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A creative and severe mom spanks her daughter often

When it comes to spanking, there still some moms out there that are very creative when it comes to spanking their daughters.  This is typically as a result of growing up in a household in which their own mothers were quite creative when it came to corporal punishment.  These types of mothers are almost collectors when it comes to spanking implements and can never pass up a good implement when they see one.  They might be at an antique store and see an old hairbrush, or even a small boat paddle, and they know there will be a time when such a tool could come in handy.  This is the mom that walks through the store in Target and sees the perfect sized wooden spoon that she are sure they can put to good use.  This mom, finds herself in the men’s belts section of JC Penny’s, even though her husband currently does not need a belt, as she never knows when a thick and heavy leather belt will be on sale.

This mom is not only creative with her selection of implements to choose from, she also believes in varying the punishment of her daughter, as much as possible to make sure each and every punishment fits the particular misdeed that has been committed.  She will often vary the location of the spanking, the implement used, the position utilized, and maybe even adding in a little corner time if needed.  The spanking can take place in the kitchen, the living room, the backyard, her daughter’s bedroom, her own bedroom, in front of a sibling, or even in front of the entire family.

While there are many moms out there that always deliver the same spanking, with the same implement, and give the same number of strokes, the creative mom knows that not all spankings are created equal.  She is able to vary each and every punishment to fit the problem she is dealing with, and to make it very specific to the issue.  Some things can be solved with a handspanking, while for other situations only a heavy wooden paddle will do.

Let’s take a look at an 18 year old girl, who is a senior in high school, but lives under the typical rules that as long as she is under her parent’s roof, then their style of discipline will always apply.  Her mom runs the house and is in charge of all of the discipline for her and her brother and sister. Jessica is just old enough to think that she is an adult, but still acts up frequently, and is punished often.  Her mom is the type that believes that for each and every little thing that her children do in her home, that she dislikes, a spanking is required.  Spanking are a frequent and almost daily occurrence and is simply a fact of life for her kids.

While they never know exactly what will set mom off at any given moment, it is clear that someone’s bottom will pay the price when there is an issue.  But in all fairness, her expectations are pretty clear and the severity of the punishment will be directly related to the severity of the offense.  Take for instance the picture below.

The kids are all home from school mom is busy working on dinner, and everyone is expected to get their homework done and their chores completed.  On any given day, each child knows what their chores are and they are expected to complete them without having to be reminded.  Jessica’s mom begins to put the food on the table and wants everyone seated and eating before it gets cold.  The problem is, Jessica became distracted and did not set the table.  When dinner is ready and there are no plates, silverware, glasses, or napkins on the table and it was Jessica’s responsibility.  There is no yelling, there are no lectures, and Jessica’s mom simply walks up to her room, opens the door, sits down on the bed and tells Jessica to bare her bottom.  She is quickly pulled over her mom’s lap and given a hard, two minute handspanking, that leaves her bottom bright red.  There are no long term marks, there is no bruising or soreness that lasts more than an hour, she was simply given a gentle reminder to get her chores done on time.  Jessica puts herself back together after the spanking and heads to the dining room to set the table.  The event is never spoken of again, no one is mad during dinner; Jessica simply got what she deserved, no more and no less.

otk handspanking from mom

A quick handspanking from mom as a reminder to do her chores.

But then there are events in which a little more correction is not only required, it is deserved.  Jessica’s mom overhears an argument between Jessica and her younger brother.  It is clear to her mom that Jessica is just being cranky and has no good reason to be giving her brother a hard time.  As many times as her brother tries to end the conversation, Jessica will just not let it go.  Her mom has finally heard enough, as she will not allow anyone to be bullied in her home.  Both Jessica and her brother are called down into the living room, where her mom is waiting with a hairbrush.  Her mom has more than one hairbrush that she uses to spank with, and for this situation, as it is not all that bad, she uses a plastic hairbrush.  All of the kids know that this brush stings like hell, and will leave a bottom a little marked and sore, but it is nothing like the intensity of the heavy wooden antique brush that mom pulls out when required.  Jessica’s brother is sat down on the couch so he can watch, as Jessica’s bottom is bared and she is bent over the ottoman.  Her mom quickly explains that she needs to make an effort to be nicer to her brother and then she begins.  Jessica receives 30 well placed and hard smacks to her bare bottom, producing some tears, and leaving Jessica’s bottom bright red, with just a small amount of bruising.  Her brother smiles through the whole thing but knows better than to laugh at someone else’s misfortune, as that is a spankable offense in this house.

mom spanks with a hairbrush

Bent over and spanked with the hairbrush in front of her brother.

