The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

It was not really a new occurrence as she had been in this exact same situation for as long as she could remember.  It was generally her mouth and her attitude that got her into these situations, having been sent to her room to wait to be punished.  It did not matter that she was now 18, as long as she lived under their roof she was subject to their form of discipline…which was always a bare bottom spanking.

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Sent to her room to wait for her bare bottom spanking from dad.

The waiting was the worst part as she never knew how long she would be there before he came up.  The other part that she struggled with is that she never knew if he would be put over his knee for a long and hard bare bottom handspanking, or if her shorts and panties would be pulled down for a hard session with his belt.  Either way, it was not going to be pleasant and either version did not end until the tears were streaming down her cheeks.

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Setting up her phone to record her spanking from Dad.

As she tried to distract herself with her phone, she was struck with an idea…she could secretly record her spanking with her cell phone.  There was no part of any of her spankings that she found to be enjoyable.  Each and every one hurt immensely, and even when he only used his hand, he did not stop until a lesson had been learned.  But as she had gotten older, she had found that after her spankings that she was generally in a heightened sexual state, and after wiping away the tears, she generally put herself to sleep through masturbation.

teen records spanking on phone

Testing the phone angle to make sure she captures all the action.

She played with the camera placement to make sure, whether she went over his knee, or was bent over the edge of the bed, that she could catch the full punishment to be secretly watched later in bed.  She was still very nervous about the fact that her bottom was about to be blistered, but knowing she would be able to watch it on her phone in bed later added a tiny bit of excitement.

dad bares her bottom for a spanking

Lowering her shorts and panties for a trip over his knee.

The excitement was short-lived, and her heart began to beat uncontrollably, as she heard his footfalls towards her bedroom door.  The only good news was when he sat down on her bed, which meant that she was going over his knee and would not be getting the belt tonight.  That momentary good thought was replaced with the embarrassment that she always felt as he reached for her shorts and panties and yanked them to her knees. For as long as she could remember, he was always the one to bare her bottom, and every time it happened it made her feel like a naughty little girl.

recording her spanking

Getting her teen bottom spanked long and hard.

The thoughts of her phone secretly recording her spanking vanished the second he began.  A spanking from him was never a walk in the park, and as she had gotten older, they became longer and harder.  There was never a set amount of spanks, he simply spanked her bottom until he achieved the results he was looking for based on the behavior that had occurred.  It always started as hard as it ended and he spanked fast.  She knew from experience that this would likely last for 2-3 minutes, and before it was over, he will have spanked every single inch of her tiny bottom.  She struggled to stay in position but knew how much worse it could be if she did not.

dad spanks daughter on cell phone video

Putting her clothes back on and retrieving her phone.

As was always the case, after her spanking she could not get her clothes back on quick enough.  He turned her light off, told her to adjust her attitude and get to bed.  While she would generally lay in bed feeling sorry for herself, this time she had a little something extra…the cell phone video.  Once she heard him walk fully down the hall she retrieved the phone and quickly tucked herself into bed.

cell phone spanking video

Watching her spanking while her bottom is still on fire.

Even after the worst spankings, she had always been fascinated with how red, or sometimes bruised, her bottom became…but she had never seen it get that way, only the results.  Once she opened up her phone and scrolled through the video a little, she was mesmerized watching her cute little bottom changing colors.  She found it far more exciting than she had expected and it only took her a moment to lose her PJ shorts and panties again. She set the video to repeat as her other hand found its way under the covers.

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