The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Teen daughters waiting to be punished by mom and dad

Many parents fully understand that importance of anticipation when it comes to spanking their teen daughter.  If at the very moment that she gets in trouble, she is spanked, she does not have much time to reflect on her behavior.  It is often quite beneficial for there to be a time delay from the time she is in trouble, until the time in which she is spanked.  Waiting to have her bottom bared and spanked can often be as bad as the spanking itself, as she has to consider exactly how hard her bottom is going to get it.

teen daughter spanking punishment from dad

Sent to her room, assuming the position, and then she just has to wait.

Parents take different approaches to this general idea, with the most common version to simply send her to her room to wait for her spanking.  While still effective, this does allow her the ability to try and distract herself by getting on her phone or computer to kill the time she has to wait for her spanking.  While no longer as common with older teens, some parents utilize corner time, thereby removing any stimulus, leaving her alone with her thoughts as she stares at a wall and can think of very little other than the spanking she is about to receive. Some parents prefer to sentence their daughter with a spanking, but not tell her when it is going to happen.  Her punishment could be minutes, hours, or even days away.  This does not keep her as focused on the spanking she has earned, but it does have a way of popping into her head often.  It could be two days later and she is at school enjoying time with her friends, when that thought once again enters her mind.  She quickly loses her smile as she thinks about dad’s heavy belt on her bare bottom. 

One of the most effective methods is for the naughty young lady to be told she is to be spanked and then put into the position she is to be spanked in, with the spanking occurring some time later.  This serves the same purpose of corner time, but really puts the emphasis of her bottom into her head.  She is required to bend over, butt in the air, and there is really nothing else she can think about but her bottom that is currently on display.  Her butt is simply there, in the position it needs to be, waiting to be punished.  Her thoughts are on the pain it is about to feel and nothing more.

While this is often done with her in her room, hands on her bed, butt in the air, it is often used in a more public manner.  When it

bare bottom spanking

While the family goes about their normal routine, she waits in the family room, bottom bared, waiting for her spanking to begin.

comes to a household in which she has siblings, this is even more effective.  Dad tells her that she is going to be spanked and she is required to stand up right there, in the family room and bare her bottom and put her hands on her knees.  For the next 15 minutes the normal activities of the house go on around her.  Her little brother sits at the table working on homework while mom works in the kitchen preparing dinner.  Everyone is busy with the normal evening routine while she is stuck in that spot, her bare teen bottom in the air, just waiting to be spanked.  All she can think about is what she did wrong, how she will never do it again, and how she just wished it was all over.  There are few situations in this world in which a teen girl cannot wait to get her spanking over with more than this.

sister punished by dad

She is required to grab her ankles for the duration of the family meeting, then she will feel dad’s belt.

Depending on how long she is made to wait, just assuming an uncomfortable spanking position can slowly become a punishment all in itself.  Having to grab her ankles for a few minutes is no big deal, but after 20 minutes, it becomes quite uncomfortable.  Some parents take a slightly different approach and the position is assumed prior to the lecture.  Having already decided that someone is getting spanked, a family meeting is called and the two sisters are brought down into the living room with the parents.  The naughty daughter that they have already decided is going to get the belt, is not invited to sit down, instead she is invited to bend over.  As they have a nice and long family discussion, she has to remain in the middle of the room; ass high in the air, waiting for the belt that dad already has in his hand.  There is no question as to if she will be spanked, but she has to wait until the discussion and lecture are over to find out exactly what she is getting spanked for and to find out how bad it will be.

It could also be for a parent that does not want to be inconvenienced with the spanking of his daughter.  He is at home, enjoying a book or his favorite TV show, when his daughter comes home an hour later from a day at the

teen girl paddling from dad

Dad is in no hurry to paddle her teen bottom, he will get to it when he is ready.

lake with her friends.  As soon as she walks in the door he tells her that she is going to be spanked, but it will be done at his convenience, as there is no reason that her behavior should force him to alter what he is doing at the moment. He tells her to lower her bikini bottoms and to bend over and place her hand on the edge of the stairs in the family room.  Nothing changes for him at that very moment, she is simply bent over with her bare bottom on display waiting for when he decides to go and get the paddle.  He is in no hurry, this is her punishment, she earned it, so she can wait until he is good and ready to bruise her little bottom.

teen girls spanked by parents

Both sisters are sent to their parents room to wait for their spanking.