Often the choice of implement is based on the location of where the offense occurred.  Each and every child in that house has had a long session with the wooden spoon as a result of some kitchen based infraction.  For Jessica, the last time she felt the spoon was for a simple offense, but one that her mom never overlooks.  That morning before school, Jessica ate a bowl of cereal as she waited for her ride to pick her up.  When the knock at the door came, Jessica placed her cereal bowl in the sink, instead of the empty dishwasher next to it.  When she came home that afternoon, the kitchen was clean, the dishwasher had been run, but her cereal bowl was exactly where she had left it.  The moment she walks in the door, her mom opens the drawer, the one that has those few spoons that are never used for cooking, and meets Jessica in the living room.  Her bottom is bared once again and mom covers every inch of her small bottom with the spoon.  When her whole bottom is bright red, she repeats the process just to make sure that Jessica gets the point.

wooden spoon spanking from mom

When kitchen chores are not completed, her mom spanks her bare bottom with a wooden spoon.

While every instance of misbehavior in this home calls for a spanking, sometimes their mom is creative in adding additional consequences.  Every child knows that the use of a bad word will get their bottom blistered and most likely their mouth washed out with soap. Just as with every punishment, there is a bit of a sliding scale.  The F word will likely result in something wooden used on their bottoms, while “shit” might only result in the belt.  Regardless of the word used, they know that someone’s butt will be torn up and they will then be lead to the kitchen sink.  Jessica’s mom always has several bars of soap under the sink, reserved for such a time of need.  The bar is heavily lathered and then makes several trips into Jessica’s mouth.  The bar is then placed in her mouth as she leans against the wall by the sink.  Her mom will then set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes and she has to just stand there and deal with the soapy mess and bad taste in her mouth.  When her time is up, she is expected to throw away the soap and then clean the soapy mess that dripped out of her mouth.

mouth washed out with soap by mom

Getting her mouth washed out with soap for using profanity.

Even at the age of 18, corner time is not out of the question.  Corner time after a spanking is usually reserved for a punishment that was given for something that is becoming a frequent problem in the home.  If Jessica’s mom sees a growing trend of vulgar language with all of her children, then the next time Jessica swears, before her mouth is washed out, but after she has been spanked, she will get some time kneeling in the corner.  This is used as a deterrent for the others so they can see exactly what happens when profanity is used.

corner time after spanking

After her spanking she gets corner time so her spanked bottom is on display as a warning to her brother and sister.

In doing her best to try and make a punishment fit the crime, just as with the wooden spoon for kitchen related punishment, if there is an outdoor related infraction, it is not all that uncommon for someone to be sent out to pick a switch.  Jessica’s last switching was as a result of not raking the leaves, after having been reminded twice.  Having finally had enough, her mom sent her out to pick a switch off of the willow tree in the backyard.  Jessica knows from past switchings that she better pick a good switch or her mom will pick for her.  When her mom picks, she tends to come in with something that looks more like a branch that a twig.  Jessica chooses the smallest she knows she can get away with and then has to grab a small waste basket, and sit in the living room, cleaning the very switch that will be used to stripe her bottom and thighs.  When she is done, she calls her mom into the room, and then bares her bottom and kneels on the chair.  She then receives a couple of dozen hard strokes with the switch.  While the occasional punishment might involve her thighs, for whatever reason, when it is a switching, the thighs are always included.  Nothing gets Jessica crying like the fiery sting of the switch to her thighs.

teen girl getting the switch

Cleaning the switch to be used for her spanking.

mom spanks with a switch

Mom sets her bottom and thighs on fire with the switch.


