The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A severe mouth soaping for the teen girl

The issue of smoking is one that many parents of older teen girls have to face.  For whatever reason, the desire to smoke seems to be something that happens with just about every teen girl.  They might try it only once, or they may end up doing it on a very regular basis.  For parents who utilize corporal punishment, the daughter who chooses to smoke will indeed end up with a bruised bottom as a result, but some parents choose to also include a punishment that really fits the crime, and that is a mouth soaping.

Being that the teen girl is polluting not only her lungs, but also her mouth, it makes perfect sense to use a punishment that directly addresses the issue, like washing her mouth out with soap.  But just as with spanking, there are varying degrees of severity when it comes to washing a teen girl’s mouth out with soap.  As many households no longer even have a bar of soap in them, it is more common for the young lady to get a few squirts of soft soap pumped into her mouth and then she is made to hold it in her mouth for a few minutes.  Old school mouth soaping always involved a bar of soap, and some parents simply lather it up, and then make their daughter hold it in place for several minutes.

But if a severe mouth soaping is required, especially for an offense such as smoking, it can indeed be made a much more severe experience.  A bar of soap can be a very effective punishment tool if a parent is willing to take the time to use it properly and to make it a punishment that she will never forget.  Just as with a spanking, anticipation can be an important tool in creating an overall experience that she will never forget.  Instead to the bar simply being shoved in her mouth, making her stand there with her mouth open, while the bar is lathered up properly, gives her time to really think about how bad it is going to taste.

teen girl mouth soaping

She is required to open her mouth and wait for the mouth soaping to begin.

When the bar is properly lathered and dropping with suds, it is now time for it to be placed in her mouth.  A severe mouth soaping is about more than her just having the bar placed in her mouth and held in place.  Her mouth is actually being punished and simply holding the bar in her mouth will never be enough to really get the job done.  One the first trip of the bar of soap into her mouth, the goal is complete coverage, trying to get the suds to fill her entire mouth.  The soap should completely cover her tongue, inside of her cheeks, as well as the roof of her mouth.

daughter mouth washed out with soap

For a severe mouth soaping, covering the entire inside of her mouth with soap is only the 1st step

A nice benefit of a bar of soap is that the more it is used, the soapier it gets.  Between each trip into her mouth, the bar is once again put under the warm water and relathered, become more effective each time.  For the parent who is looking to make a mouth soaping more severe, the next trip into the teen smoker’s mouth should concentrate on her teeth.  While every time the soap is puller from her mouth it should be scraped against the back of her front teeth, it is important that it is grinded into all of her teeth; assuring little slivers of soap get stuck in between each and every tooth.  The soap is basically used as a tooth brush, covering all the same areas she would when brushing her teeth. This should be an experience that a simple rinsing of her mouth cannot fix, and with the soap really in all the teeth, to becomes a much longer process for her put behind her.

severe mouth soaping for the teen girl

The next step when providing the teen daughter with a severe mouth soaping punishment is to make sure the bar of soap is ground into all of her teeth.

Once overall coverage has been achieved and her teeth have basically been brushed with the bar of soap, the effective parent will now concentrate on her tongue.  The majority of the taste in her mouth comes from her tongue, so it is essential that the tongue be a central focus on a severe mouth soaping.  Just as anticipation plays a role in both a spanking and in a mouth soaping, so does the concept of cooperation.  The soap is not just jammed into her mouth as she is held in place and forced to take it.  This is her mouth soaping, it is her punishment, and she has earned it so she needs to assist in making it all happen.  Just as a young lady is required to bend over and present her bottom to be spanked, a young lady should be required to stick out her tongue so it can be properly punished. With her tongue properly presented, the freshly lathered bar of soap is used to cover every single inch of her tongue.  Different parts of the tongue have different taste receptors, so it is important to cover all of them.  The bar should be used liberally enough that there is a thick film of soap covering her entire tongue.

mouth soaping girl

This is her punishment, one that she earned, so she needs to cooperate and assist in every way possible. She is required to present her tongue for her punishment and to leave it there until it is fully coated with a soapy film.

