

All animations come from the realistic spanking videos at

Posted September 21st, 2015.

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School corporal punishment, paddles, impact, and what is happening under those clothes

school corporal punishment paddling When it comes to corporal punishment at the high school level, there is a very good reason, that here in the US, that a paddle is the implement of choice.  Let’s face it, for a high school aged girl that is still spanked at home, a parent rarely uses their hand.  As someone grows older their pain tolerance tends to increase, and a handspanking is no longer much of a deterrent.  Now at home, a parent does have an option to bare a young lady’s bottom, as well as the fact that there are no rules that state how many smacks can be applied.  A 3-5 minute bare bottom handspanking can indeed be effective for the teen girl, but most parents opt for a belt as they can achieve the same results in a much shorter period of time with much less effort.

girl corporal punishment paddling in school

In the school environment, administrators are very limited in the amount of swats that can be given, and a spanking over whatever a young lady happens to be wearing, is the only option they have.  Yes, a good whoopin with a belt can correct many problems, but with a limitation of 2-8 licks, this is hardly enough to cover most disciplinary problems.  This is why pretty much all US schools that allow corporal punishment have chosen to use a paddle when spanking a high school aged girlgirl corporal punishment paddling in school

A paddle is a pretty good equalizer when it comes to the various states of dress that are worn in the school environment.  Yes, the more layers, or the thicker the clothing, can indeed cut down on the amount of initial sting that a young lady experiences. But if a paddle of proper size and weight is used, regardless of the clothing, it is still easy to teach a very effective lesson.  It all has to do with the force of the impact on her bottom.

A heavy oak paddle is effective over any amount of clothing, as the punishment factor comes from a heavy impact, and not just the sting.  With a handspanking, even on the bare bottom, the pain that is experienced comes from a stinging sensation being applied to the skin. But with a paddle, while there is typically a lot of sting that is felt as well, it is the deep impact that leads to long term learning.  During the initial impact the skin is affected, but as the paddle continues on its course, it actually pushes the skin, and even underlying layers of fat out of the way, eventually making contact with the muscles of the naughty young lady’s bottom.

girl corporal punishment paddling in school

It is the meeting of hard wood and muscle that makes a paddle so very effective for school corporal punishment.  This is a far different experience than a spanking with a belt or a hand, and has the tendency to literally take a young lady’s breath away.  Everything is compressed under the paddle and this is where real learning takes place.  Even a single, properly placed paddle swat, with a heavy wooden paddle, can initiate the learning process.  Obviously a single swat is never enough for the majority of offenses, but that first one really jump starts the punishment.

With a handspanking, the pain of the punishment is spread out over the entire bottom, allowing spots girl corporal punishment paddling in schoolthat are getting a little sore, at least a small break while other parts of her bottom are covered.  With a proper paddling, each swat is placed in the exact same spot, not allowing any break for the duration of the punishment.  Each and every time that the paddle lands, the skin is compressed and the same exact muscles feel the impact. This allows the pain to be layered over and over on the tender parts of her bottom, really allowing a well-deserved lesson to be learned.

girl corporal punishment paddling in schoolIt is this layering effect that allows an administrator to achieve long term results.  With the impact to the muscles of her bottom, many times in a row, if done right, will lead to bruising.  Bruising is the desired results, as the longer her teen bottom is sore, the more learning that takes place.  Most high school girls can suck up the pain for the 30 seconds that a paddling actually lasts, which is why long term soreness is essential.  This paddling needs to remain fresh on her mind for the next few days, allowing her bottom to communicate with her brain and help her achieve the desired results.

You can see from the animations included in this post, how a paddle really impacts a young lady’s girl corporal punishment paddling in schoolbottom. These have been slowed down so you can see the wave of skin and fat cells, traveling away from the swat.  In some of these animations, you can actually almost see a bit of a shockwave travel throughout her body.  But with their clothing on, we are limited in scope to see the actual effects that the paddle is having on her bottom.  Let’s take a look at a few paddle swats applied first over jeans, and then on the bare, so we can actually see the effects the paddle is having on her bottom.

girl corporal punishment paddling in schoolgirl corporal punishment paddling in schoolslow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 9slow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 10slow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 12slow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 13