Unfortunately for Jessica and her siblings, not all spankings are as quick and gentle as the hand, plastic brush, or wooden spoon.  At least once a month she finds herself in the type of trouble that cannot simply be dealt with using a lighter implement.  Her mom has always been a big fan of the belt as it was the primary implement she felt growing up.  Their mom’s belt was not a small little belt that she just finds in the closet to use for discipline, it was purposely bought specifically for the spanking of a teen girl’s bottom.  Jessica was with her, many years ago, when her mom added that particular belt into their shopping cart at the department store, and she feared it the moment her mom touched it.  It is not a floppy, soft leather belt; it is the type of belt that when folded in half, it retains its shape.  The belt can be lifted into the air and there is no bending or folding, it is far too stiff and thick for that.  Her mom knew the moment that she saw it in the store, that it was indeed the perfect tool for teaching a very real lesson.  The belt was kept on her parent’s dresser, and if someone was sent for it, they knew their bottom was going to pay the price.  While there were a few implements in their mom’s arsenal that they feared more and left their bottoms sorer for longer, if they were sent for the belt, there would be crying heard throughout the home.  Most belt punishments took place right there in the living room in front of whoever happened to be present.  Just as with any punishment, she was required to bare her bottom and bend over, typically with her hands on the ottoman that was so often the central focus for a public spanking in their house.  She never knew how many she was going to receive with the belt, all she knew was that her bottom was about to be lit up.  She was always surprised at the force her mom could achieve with the belt, and from the first stroke on it was unbearable.  Unlike some of the lighter implements, when her mom swung that belt, she was swinging for the fences.  The goal was not just a red bottom and a few tears; the goal was long tern learning as a result of a blistered and bruised butt A belt spanking could last as long as 5 minutes and her mom never stopped until she was crying as hard as she possibly could.  While it was common for the siblings to stop and watch each other getting spanked, with a little grin on their face, no one really liked to see that belt being used, as they all knew how bad it was and exactly what it felt like.

mom spanks with a belt

Her mom really knows how to use that belt and does not stop until her bottom is marked and sore.

While the belt was the most common implement for the more severe offenses, there were still a couple of steps up regarding severity.  For the very rare moments in which their mom felt that a very severe punishment was required, she always had a heavy wooden paddle that their dad had made and that dreaded wooden hairbrush.  A punishment of this magnitude was severe enough, that they rarely happened to Jessica more than 2-3 times a year.  It was the type of punishment that had a way to permanently change bad behavior and the results were long lasting.  Her mom always used the exact same wording to announce a punishment such as this, “I am going to bruise your bottom”.  In some homes those words are used often and do not carry much weight, but if Jessica’s mom spoke those words, she was not kidding in the slightest bit.  Her mom’s goal was literally to bruise her bottom so bad that she could not sit down.  While other punishments might be measured by how many smacks she received, or until she was crying hard enough, for a session with the brush or the paddle, it was measured by when her bottom was completely black and blue.

hairbrush spanking of daughter

When her mom says “I am going to bruise your bottom” she really means it.

A brush spanking could take place anywhere in the house, but was mostly commonly administered in the privacy of a bedroom.  Jessica would find herself lowering her pants and her panties and laying over a pillow in the middle of her bed.  If she was about to spanked with the heavy wooden hairbrush her mom was typically mad and beyond words.  Without saying anything a reign of swats with the brush would be delivered to her bottom in a rapid fire succession.  This would continue for a few minutes, covering every inch of her bottom.  But then as promised, her mom would focus on bruising her little butt.  The swats would slow down and the brush would be raised higher in the air than before.  She would feel the most painfully imaginable swat to her bottom, with the goal being a large purple bulls-eye shaped bruise.  This process would continue until her whole bottom had been painted with bulls-eyes.  Her mom would then focus a little more on her sit spot, and place bulls-eye upon bulls-eye over the same spots.  Tears where never an option with the brush, and Jessica would bury her face into her comforter and scream her head off.  When it was over, her bottom would be a giant mess of bruises and be visibly swollen.  Her mom would leave her alone with her sore bottom and she would often just stay in place, bottom still in the air, and just cry.  It took a long time for the pain to go down at all and the throbbing was unbearable.  She sometimes thought her mom was a little twisted in that often, after a hard hairbrush spanking, when she came to the table for her next meal, the cushion that sits on the wooden dining room chairs that they all sat at, would be missing from hers.  Her mom believed in the long term effects of a proper hairbrush spanking, and it might be days before her chair pad was returned.  Sitting was almost impossible, but was a requirement during their family meals, and she had no doubt her mother enjoyed watching the added benefits of the punishment by requiring her to try and sit for all meals for the next several days.

severe hair brush spanking from mom

Unfortunately for this teen girl, her mom is just getting started. This hairbrush spanking will not be over until her entire bottom is black and blue.