If this is really a severe mouth soaping, it is important to remember that every part of her mouth needs special attention.  What parent just spanks one cheek of a naughty girl’s bottom, so the same holds true for washing her mouth out with soap.  She is required once again to stick out her tongue, but this time the focus is on the bottom of the tongue.  There is no doubt that when she was smoking that the smoke covered the entire inside of her mouth, so the soap needs to clean everywhere. The freshly lathered bar is once again used liberally to cover her tongue.  The entire process can be further made more uncomfortable for her by spreading some of the soap around the outside of her mouth as well.  It helps to add to the overall embarrassment as she sees herself in the bathroom mirror with soap dripping out of her mouth and covering her face.

washing her mouth out with soap

Most taste comes form the tongue, so it is important when washing a teen girl’s mouth out with soap, that the entire tongue be covered, both top and bottom.

If this is a parent who utilizes spanking, for most infractions, this is a good time to get some spanking done.  She is not allowed to spit or rinse, and with her mouth filled with the soapy mess, she is required to bend over, bare her bottom, and take a nice and hard spanking.  She should be bent with her head over the sink, as she will be in a position in which she will not want to swallow the soap.  But during the spanking as she begins to cry, the soap will drip from her mouth, but as her emotions start to get the better of her, some of it will indeed be swallowed.  If a nice and pure white soap is used, this offers no danger, just the addition of a bad taste in her throat, and maybe a bit of an upset belly afterwards.  She is going to feel like a little girl again as she cries during her spanking with drool dripping down her face.

spanked during her mouth soaping

Without being allowed to spit or rinse, her bottom is bared and she is bent over for a hard spanking. As she begins to cry, it will be hard for her not to swallow a little bit of the soap.

When the spanking is over, if this is really going to be a mouth soaping that is severe as possible, it is probably best that the whole process be repeated.  The goal of this is for her to never smoke again and to prevent her from doing something that really is a danger to her health.  If a strict spanking parent is resorting to washing a teen girl’s mouth out with soap, there is a good chance that she has been spanked for smoking in the past.  Just as administering a spanking that is severe enough to leave her bottom bruised and sore for days, this needs to really be an event that she will do anything in her power to never have repeated.  There is a whole bar of soap, so there is no reason to not repeat the entire process.  Once again her entire mouth is covered from top to bottom and then there is a major focus on her teeth.  Once her entire mouth has been brushed with the soap, then an emphasis is placed on her tongue, both top and bottom, assuring a heavy film of soap covers her entire tongue.  If done properly, the entire process of a severe mouth soaping can last as long as ten minutes.

There are a few variations that strict parents use as the final step.  At the very least, it should end in the way that simple and easy mouth soapings begins, which is for the bar of soap to be placed in her mouth and her to be made to hold it in place for several minutes.  This serves as a bit of corner time as she is forced to stand there, looking at herself in the mirror, with the bar of soap in place.  Her entire mouth region will be a big soapy mess and with the bar in place, the soapy mix in her mouth will begin to run down her chin and drip onto her shirt.  This is the equivalent of standing with her red and spanked butt on display in the corner and will make her feel like an embarrassed and well punished little girl.  She will have plenty of time to consider if smoking is worth it while she stares at her soapy mess in the mirror.

mouth soaping punishment for the teen daughter

The bar of soap is left in her mouth for as long as is required to further enhance her mouth soaping punishment. Anywhere form 10 minutes to an hour should get the job done.

Just as with a well paddled bottom, in which the punishment continues well after the paddling is over, there are variations of the mouth soaping that can help to make it last well after it is over.  Some parents elect to allow their daughter to spit out the soapy mess in their mouth, but do not allow them to rinse for several hours.  The naughty teen is given a couple of minutes to spit, but after that, there is no more spitting allowed and absolutely no rinsing.  These means at some point, she will have to start swallowing.  With her teeth filled with soap and her tongue still covered in a soapy film, until she is able to introduce water into the equation, the punishment will continue.  This will indeed lead to sour stomach, but in the grand scope of things, that is much better than a young lady who is slowly killing herself with cigarettes.  If a strict parent wants to take the whole thing one step farther, she will not be allowed to rinse until after dinner.  A nice soapy addition to the evening’s meal will make everything she eats taste horrible.  With every bite, bits of soap are pulled from her teeth and introduced to whatever she is eating and now even eating dinner is a punishment.

The act of washing a teen girl’s mouth out with soap can be a simple an easy event, or when the situation requires it, it can become as severe as is required.  To see the full HD version of the video this gifs were made from, visit the member’s area of

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