The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

School corporal punishment, paddles, impact, and what is happening under those clothes

school corporal punishment paddling When it comes to corporal punishment at the high school level, there is a very good reason, that here in the US, that a paddle is the implement of choice.  Let’s face it, for a high school aged girl that is still spanked at home, a parent rarely uses their hand.  As someone grows older their pain tolerance tends to increase, and a handspanking is no longer much of a deterrent.  Now at home, a parent does have an option to bare a young lady’s bottom, as well as the fact that there are no rules that state how many smacks can be applied.  A 3-5 minute bare bottom handspanking can indeed be effective for the teen girl, but most parents opt for a belt as they can achieve the same results in a much shorter period of time with much less effort.

girl corporal punishment paddling in school

In the school environment, administrators are very limited in the amount of swats that can be given, and a spanking over whatever a young lady happens to be wearing, is the only option they have.  Yes, a good whoopin with a belt can correct many problems, but with a limitation of 2-8 licks, this is hardly enough to cover most disciplinary problems.  This is why pretty much all US schools that allow corporal punishment have chosen to use a paddle when spanking a high school aged girlgirl corporal punishment paddling in school

A paddle is a pretty good equalizer when it comes to the various states of dress that are worn in the school environment.  Yes, the more layers, or the thicker the clothing, can indeed cut down on the amount of initial sting that a young lady experiences. But if a paddle of proper size and weight is used, regardless of the clothing, it is still easy to teach a very effective lesson.  It all has to do with the force of the impact on her bottom.

A heavy oak paddle is effective over any amount of clothing, as the punishment factor comes from a heavy impact, and not just the sting.  With a handspanking, even on the bare bottom, the pain that is experienced comes from a stinging sensation being applied to the skin. But with a paddle, while there is typically a lot of sting that is felt as well, it is the deep impact that leads to long term learning.  During the initial impact the skin is affected, but as the paddle continues on its course, it actually pushes the skin, and even underlying layers of fat out of the way, eventually making contact with the muscles of the naughty young lady’s bottom.

girl corporal punishment paddling in school

It is the meeting of hard wood and muscle that makes a paddle so very effective for school corporal punishment.  This is a far different experience than a spanking with a belt or a hand, and has the tendency to literally take a young lady’s breath away.  Everything is compressed under the paddle and this is where real learning takes place.  Even a single, properly placed paddle swat, with a heavy wooden paddle, can initiate the learning process.  Obviously a single swat is never enough for the majority of offenses, but that first one really jump starts the punishment.

With a handspanking, the pain of the punishment is spread out over the entire bottom, allowing spots girl corporal punishment paddling in schoolthat are getting a little sore, at least a small break while other parts of her bottom are covered.  With a proper paddling, each swat is placed in the exact same spot, not allowing any break for the duration of the punishment.  Each and every time that the paddle lands, the skin is compressed and the same exact muscles feel the impact. This allows the pain to be layered over and over on the tender parts of her bottom, really allowing a well-deserved lesson to be learned.

girl corporal punishment paddling in schoolIt is this layering effect that allows an administrator to achieve long term results.  With the impact to the muscles of her bottom, many times in a row, if done right, will lead to bruising.  Bruising is the desired results, as the longer her teen bottom is sore, the more learning that takes place.  Most high school girls can suck up the pain for the 30 seconds that a paddling actually lasts, which is why long term soreness is essential.  This paddling needs to remain fresh on her mind for the next few days, allowing her bottom to communicate with her brain and help her achieve the desired results.

You can see from the animations included in this post, how a paddle really impacts a young lady’s girl corporal punishment paddling in schoolbottom. These have been slowed down so you can see the wave of skin and fat cells, traveling away from the swat.  In some of these animations, you can actually almost see a bit of a shockwave travel throughout her body.  But with their clothing on, we are limited in scope to see the actual effects that the paddle is having on her bottom.  Let’s take a look at a few paddle swats applied first over jeans, and then on the bare, so we can actually see the effects the paddle is having on her bottom.

girl corporal punishment paddling in schoolgirl corporal punishment paddling in schoolslow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 9slow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 10slow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 12slow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 13

You can clearly see the wave that I was discussing, that runs in all directions away from the paddle.  You can see that the paddle compresses the skin differently with each girl, depending on how much extra padding she has on her bottom.  But the common factor with all of these is that the paddle impact hits her skin, providing sting and redness, and then moves through the tissue until it finally stops its travel once it hits the desired muscles in her bottom.  Once the impact has found the muscles, we see that bruises begin to instantly form.

slow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 16

In the case of the animation above, we see what is pretty common from a hard school paddling, and that is a bull’s eye looking bruise.  This is a clear indication of learning taking place and it also shows the proper target area.  There is no doubt that in this case of this particular young lady, that she will feel the most soreness in the area of her bottom that touches when she sits down.  A proper school paddling will lead to long term soreness at all times of the day, but in the school environment, these bull’s eye bruises, in this exact spot, are very important.  She was punished for her behavior at school, so the goal should be to make the next couple of days at school, as painful as possible.  In the home environment, she will be able to sit on a couch, or a bed, thus decreasing the amount of discomfort she experiences.  But at school, a hardwood desk is her only option.  This allows the learning to be as effective as possible while she is in the environment in which her behavior needs the most work.

slow motion impact from a hard school corporal punishment paddling teen girl 5

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