While the heavy wooden hairbrush was a total nightmare for her and her brother and sister, there was one step up in the severity food chain, and that was the paddle that her father had constructed.  While her dad was never a part of the discipline process in their home, based on a request from her mom, this paddle was built, and it was based on a certain event in Jessica’s life, when she was 16 years old.  She had been caught with cigarettes in her purse, and they were found by her mom.  That all alone would have earned her one hell of a spanking, but she then lied about where she had gotten them.  To add to all of it, when her mom finally got all of the information, it turned out that she and her best friend and stolen the cigarettes from a carton, from her friend’s mom.  In one very bad event for Jessica, she had been caught smoking, lying, and stealing.  Her mom was a very Christian woman, and she considered these to be “Biblical offenses”.  Such behavior called for a new level of punishment as far as she was concerned, and this was the birth of the paddle.  The paddle itself was not like a traditional school paddle.  The handle was similar in length, but the blade of the paddle was much shorter.  The paddle was a little bit thicker than the wooden hairbrush, making it almost twice the thickness of a typical school paddle.  While she had not heard the conversation between her parents, she had no doubt that it was designed to her mom’s specifications.  The whole thing was made from solid oak and it did not hit with a sting, it hit with a heavy thud.  The design allowed the paddle to be used from cheek to cheek, with each swat of the paddle covering an entire butt cheek.  Whereas the hairbrush left bulls-eye bruises the size of Jessica’s fist, this paddle left a bruise a little larger than the size of an adult hand.

Since the paddle had been constructed, she had only felt it on that occasion, plus two others.  She was aware of her sister getting it when just after she had turned 15, but as far as she knew her 12 year old brother had never had the experience yet.  It was only used for the worst case scenario and for offenses that her mom saw as Ten Commandment sorts of issues.  The first day she was paddled with it, she will never forget.  One of the things that really stood out was how long she waited for it.  She was not spanked on the spot as is usually the case; she was not punished until the next day.  Her mom was so angry she could not even look at Jessica, and as it turns out was the case, she was having her dad make the paddle.  The paddling took place in the privacy of her room and she was required to bend over the edge of her bed and bare her bottom.  Unlike a hairbrush punishment that would just start, and seem to never stop until it was over, this was one of the 1st times that Jessica received a lecture before and throughout her paddling.  Her mom started by smacking her butt, full force, which started the crying instantly.  She followed-up with a few more to really get the tears going and then began to lecture her on her behavior, her actions, God, the Bible, and so on.  She then went back to the paddling, applying another 12 hard swats.  The results were instant and from the very beginning Jessica’s bottom was a mess of angry bruises.  Her mom lectured her for another good 10 minutes as Jessica’s crying calmed down.  When it seemed she was done crying altogether, the paddling started fresh, achieving the same results instantly.  The paddling was not over until they had gone through this cycle of crying and calming down, at least three times.  Over close to 30 minutes and several dozen swats, the spanking of her lifetime was complete.  It was close to a week before the cushion ever returned to her dining room chair and except for the requirement to sit for meals, she chose not to sit all for a couple of days.

a bare bottom paddling from her mom

The results of a hard paddling from her mom to her bare bottom.

Every marked bottom used to illustrate this post comes from a very real punishment video, of a very real 18 year old teen.  Only at and the other teen girl spanking sites that are part of a membership to her site, can you see real life teen girls receiving very strict and real corporal punishment.

Posted October 16th, 2013.

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Severe spanking and corporal punishment for an older teen daughter

dad paddles daughter

The results of a paddling she will remember for a long time.

There are many parents out there that feel that the only proper spanking is one that is delivered severely.  It can be for the smallest infraction, but they still feel that if a spanking has been earned, that it needs to be applied in the hardest manner possible.  You typically find this kind of strictness and severity in homes in which there is a heavy religious influence.  There is the standard Bible quote that is the go to for many strict parents:

“He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.

This is their justification for spanking in the 1st place, but the quote that is often interpreted as spanking needs to be administered severely is:

“ Withhold not correction from the child: for [if] thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.”

Within these homes, young ladies tend to be very well behaved as they know the consequences of their actions will lead to very real

teen girl strapping from mom

It takes her mom quite awhile to achieve these results, but they result in learning.

and long lasting pain to their bottom.  I have read interviews with girls who grew up in very conservative Christian homes, in which every time they were spanked, it continued until they stopped crying altogether.  Their parents felt that crying during a spanking was a sign of willfulness, and that a spanking was not over until that willfulness is gone.  I also once read an interview with a young woman who had left the Amish community and she gave much detail about the spanking she received at the hands of her mother.  She was always punished with a heavy leather strap, in the privacy of her room, with her dress up and her undergarments down, while laying over the edge of the bed.  Her mom always strapped her until she stopped crying, but the main problem was that this took a very long time.  She went on to give details in which the whole process could go on for well over 20 minutes, and her mom spanked her so hard with the strap, that she often tired out before she could achieve the results she was looking for, leading to her mom having to take many breaks during the strapping.