This event might not be limited to just one teen girl, as sometimes families administer punishments to their daughters, who have gotten in trouble together, at the same time.  After a nice and long talk with their parents, both sisters are sent to mom and dad’s room to wait.  They are told to head up to the room, bend over, and to wait without any talking.  They spend close to 20 minutes in their parent’s room, bottoms ready to be punished, and they cannot say a word.  Twenty minutes feels like an eternity as they wait to see if dad is bringing that paddle or the belt.  Their bottoms begin to tingle with anticipation as they know that at any moment, they will hear those footsteps, the ones that mean pain and learning is about to begin.

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Daughters still receive frequent OTK handspankings from mom and dad

mom spanks otk

An OTK spanking from mom.

I often write about the more severe aspects of parental corporal punishment for older teenage daughters.  But the reality of it is, many girls are not spanked with the goal of providing long term learning and soreness to her bottom, often it is just about setting her little butt on fire, at that very moment, for her behavior.  Some parents do not see a spanking as a means to eliminating bad behavior; it is simply to punctuate the fact that at that very moment in time, they are not happy with how she is behaving.

Most often this is achieved with a spontaneous handspanking, delivered with the purpose of

teen girl spanked by dad

A handspanking before bed for this teen girl.

burning her bottom for a few minutes, but not with the goal of bruises and soreness.  For a quick spanking such as this, for an older teen girl, it is best accomplished on her bare bottom.  As a hand does not hit with the power of a belt of a paddle, and is primarily designed to just sting, it is not effective over pants.  The purpose is to provide a lot of sting to the skin, so a hand on the bare bottom is really the only way to make this happen.  With a heavy implement like a paddle, the primary goal is to make her sore for several days, so the overall length of the spanking in not quite as important as the lesson will continue long after the paddling is over.  But with a handspanking, the punishment ends pretty much as

teen girl spanking

A perfectly spanked teen bottom.

soon as the spanking stops.  After the spanking, she will feel a little heat to her bottom, but that is about it.  So it is very important that a bare bottom handspanking last for as long as possible, as all of the learning is taking place during the spanking.

For a handspanking to be the most effective, duration and coverage are very important.  With a paddle, most of the swats are going to be placed low on her bottom, both for safety reasons as well as making sure the part of her bottom that touches when she sits down becomes the most sore.  With a handspanking, there are no dangers posed to her tailbone, so a parent is able to spank every single inch of her bottom, and the top of her

dad spanks daughter otk

Even with just his hand, dad is able to really blister her bottom.

thighs if needed.  The less fleshy parts of her bottom are more sensitive than the lower parts, so full coverage assures that she really feels the burn.  It makes little sense to just keep spanking the same two spots on her bottom, so covering the widest area possible helps to teach her a lesson.   Just as important as coverage is indeed duration.  For a teen girl to really feel the effects of a handspanking, it needs to last as long as the parent is able to spank with a good intensity.  Three to four minutes is an ideal length for a handspanking, and while she will not feel much of it after an hour or so, if done correctly, those four minutes can do a lot in helping her realize her mistakes.

While a handspanking is nowhere as severe as a spanking with a proper implement, there are many strict parents that only use handspankings.  The strictness is not always a result of what someone is spanked with, but can it can also be measured by how often a spanking takes place.  There are some teen girls who get their bottom spanked severely with an implement, in a manner that leaves them sore for days, but this may only occur several times a year.  But there are those moms and dads out there that instead, spank for each and every

spanking from mom

Mom spanks her bottom after school.

little infraction that occurs.  This leads to a situation in which a young lady might end up baring her bottom and going over a parent’s knee for every little thing.  There are households in the US in which a girl may find herself on the receiving end of a spanking, just about every day.  The strict mom never hesitates to spank, and it can simply be the wrong look, the wrong words, chores not done well enough, homework not completed, it really does not matter, each and every one of these issues is always dealt with through spanking.

