The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A bare bottom spanking with a wooden spoon.

There are many implements that are commonly used for spanking and corporal punishment in the households of the world.  The ones used the most often are the ones found in just about every home.  A couple of items that are found in just about every home are a belt and a wooden spoon.

wooden spoon spanking by parent

Getting her bare bottom blistered by a wooden spoon

When used vigorously a wooden spoon can be a very effective implement when punishing a young lady.  Clearly it is most effective when applied to the bare bottom.  As you can see in the picture to the right, with each swat it leaves a very distinct mark, and at the end of the spanking it is very clear that she has learned a proper lesson.

If you look closely on the table she is leaning over, you can see the other spoon that was used on her bottom and quickly broken.  Her offense was major, and as a result, the punishment was quite severe.  There is no doubt that Riley will not be repeating her infraction anytime soon.

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