While not every parent spanks with the goal for the actual crying to stop during the spanking, the strictest of parents, are indeed spanking with the goal of a permanent change of behavior in their teen girl.  A hard spanking is generally applied as a result a teen girl’s bad behavior, and is simply a punishment for those actions.  But for the more severe offenses, strict parents are not only spanking as a punishment for what they did, but they are trying to address this behavior in the future.  This is where the whole concept of long term learning comes into play.  Their goal is not for her to just be sorry for what she did, but for the spanking to be severe enough that it affects her thinking process every time she is faced with a decision of right and wrong in the future.

mom bruises daughter

For many teen girls, a bottom bruised this badly is just the norm for them.

This is really only accomplished with a severe enough spanking that she spends close to week with a sore bottom.  Teen girls are resilient and a quick spanking from mom or dad can quickly fade from their memories, which once again leads to clouded judgment when faced with future questionable decisions.  Maximum clarity is provided to the young lady with maximum soreness and bruising following a spanking.  It easy for her to forget how much a two minute handspanking hurt at the time, but it is very hard to forget that severe spanking, with a belt, hairbrush, or paddle in which sitting was not possible for a couple of days, and still quite uncomfortable for close to a week.  These are the types of punishment that help to change behavior, as they will never forget that week following that one severe spanking, for the rest of their lives.  When it comes to spanking a teen girl, there is no doubt that bruises equal learning.

Many strict parents, for that one offense that the young lady commits that stand head and shoulders above the rest, as most of her

teen girl gets the switch from mom

Her mom decides to use the switch on her bare bottom and thighs to teach her a lesson she will never forget.

spankings are already pretty severe, they might chose that moment to find a way to make sure that this one spanking really stands out.  This may be the day that she realizes that her mom still has an old antique hairbrush stashed away in a box in the attic that needs to come out for a very severe punishment that leaves her bottom marked and sore in a manner she never knew before.  Or maybe the frustrated parent recalls those summers on their grandparent’s farm, in which grandma always sent them for a switch to be used to stripe their bottom and thighs.  For a young lady who is used to feeling the belt on a regular basis, the pure sting of a switch can really open her eyes and change her attitude.  Some parents elect to simply double the length of a punishment for the more severe actions, but the very strict and creative parents, chose to add additional spankings after the initial spanking.  In households this strict, it is not completely out of the question for a daily spanking to be awarded to the naughty young lady, for several days in a row.

The daily spanking is indeed one of the most effective ways to achieve results and

severe paddling from dad

The results of a paddling over an already bruised bottom. She will be sleeping on her side for many days.

learning.  Picture the teen girl, in the most trouble she has ever been in in her life, who is sent to her room, for a long session with dad’s paddle, and then told she will get it again, every morning, for the next three days.  Each morning, with her muscles tight and sore from the previous paddling, she is woken up by her dad just before he heads out to work.  With sleep still in her eyes, she roles out of bed, bares her bruised bottom, and once again is paddled.  Nothing teaches a lesson as much as a hard paddling on a bruised bottom.  Her bottom is already sore to the touch, sitting is difficult, and she has to sleep on her side, so the feel of the paddle becomes unbearable.  By the fourth paddling, he is adding new bruises to already fading bruises, and when it comes to her learning, this is pretty much grad school.  It may be harsh and severe, but it is the type of lesson which eliminates that particular bad behavior for the rest of her life.  She can be a 40 year old women and she will still remember the offense that she committed, and the resulting punishment, that received when she was 18 years old.

Spanking of this severity are not the norm, but there are many high school age girls, walking down the hall of their school, with their bottoms bruised and sore as you read this.    In their strict and religious home, severe corporal punishment is not the exception, it is the norm.  Her parents, just like their parents, believe in the teachings of the Bible and they believe misbehavior should be dealt with in a strict and severe manner.  They do not think that a spanking is over when their daughter starts to cry, they believe that that is simply a good start.  A red bottom will never be enough for them when teaching a lesson, black and blue are the only colors they know.  They know that after a spanking, if their daughter is able to sit down at the dinner table, then they have more work to do.

severe discipline punishment

For some girls, severe discipline is a way of life and when they misbehave, their bottom pays the price.

Posted October 10th, 2013.