For these strict parents, when the last spanking occurred has no bearing on the situation at all.  Every single behavior that requires a spanking does indeed lead to a spanking.  They will often treat each infraction separately.  Picture the mom that comes home and sees her daughter watching TV instead of doing homework, and then notices the dishes that are still sitting in the sink.  This behavior does not warrant a single spanking, it requires two.  Her mom turns off the TV, sits down on the couch and pulls her teen

mom spanks daughters bottom

She is not very happy about having her bottom spanked by her mom.

daughter over her knee for a hard bare bottom spanking.  When her bottom is on fire, she is told to get up and take care of the dishes in the sink.  Less than ten minutes later, mom is pulling out a kitchen chair and her daughter once again goes over her knee for another spanking.  The spanking is not shorter or lighter as a result of her bottom already having been spanked; each infraction is dealt with on its own merits.

I grew up with a girl in my neighborhood, one that was spanked until about the age of 15.  As someone that was interested as spanking, I would often pry a little as to what her spankings were like.  She saw spanking as just a fact of life for her, so she was not all that embarrassed to talk about it.  I

teen spanking

Spanked on her teen bottom in the kitchen.

can recall the time that she detailed an event that led to three spankings for her in a ten minute period.  There was whatever her original behavior was that earned her a spanking, and it took place in the living room.  When the spanking was over, as she was leaving the living room, she shot her mom a hateful look.  Hateful looks were not allowed in that home, so her mom called her back over, bared her butt, and gave her another spanking.  When that one was over, she went up to her room, and slammed her door.  She knew as soon as the door closed so loudly, that she was in for it again.  She told me that she ran to her window to open it, to blame the door slamming on the wind.  She barely had the window halfway open when her door opened.  Her mom sat down on her bed, bared her butt, and once again pulled her over her knee.  Over the course of a ten minute period of time, she spent the better part of nine minutes getting spanked by her mom.  That was her reality, even as a girl in ninth grade.  I asked her the most spankings she thought she had ever gotten in a week, which she guessed to have been at least 10.

teen butt spanked

Dad deals with all behavior by spanking her teen butt.

While some parents spank for long term results, others simply spank to demonstrate to

their daughter each and every instances of behavior that they find unacceptable.  It does not have to be a brutal spanking, and they are content with reddening her bottom as often as is required.  Even if the level of pain is not as bad, as a 15+ year old girl, having to bare her bottom and go over one of her parent’s laps, is still a painful and embarrassing event, one that she would prefer to avoid.

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Severe spanking and corporal punishment for an older teen daughter

dad paddles daughter

The results of a paddling she will remember for a long time.

There are many parents out there that feel that the only proper spanking is one that is delivered severely.  It can be for the smallest infraction, but they still feel that if a spanking has been earned, that it needs to be applied in the hardest manner possible.  You typically find this kind of strictness and severity in homes in which there is a heavy religious influence.  There is the standard Bible quote that is the go to for many strict parents:

“He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.

This is their justification for spanking in the 1st place, but the quote that is often interpreted as spanking needs to be administered severely is:

“ Withhold not correction from the child: for [if] thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.”

Within these homes, young ladies tend to be very well behaved as they know the consequences of their actions will lead to very real

teen girl strapping from mom

It takes her mom quite awhile to achieve these results, but they result in learning.

and long lasting pain to their bottom.  I have read interviews with girls who grew up in very conservative Christian homes, in which every time they were spanked, it continued until they stopped crying altogether.  Their parents felt that crying during a spanking was a sign of willfulness, and that a spanking was not over until that willfulness is gone.  I also once read an interview with a young woman who had left the Amish community and she gave much detail about the spanking she received at the hands of her mother.  She was always punished with a heavy leather strap, in the privacy of her room, with her dress up and her undergarments down, while laying over the edge of the bed.  Her mom always strapped her until she stopped crying, but the main problem was that this took a very long time.  She went on to give details in which the whole process could go on for well over 20 minutes, and her mom spanked her so hard with the strap, that she often tired out before she could achieve the results she was looking for, leading to her mom having to take many breaks during the strapping.

