The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

The spanking of her life

We have all been there before, that moment growing up in which we know we are in more trouble with our parents than we could possibly imagine.  For every teenager out there, it is a moment of fear and dread as they contemplate what their punishment may end up being.  For the older teen girl, in which corporal punishment is used regularly, while she may lose her car, driving privileges, phone, computer, and many other things that mean so much to her, there is no doubt in her mind that she will also receive the spanking of her life.  For those young ladies whose parents already believe in strict and severe corporal punishment, the thought of the spanking of her life can cause a lot of stress.

severe strapping of daughter by mom

This 18 year old girl received a lesson from her mom that she will never forget. This is not the typical strapping she receives as her mom was sure to include her hips and thighs as part of the target area assuring a long lasting sting that will stay with her for days.

But we need to be honest; there are those moments in which severe discipline and severe consequences are called for.  For a teen girl, who for a basic infraction ends up with a bruised bottom, what is the next logical step in severity when it comes time for that spanking that needs to be one the one that permanently changes her behavior?  If she comes home past curfew one night and gets a bare bottom paddling from her dad, what should the punishment be for the night they pick her up at the police station for shoplifting?  Most parents make adjustments based on the severity of the offense and this also happens in families in which spanking is the number one form of discipline.

bare bottom paddling daughter

The spanking of her life involved her dad switching from the belt he normally uses on her bottom to a heavy wooden paddle. Sitting may not be an option after this punishment.

Let’s consider the young lady, who grew up in the South, and for her, corporal punishment is just a reality of life.  She grew up in a strict Christian home, where each and every little offense resulted in her being spanked.  As she grew into a young women her parents began to supplement her punishments with grounding and loss of privileges, but they still feel as good Christian parents that spanking is an important part of the child rearing process.  They believe strongly in the Bible verses that detail corporal punishment and they have never hesitated to spare the rod.  It is also part of their belief that corporal punishment needs to be handled in a hard and effective manner.  When this young lady is in trouble, her bottom really pays the price, but as parents they feel they are doing their job when applying discipline that many would judge as being severe.

hairbrush spanking teen girl

For this young lady who is only used to a bright red bottom after a spanking, she is feeling the error in her ways after a long session with a wooden hairbrush.

We now take a look at the scenario above in which she comes home after curfew and receives a bare bottom paddling from her dad for it.  This is nothing new to her; she has had her bare bottom paddled since her early teens.  The paddling will be long and hard and her bottom will certainly show the results of this punishment for a few days.  She knows it will be uncomfortable to sit for those few days, but it is part of her reality and having a little difficulty sitting is pretty much something she had had to live with since an early age.  But now we have to consider what is going to happen for a young lady who already receives pretty serious spankings, but finds herself in the worst trouble of her life.

caning of daughter

Her mom gave her her typical spanking, followed by quite a surprise, a hard caning.

It has happened to every one of us, it is that Holy Shit moment that tends to add perspective to our lives.    It could be getting pulled over by the cops with a car full of teens and beer or go as far as a minor getting a DUI.  There are those other run ins with the law that lead to being taken to the police station, but not arrested, and having their parents called.  For some it might not be as major as trouble with the law, but the offense falls into the lying, cheating, and stealing category that most parents have little tolerance for.  Either way, the shit hits the fan and in the case of the girl above, and many teen girls out there just like her, bottoms are going to pay the price.

girl paddled by dad

No handspanking for this offense. The results of dad making his own wooden paddle to give his daughter the spanking of her life.

Taking a spanking to the highest level of severity is accomplished different ways by different parents.  For many, behavior such as this leads to an upgrade in the implement used.  For a girl that has grown up feeling the crack of the belt on her bottom, this may be the day that a paddle becomes a reality in her life.  There are many young ladies who have not had a spanking on the bare since they were very little, only to find themselves baring their bottom at the age of 17 as the situation now calls for it.  There are parents who will simply spank with the implement they have always used, only to double or triple the amount of strokes she receives.  There is also the old favorite used by many parents in which more than one spanking is applied for the same offense.  Nothing gets a young lady’s attention like the spanking before bed and the spanking the next morning.

bruised bottom girl from spanking

The spanking of her life is just getting started. Her entire bottom will be completely bruised before it is all over.

The one common factor for those “spanking of her life” sort of moments is the amount of pain her bottom is subjected to.  For the girl who receives a bare bottom paddling on a fairly regular basis, a bruised bottom is nothing new.  So for the spanking of her life to truly be exactly that, her bottom needs to go beyond basic bruising.  Uncomfortable to sit is no longer an option, a truly severe spanking for unbelievably bad offenses, should make it close to impossible for her to sit at all.  If it is done out of love and the punishment truly fits the crime, it is not abusive, it is simply effective discipline that produces long term results.  It is often hard for a loving parent to see a punishment of such severity through to the end, but this may be a turning point in her life, and she needs to see the error in her ways.

severe paddling

The results of her before bed paddling. She has just been told that she will receive the same thing in the morning when she wakes up

The spanking may be administered in a brand new manner that she has never experienced before.  There are many 18 year olds who have had their very 1st spanking that included their thighs as a result of them requiring the spanking of their life.  Or take the mom, who sees that it is clear that her current methods are not working and she goes to the hobby store and buys a few large diameter dowel rods in an attempt to give her daughter her 1st caning.  The common theme is the spanking does not stop when it generally would have stopped.  Even for those girls who are spanked until they are crying uncontrollably, there has to be a new level to fit this severe offense.  What used to be solved with two large bulls-eye bruises on the lower part of her bottom does not stop until every inch of her bottom is covered.  What used to be solved with a bruised and sore bottom becomes a spanking that covers the entire top half of her thighs.  What might have previously left her sitting uncomfortably for breakfast the next morning, will now require her to stand at the counter to eat, as sitting is not really an option.  Many parents take the soreness to the next level by not only requiring their daughter to have to sit on her sore bottom, but requiring that she sit for meals on a hard wooden chair without any cushion.

mom spanks

A good start to the spanking of her life. Unfortunately for her, her mom is just catching her breath and will start again.

There are simply times that a severe spanking is required and serves to teach a young lady the real life consequences of her actions.  There is no doubt, that at this very moment in time, throughout this country, that there are many older teen girls who are dragging through their day with a bottom so store that they cannot stand it.  All of these pictures come from some very intense punishment scenes, on the various sites included at, which as a whole has more content than any other spanking site membership in the world.  Here is a break down of the current content on all of the sites included with
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