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The steps required for a well spanked teen girl

Step 1: She is taken to a place in the house that allows a little privacy and she is informed what she did that has earned her a spanking.  She is reminded that regardless of her age, that as long as her behavior calls for it, she will be spanked and this is further emphasized as he lowers her pants himself and takes her over his knee.

teen girl hair brush spanking from dad

Pulling down her jeans for a long spanking with the hair brush

Step 2: The hairbrush is applied with maximum efficiency to her tight teen bottom over her cute little panties.  There is no warm-up and every swat with the heavy brush is applied full force.  Even over her panties, her bottom begins to bruise from the very 1st swat.

dad spanking daughter

Giving her tiny teen bottom the treatment that she has earned

Step 3: To further emphasize that she is not in charge and that she will still be treated as a kid as long as she acts like one, she is made to stand up, and he lowers her little panties to her ankles.  She is taken back over his knee and the spanking starts over again.

baring his daughter;s bottom for a severe spanking

Lowering her panties himself, just like he did when she was little.

Step 4: The spanking continues at a fast pace, blistering every inch of her teen bottom.  As the spanking gets to its most severe point, she struggles to hold still and makes the biggest mistake of the day, she puts her hand in the way.

teen girl severe spanking from dad

Applying the large hair brush in a manner that will achieve maximum results.

Step 5: A she knows that it is her job to cooperate with her spanking, as she is the one who has earned it, there has to be additional consequences for putting her hand back and trying to stop the spanking.  Her arm is pinned behind her back and the spanking must start all over again.

teen girl spanking

She put her hands in the way to stop the spanking, so it must start over again.

Step 6: She is allowed to get up from his lap and to rub her very sore and bruised bottom.

severe spanking

The results of a proper spanking are very clear on her teen bottom.

Illustrated from one of the hardest hair brush spanking videos I have ever seen.  From the member’s area of

Posted July 18th, 2013.

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Spanking her daughter with a hair brush, just like the spankings she received from her mom growing up

She had her child a little later in life than most women, which left her in the position of having an older teen at the age of 50.  She was pretty old school in her ways, and she had chosen to raise her daughter with the same set of values that she had been taught as a child in the 50’s.  She herself had grown up in an era in which the dads worked long hours and the moms took care of the house and the kids.  She had two sisters and a brother which left her mom quite busy most of the time.  As a result, discipline in their household was swift and often severe.  This was a time in which a spanking was not foreign to pretty much any kid and there was no exception in her home.

bare bottom spanking from mom

A severe bare bottom spanking with a hair brush from mom can do a lot to change behavior.

Growing up in that environment meant a spanking was pretty much a daily occurrence.   With four school age kids in their home, someone was always getting in trouble.  It was just a fact of life that if they got in trouble their little butts would be tore up.  At a young age, the children were handspanked, but by the age of 8 or 9, it was always a hairbrush that was used.  Her mom had an old wooden hairbrush, missing half of the bristles, but that did not matter as this brush was never used for hair.  It really did not matter what any of them had done wrong, the hairbrush was always the result of any behavior that was considered unacceptable.  Sometimes it was as simple as one of the kids being bent over the counter in the kitchen for a dozen good swats on their butts, but over their clothes.  The worst occasions would call for the guilty party to be sent up to mom and dad’s room to wait for mom to come up with the brush.  These were the spankings that changed behavior permanently and every kid in that home did everything they could to avoid a trip to mom’s room.

A trip to mom’s room involved a spanking that could only be described as brutal.  This was the 50’s however and a severe spanking was not all that far from the norm.  She made probably 12 such trips to mom’s room growing up and she can remember them all.  Her mom would pull at a short stool that she had in front of a small vanity mirror, have her bare her bottom, and go over her mom’s knee.  Her mom was not an angry spanker and never raised her voice, but when she got started with that brush, it felt like the world was going to end.  She was always amazed that her mom, as such a small woman, could generate such force with that brush, but the only thing worse than the force was her endurance.  While the spontaneous spankings with the brush in the common areas of the house always caused her, her brother, and her sisters to cry, the brush on the bare bottom while over her mom’s knee were unbearable.  Tears would start after the 1st swat and continue for a long time after.  Her mom kept a nice even pace, switching from cheek to cheek and it seemed to last forever.  There was no doubt in her mind that on these occasions, when the hardest spankings were required, that her mom spanked until she had nothing left to give.

mom spanks daughter

A hard hair brush spanking from mom.