While not every parent spanks with the goal for the actual crying to stop during the spanking, the strictest of parents, are indeed spanking with the goal of a permanent change of behavior in their teen girl.  A hard spanking is generally applied as a result a teen girl’s bad behavior, and is simply a punishment for those actions.  But for the more severe offenses, strict parents are not only spanking as a punishment for what they did, but they are trying to address this behavior in the future.  This is where the whole concept of long term learning comes into play.  Their goal is not for her to just be sorry for what she did, but for the spanking to be severe enough that it affects her thinking process every time she is faced with a decision of right and wrong in the future.

mom bruises daughter

For many teen girls, a bottom bruised this badly is just the norm for them.

This is really only accomplished with a severe enough spanking that she spends close to week with a sore bottom.  Teen girls are resilient and a quick spanking from mom or dad can quickly fade from their memories, which once again leads to clouded judgment when faced with future questionable decisions.  Maximum clarity is provided to the young lady with maximum soreness and bruising following a spanking.  It easy for her to forget how much a two minute handspanking hurt at the time, but it is very hard to forget that severe spanking, with a belt, hairbrush, or paddle in which sitting was not possible for a couple of days, and still quite uncomfortable for close to a week.  These are the types of punishment that help to change behavior, as they will never forget that week following that one severe spanking, for the rest of their lives.  When it comes to spanking a teen girl, there is no doubt that bruises equal learning.

Many strict parents, for that one offense that the young lady commits that stand head and shoulders above the rest, as most of her

teen girl gets the switch from mom

Her mom decides to use the switch on her bare bottom and thighs to teach her a lesson she will never forget.

spankings are already pretty severe, they might chose that moment to find a way to make sure that this one spanking really stands out.  This may be the day that she realizes that her mom still has an old antique hairbrush stashed away in a box in the attic that needs to come out for a very severe punishment that leaves her bottom marked and sore in a manner she never knew before.  Or maybe the frustrated parent recalls those summers on their grandparent’s farm, in which grandma always sent them for a switch to be used to stripe their bottom and thighs.  For a young lady who is used to feeling the belt on a regular basis, the pure sting of a switch can really open her eyes and change her attitude.  Some parents elect to simply double the length of a punishment for the more severe actions, but the very strict and creative parents, chose to add additional spankings after the initial spanking.  In households this strict, it is not completely out of the question for a daily spanking to be awarded to the naughty young lady, for several days in a row.

The daily spanking is indeed one of the most effective ways to achieve results and

severe paddling from dad

The results of a paddling over an already bruised bottom. She will be sleeping on her side for many days.

learning.  Picture the teen girl, in the most trouble she has ever been in in her life, who is sent to her room, for a long session with dad’s paddle, and then told she will get it again, every morning, for the next three days.  Each morning, with her muscles tight and sore from the previous paddling, she is woken up by her dad just before he heads out to work.  With sleep still in her eyes, she roles out of bed, bares her bruised bottom, and once again is paddled.  Nothing teaches a lesson as much as a hard paddling on a bruised bottom.  Her bottom is already sore to the touch, sitting is difficult, and she has to sleep on her side, so the feel of the paddle becomes unbearable.  By the fourth paddling, he is adding new bruises to already fading bruises, and when it comes to her learning, this is pretty much grad school.  It may be harsh and severe, but it is the type of lesson which eliminates that particular bad behavior for the rest of her life.  She can be a 40 year old women and she will still remember the offense that she committed, and the resulting punishment, that received when she was 18 years old.

Spanking of this severity are not the norm, but there are many high school age girls, walking down the hall of their school, with their bottoms bruised and sore as you read this.    In their strict and religious home, severe corporal punishment is not the exception, it is the norm.  Her parents, just like their parents, believe in the teachings of the Bible and they believe misbehavior should be dealt with in a strict and severe manner.  They do not think that a spanking is over when their daughter starts to cry, they believe that that is simply a good start.  A red bottom will never be enough for them when teaching a lesson, black and blue are the only colors they know.  They know that after a spanking, if their daughter is able to sit down at the dinner table, then they have more work to do.

severe discipline punishment

For some girls, severe discipline is a way of life and when they misbehave, their bottom pays the price.