You can clearly see the wave that I was discussing, that runs in all directions away from the paddle.  You can see that the paddle compresses the skin differently with each girl, depending on how much extra padding she has on her bottom.  But the common factor with all of these is that the paddle impact hits her skin, providing sting and redness, and then moves through the tissue until it finally stops its travel once it hits the desired muscles in her bottom.  Once the impact has found the muscles, we see that bruises begin to instantly form.

slow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 16

In the case of the animation above, we see what is pretty common from a hard school paddling, and that is a bull’s eye looking bruise.  This is a clear indication of learning taking place and it also shows the proper target area.  There is no doubt that in this case of this particular young lady, that she will feel the most soreness in the area of her bottom that touches when she sits down.  A proper school paddling will lead to long term soreness at all times of the day, but in the school environment, these bull’s eye bruises, in this exact spot, are very important.  She was punished for her behavior at school, so the goal should be to make the next couple of days at school, as painful as possible.  In the home environment, she will be able to sit on a couch, or a bed, thus decreasing the amount of discomfort she experiences.  But at school, a hardwood desk is her only option.  This allows the learning to be as effective as possible while she is in the environment in which her behavior needs the most work.

slow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 5

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A severe spanking and a sore bottom

There are indeed those times when a young lady earns the type of spanking that leaves even a longer lasting impression than normal.  It might be that one thing that she was warned never to do that she got caught doing, or maybe it is the thing that she continues to do that her parents have finally reached the last straw.  Often a young lady receives a spanking that leaves her bottom black and blue for days as a result of something that endangers her life.  We can only hope for more bottoms like we see below, as a result of all of the young ladies that are texting while driving.  Either way, what we really love about is they provide us with the type of domestic scenes in which an intense punishment spanking is actually administered, and not just faked. I have grabbed just a few still from many of the recent severe updates at to show you exactly what the result of a proper punishment spanking actually look like.

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Spanked Thighs

Many parents spank places other than just a young lady’s bottom.


Posted June 24th, 2015.

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A lovely red bottom helps reinforce the punishment

Let’s face it, a sore bottom is not just part of the process it is the overall goal when a young lady has misbehaved.  The spanking itself needs to be very painful; it will always be the biggest overall deterrent against future bad behavior.  Her bottom needs to be set on fire for a considerable duration of time, providing a sufficient amount of kicking and screaming, and of course tears.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 12 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 19 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 26

But when a spanking is administered effectively, it is not over after the last smack.  If she was really naughty, and a paddle or something similar was used, she will have a bruised and sore bottom.  But I am not just talking about soreness; I am talking about a visual indicator that reminds her that she has been bad.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 20 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 23

The one thing you can always count on after a teen girl has been spanked by mom or dad, is that she is not only going to rub her bottom, she is going to look at it.  This is a very good thing in that she can actually see the results of her behavior on her sore behind.  Yes, the actual punishment might be over, but the reminder remains in place.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 13 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 14 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 15 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 18

There is a good chance, shortly after her spanking, that she will be baring her own bottom for a closer look.  Not only will she look, she will touch.  She will feel the heat that she herself created.  It may be mom or dad that set it on fire, but what she is now looking at and touching is as a result of her actions.  Right there before her eyes she is able to see what she did.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 24 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 27

After a really good spanking, many young ladies will lie down on the bed and give their bottom a good rub, attempting to make the sting go away.  As much as she caresses her sore bottom, nothing will really sooth the pain except for time.  With each beat of her heart she feels a throbbing on her tender bottom.  Each pulse once again reminds her of her actions and she is able to feel those results clearly.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 2 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 4

This does not just apply in the home environment, as young ladies are not immune to corporal punishment in the school.  While it might be a little trickier, you can count on the high school girl, to find a private little moment, in which she can inspect her recently paddled bottom.  It may be a quick moment in the girl’s bathroom, a trip to the locker room, or even with a tiny makeup mirror in the privacy of a bathroom stall.  Everyone who has been recently spanked has to take a look, they just can’t help it.  They need to see exactly what it causing them so much discomfort.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 8 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 9 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 10

Being able to see her sore bottom really helps the overall learning experience, it is even more powerful if the marks last a couple of days.  Each morning she is able to look in the mirror and see what she did.  The punishment did not simply go away, it is still right here staring her in the face.  It helps her remember what she did, and more importantly what she can do different in the future to avoid exactly what she is seeing.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 21 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 22

Posted June 3rd, 2015.

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