When it was over her entire bottom would be on fire and completely swollen. Her bottom would be one giant bruise and it would stay like this for many days.  It made it so that her bottom hurt to the touch, hurt to walk, hurt to move, and made it pretty much impossible to sit down.  She would have to sleep on her belly for the 1st few nights, it was that bad.  What she remembered most about her hardest childhood spankings with that brush was how much of an effect it had on her behavior.  She cannot recall ever getting spanked twice like that, for the same offense; they were effective enough that it changed her behavior.  She can also remember moments in her life in which she was faced with a questionable decision, and knew that if she was caught, that she would be making a trip to mom’s room.  She felt those experiences with the brush had helped her make the right decision on so many occasions and helped her to be the women she became.  Her last trip to her mom’s room happened when she was 17, but the last time she had felt the brush was the summer after her sophomore year of college.

mom spanks daughter's bottom

A quick spanking from mom’s brush

She had gotten married fairly late in life, when she was 35 and had her only child a couple years later.  She had always wanted to be a mom and took the role very seriously.  While she had worked prior to getting married, once she had a child, she took on the traditional role of staying home with her daughter and taking care of the house.  She had decided early on to handle discipline just as she had received it growing up.  While those were very painful experiences in her life, she knew that they were effective and made a real difference in her behavior.  She did not feel that she needed to mess with what was a proven method of child rearing, and her daughter’s experiences over time would closely mirror her own.  Just as her mom had done, she handspanked her daughter’s bare bottom until she was around the age of 10.  Somewhere around that point in time her daughter called her a bitch, something she would have never dared to have said to her mom and she knew that they had reached a new level.  On the day that this happened, her daughter got the handspanking of her life, but shortly after, she found herself in an antique store looking for a suitable hairbrush.  While she did not find one like her mom had used, she found one that would do the trick.  It was made from a very heavy wood and had a long handle and she knew the moment that she picked it up that her daughter would be much better behaved from that day forward.

mom spanks with a hair brush

Her 1st spanking with a hair brush leaves her in tears, even over her jeans.

Her daughter was introduced to it as a result of just a basic offense and was bent over her own bed and received 20 good swats over her tight jeans.  She got the reaction she was looking for and even from just a short spanking over jeans her daughter was crying like she had not from a spanking in many years.  She warned her daughter that her behavior better improve as the brush was the only thing she would get spanked with from now on.  It seemed to have the desired effect as she saw a pretty quick change in behavior.  But as always happens with teen girls, they tend to get a little big for their britches and eventually revert back to their old ways.  Her daughter was 14 before she had the displeasure of experiencing a real spanking on her bare bottom with that brush.  She had been caught shoplifting with several friends.  The police were called but none of the girls were arrested.  All of the parents had been called and she picked her daughter up from the store.  Not a word was spoken on the car ride home, except for her daughter’s constant apologies.  When they got home, she sent her daughter to her room and she knew what needed to happen. She loved her daughter very much and always felt quite bad after spanking her, especially with the brush.  But she also remembered how much her own mom had loved her, so much that she was willing to beat her bottom black and blue when the moment called for it.  She convinced herself that she needed to find the courage to do the very same for her own daughter as this moment truly called for it.  As she grabbed the brush, she promised herself that she would spank until she could barely lift the brush anymore, just as her mom would have done in the same situation.

teen girl spanking by mom

A hair brush is one of the most effective tools for spanking the older teen girl.

She was actually quite nervous as she approached her daughter’s room.  She entered and told her that what she did was unacceptable and that had they arrested her, she would still be sitting in a cell somewhere because she would not have picked her up anytime soon.  She informed her that unfortunately a jail cell would have been a piece of cake compared to what was about to happen.  She sat on the bed, told her daughter to lower her pants and panties, and to get over her lap.  She focused her energy on the fact that her daughter was a little thief and then got to work.  She smacked her daughter’s bottom with a strength that she did not know she had.  Just as when she was young, the tears and crying started after the 1st couple of smacks.  She watched how with each smack of the brush a dark purple circle appeared on her daughter’s bottom.  While she had spanked her daughter’s bare butt with her hand before, it never caused immediate bruising.  With the brush on her bare bottom she was able to see the instant results of her work.  She pictured her own butt, as she looked at it in the mirror after she was spanked, and realized that she had a lot of work to do. It was a lot of work as her daughter was not able to hold still for her spanking.  She had to use her left hand to try and keep her in place as she continued to relentlessly spank her teen bottom.  She used the bruises as a guide and worked her brush over her daughter’s entire bottom, doing her best to make it all as sore as possible.  She recalled how much it hurt to sit after a hard spanking from her mom, so she focused a little extra time and energy on the spots that would touch the seat when her daughter sat.  Throughout the entire spanking her daughter wailed, cried, and carried on, as would be expected under the circumstances.

severe bare bottom hair brush spanking from her mom

The kind of spanking that will change her attitude and behavior permanently.