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A thick and heavy belt is the most effective for corporal punishment

teen girl belt corporal punishment

The perfect belt for corporal punishment

Just like with any other job, a job worth doing well, the choice of tools is very important.  With the wrong tool, a job can take much longer, or be much less effective in the long run.  It is best to maximize the effectiveness of a job by choosing the perfect tool.  When it comes giving an older teen girl a spanking, the selection of the tool to be used is very important.  The job at hand, when applying a spanking, is to bring pain to her bottom.  Not just enough pain to make her bottom sting, but enough pain to make her bottom very sore.  With the wrong tool, a proper lesson might not be learned, so tool selection is very important when it comes to corporal punishment.

Most little girls, who are spanked by their parents, are typically given a handspanking when

teen girl belt spanking

This belt will teach any girl a lesson.

they are young.  But strict parents do realize over the course of time, that their hand is no longer getting the job done.  For the majority of young ladies in America, this eventually leads to their 1st spanking with a belt.  Belts are very popular because they exists in every home and all a parent must do is go and get one and put it to work.  But not all belts are created equal, and some of them are just not up to the task of providing the amount of pain required to a teen girl’s bottom.  Certainly a lot of this can be combated by applying the belt to her bare bottom.  This will greatly increase the sting of the spanking, but sting alone does not always leave the impression that is needed in the long run.

To get the long term results that most parents are looking for through corporal punishment, sting alone is not enough.  A spanking with a belt that is not made of leather, certainly stings a young lady’s bottom, and can produce tears, but within the hour the pain of her spanking is a distant memory.  The redness quickly fades and the pain fully subsides, which does very little to really discourage bad behavior.  It simply leaves her knowing that is she gets in trouble again; it will all be over with soon.  This is not the kind of punishment that leads to permanent changes of behavior, which should really be the goal of any good spanking.

thick spanking belt

Thicker is indeed better when it comes to spanking with a belt.

A sturdy leather belt is the most effective belt for providing the proper amount of discipline to a teen girl’s bottom.   When it comes to really getting results, the thicker the belt the better.  Certainly not all punishments require a severe spanking, but it is better to have too much belt, as opposed to too little.  With a very thick and wide belt, it is possible to provide a severe spanking when it is required, but things can be dialed down should the occasion call for it.  A thick belt also serves the purpose of being still quite effective over pants and panties; whereas a lighter belt will not produce the same results.  There are many teen girls who are no longer spanked on their bare bottom, so in these cases, maximum belt thickness is mandatory.  Much of the sting is reduced during a punishment over clothing, but with a thick and heavy belt, maximum long term soreness is assured.

The best belts for corporal punishment are not always practical to wear on a daily basis; so many parents decide to purchase a belt that is only used for spanking their daughter.  It can be quite effective to allow the daughter to be a participant in the trip where the purchase of that belt is made.  This can serve as an added deterrent when she sees what belt has been chosen to use on her bottom.  It will be quite effective as she watches her parents, at a Western supply store, pulling various heavy belts of the rack and comparing the overall size and thickness of the belts, clearly looking for the one that has the potential to hurt the most.  They might even make her a further part of the process by telling her to look for the heaviest and widest belt that she can find.  A heavy belt in which the only purpose is corporal punishment, also allows the parents to get a really good crease in it, so it folds perfectly every time.  If it is not a belt for daily wear, this also allows the belt to be put somewhere visible in the house, as a daily reminder of what will happen when she misbehaves.  Some parents go as far as having their daughter keep the belt somewhere in her room, so the visual reminder is never that far away.

bare bottom belt spanking from mom

Mom gets her point across much quicker with a heavy leather belt, on her teen daughter’s bare bottom.

When the day comes that a severe spanking is required, parents will be happy they have the right tool for the job.  A heavy belt, doubled up, and applied full force to a teen girl’s bottom, really does have a way of not only punishing her for her behavior, but decreasing the chances of it ever happening again.

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Daughter gets a severe paddling from her dad

He has asked her many times to dress more appropriately.  He is not a fan of the short shorts and he feels that they send the wrong impression to men.  But as teens always do, she continued to push the envelope, and the shorts she continued to buy, seemed to be getting shorter and shorter.  He finally had to put his foot down and forbid his daughter from wearing them.  He thought they were making progress, until that day that he showed up 10 minutes early to get her from school.  It seems that those ten minutes were the time that she would have used to change from the shorts to she was now wearing, back into the outfit that he dropped her off at school in.

teen girl paddling

Required to bend over and present her teen bottom to be paddled by her dad.