It was hard for her to continue with her daughter in so much pain, but she considered the alternative of having a daughter who ended up getting in trouble with the law.  This was not going to be the life for her child and if this brush and a bruised bottom could do anything to prevent that, then she had no choice.  Her daughter had a small bottom, so it had not taken too long to turn it all black and blue, but she had made the commitment to spank until she could not spank any longer, just as her mom did.  She basically just started fresh and began to spank every inch of it all over again.  She ignored the fact that she was already black and blue, as she still had some energy to spank, and just kept going.  She had much more respect for her mom as this was not easy.  She had to spank hard, she had to hold her daughter down, and it also made her feel quite bad to be doing it.  It was a good five minutes before her strength started to fail her.  Her smacks with the brush were clearly not as effective as at the beginning and she decided that it was time to stop.  She stopped her barrage of smacks and just sat there out of breath, with her daughter still over her knees, crying as hard as ever. She stared at her daughter’s bottom and wondered if she had gone too far.  There was not a spot on her daughter’s butt that was not covered in bruises.  It was also quite swollen and the skin had a hard appearance.  But she reflected on her own bottom after such encounters and felt that it was similar in appearance. She knew that a bruised butt like that, based on her own experience, could keep her out of trouble for more than a year.  A spanking like that is simply something that is never forgotten.  More importantly, it is something that she knew her daughter would do anything in her power to avoid ever getting again in her life.  It was a brutal spanking, but the punishment fit the crime.

She eventually told her daughter to stand up and she then gave her a long hug.  She told her that is was very hard for her to do, but that she would not hesitate to do it again, if the situation even called for it.  She left the room and her daughter collapsed onto the bed, still crying hard.  It had been very hard for her to go through with it, but she was proud of herself for doing so.  She knew that anything less would not have had the same effect.  She was able to see the results of the punishment for the next several days.  That night at dinner, her daughter elected to eat at the counter and not to sit, which she understood and allowed.  The next day she saw her daughter filling a large Ziploc with ice and took it too her room.  She did not ask what it was for but she knew.  She also wondered why she had never thought of that after one of her own spankings as a teen.  Two days after the spanking she took her daughter to the grocery store to go shopping with her and it was clear as she rode in the seat next to her that her bottom was still feeling the effects.  It was just a like her childhood spankings and the punishment was clearly still having an effect as long as 5 days later.

mom spanks bare bottom with a hair brush

Bending her the arm of the couch for a quick bare bottom spanking with the brush.

It would be close to 6 months before her daughter was spanked again.  This was not quite the same as far as intensity, but she did bare her bottom right there in the living room, and bent her over the arm of the couch.  It was not an endless or relentless spanking, but she gave her daughter a good 30 swats with the brush and left her bottom bruised.  She did not spank as often as her mom had done, but she took each spanking a little more seriouslyEvery spanking after that first one in her bedroom would be done on the bare, as it allowed her to better gauge the progress and the soreness she was achieving.  It was not uncommon for her daughter to get spanked every few months, as far as a spontaneous spanking in the family room.  From the time of her 1st real spanking, until she graduated from high school, she only ever experienced 5 of the spankings that took place in her room.  They were all administered with the same intensity and the same results as the 1st one, and on each and every occasion, her behavior warranted that level of severity.  She loved her daughter very much and there was nothing she would not do for her, including beating her bottom black and blue.

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Witnessed spanking

I was at a party and everyone seemed to be having a good time.  When the party host’s teen daughter came home, it was clear that a little something was up.  She excused herself from the room and said that she would be back in a few minutes, and that she had something “she had to take care of”.  None of us really thought much of it, but I was in for quite a surprise as I headed for the bathroom a few minutes later.  As I walked down the hall, I could hear a sound, one that I had not heard for almost 20 years.  It was the clear sound of a spanking taking place, which I found odd, since the couple hosting the party had no young children.  To my surprise, as I walked down the hall, through the French doors that led to their office, I saw their 19 year old daughter over the lap of her mom.  Her mom was going to town with a big wooden hairbrush, really laying it on hard.  Even at the age of 19, she was kicking and screaming, like she was 8 years old.  I did not want to stop and stare, but I certainly slowed down my pace and took in everything I was seeing.  That girl was getting her bottom tore up, I even found myself questioning if I could endure a spanking that intense.  The crying was as loud as the spanking itself and I have no doubt she was learning her lesson.

hairbrush spanking from mom

Spying on a 19 year old girl getting a hard spanking with a hairbrush from her mom.

Posted June 24th, 2013.

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