He had tried to encourage her, he had tried lecturing her, and he finally forbid her, and he felt like he was out of options, so all that was left was to paddle her.  He explained to her on the ride home that he no longer had a choice and he had tried everything else.  If she was going to directly defy him by smuggling the shorts to school, then he would find a different way to assure that she was unable to wear something that showed her butt cheeks.  He told her that he would simply paddle her bottom, long enough, and hard enough that the bottom of her butt cheeks were black and blue.  Then if she wanted to show off her tiny teen butt, she could show off the fact that she is still spanked by her dad.

dad paddles daughter

To make his point about the shorts, he starts the paddling with them still in place…they will not remain there very long.

We they got home he asked her were the pants were that she had worn to school that morning, and she pulled them out of her bag.  He then pulled out the ottoman, set the jeans on them, and told her to bend over.  She had a few minutes to contemplate her actions as he went and got the paddle that had not seen much use recently.  He had tried hard, as a parent of an older to teen, to take spanking out of the equation, but her behavior on occasion still warranted a bruised bottom.  With her bottom presented properly for her paddling, she could indeed feel her little butt cheeks sticking out the bottom of those shorts and for the first time that day, she began to regret her behavior.  In just a few moments, she would feel much more than just regret.

dad paddles teen daughter severely

The only choice worse than wearing those shorts, are the panties. Even with her panties still up, her bare bottom is feeling the sting of dad’s paddle.

He came back with the small paddle in his hand, the paddle that he had made several years before.  He had designed it to be the perfect size for her tiny bottom.  He had built it as a large oval shape so it was the right size for each smack of the paddle to cover an entire butt cheek.  He had used it with great effectiveness in the past, but he had decided that on this occasion he would spank her with a severity that she had rarely felt.  Without another word being spoken he walked up behind her and began to paddle her over those tiny shorts.  He swung that paddle in a manner that got her attention very quickly.  He kept his promise and focused low on her bottom, assuring that she would be bruised in places that would show should she try to wear shorts like that in the coming days.

teen daughter paddled by her father

He pulls her panties tightly into the crack of her bottom and paddles her bare bottom severely.

From the very beginning, he knew that this paddling was not going to be limited to over her shorts, but he felt it was necessary to apply a few over the shorts, as they were the reason for this paddling in the 1st place.  After a half a dozen swats, she was made to lower her shorts.  The panties she was wearing did not provide much coverage and even with them on, most of the swats were applied to bare skin.  He paddled her tiny teen bottom severely, while she did her best to remain in place.  Typically, this type of infraction would have warranted a bare bottom paddling from the beginning, but he had a reason for doing it in steps.  He wanted to further emphasize how inappropriate it was to walk around with her clothing crawling up into her ass, so he finished the paddling providing her with that exact experience.  Her grabbed her panties, and pulled them roughly deep into the crack of her bottom.  He held them in place and lifted them high into the air, almost lifting her off the ground.  It was at this point that the real paddling began and he proceeded to blister her bare bottom with the paddle.  He paddled long and hard until her bottom was black and blue, with an extra emphasis being placed on the lowest part of her bottom cheeks.

father spanks teen girl

Inspecting the damage to her well paddled bottom.

When it was clear that she had learned a proper lesson, he stopped the paddling.  He told her to put the pants that she had worn to school back on, and then proceeded to throw the little shorts in the trash.  The tight jeans that she had worn were difficult to get back on over her swollen butt and created even more discomfort.  She went upstairs and headed to her room but decided to stop in the bathroom and inspect her sore bottom.  She once again pulled down the tight jeans and looked at her bruised bottom in the mirror.  He had certainly kept his promise and it was very clear to her that there was no way she would be wearing short shorts any time again soon, as hew little butt and the tops of her thighs were marked in such a manner that she would have a lot of explaining to do to her friends.

If you want to see this actual event take place on full HD video, it is from Monday’s update in the member’s area of  I have not added anything to the description of this very real paddling, I described it exactly how it appears in this hard paddling video.

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