The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Getting her bare bottom paddled by her dad for smoking

paddled by dad

Bringing the paddle to her dad before her bare bottom paddling.

He received the phone call just before 5:00PM; it was a number he did not recognize.  The voice on the other end of the phone was a woman he had only met a few times before, and it was the mother of one of his daughter’s friends.  It took her a minute to get to the point, but she told him that she had been at the water park that day and had seen his daughter Riley there.  She stated that she really did not want to be a snitch, but she hoped that as a parent, he would do the same for her should the situation be reversed.  She finally got to her point and told him, that if he was not aware, his daughter was a smoker.  She explained that she had spent the day at the park with her youngest child, and the designated smoking area was within her sight.  More than five different times she has watched his daughter, and a large group of girls go to the smoking area.  He asked if she specifically saw his daughter smoking and she told him yes.  Not only that, it seemed to be her cigarettes that they were all sharing.  He thanked her for the information and they got off the phone.

His blood began to boil, as this was a recent conversation he had had with her.  She often came home

dad paddles teen girl

Baring and presenting her bottom to be paddled.

smelling like smoke and she had promised him that while a couple of her friends were smokers, and that she was in the car when they smoked, that she had never picked up the habit.  He was now dealing with the fact that his daughter was a smoker, and it seemed, also a liar.  She was now 19 years old, and it was legal for her to smoke, but his thoughts on the matter had been made very clear to her over the years.  While her smoking really bothered her, the fact that she had been lying to his face in recent days, really got to him.  It had been a long time since he had caught her in a lie and he really cherished that they seemed to have an open and honest relationship.  It had been several years since he was aware of her outright lying to his face.  This also made him realize that is had been several years since something else had happened in their home…a spanking.  He had not paddled her butt since she was 14 or 15 years old and felt that she had gotten a little old for it.  He decided that it was once again time for her bottom to feel the burn of his little wooden paddle.

teen girl hard paddling from dad

He paddles her teen bottom hard and fast to make sure she understands the dangers of smoking.


teen girl paddling

Her dad starts hard and fast, bruising her poor bottom from the very start.

When she got home he was on the couch in the family room and he asked her to come in.  She was still in her bikini, carrying her purse and a backpack.  He asked her how her day at the water park was, and she told him that they had all had a good time.  Her heart dropped, as she saw the look on his face change, and he told her to hand over her purse.  She hesitated for a second and then handed it over.  He went through it, and while he did find a lighter, he did not find any cigarettes.  Her pulse quickened as she realized what was happening.  He then asked for her backpack, which she was a little more hesitant to hand over.  He finally just grabbed it from her and opened it up.  It took a little searching, but hidden in a little inside pocket was a mostly empty pack of cigarettes. Before he could even ask she told him that they were not hers and that her friend went to the park without a backpack so she let her put them in her own bag.  He asked her point blank, “So you did not smoke any cigarettes today”?  She answered, “of course not”.

He had all the information he needed and he simply told her to go get the paddle.  Her face turned bright

teaching his daughter a lesson with a paddle

Her bottom shows that she is learning after only 20 swats.

red, as even the thought of getting spanked at her age was quite embarrassing.  She started to protest, which led him to raising his voice and yelling “NOW”.  She asked him where the paddle was and he told her that it was in the same place it had always been kept.  She walked up the stairs to the hall closet, where the paddle had always hung on the inside of the door.  That closet had old coats and stuff in it and she had not opened it since her last spanking many years before.  She did not even think they still had that old paddle, that she had grown to hate so much, and she was quite surprised it still hung in its same old spot.  She pulled it off of the nail it hung on and looked at it for a second.  She could not remember exactly when her dad had made it, maybe when she was 10 or 11, but she could still remember what it felt like.  Every time she had gotten in trouble when she was a younger teen this paddle was the only method of correction used.  On every occasion her dad would bare her bottom and give her 20 swats with it, 10 on each cheek.  While it had been many years, she could still remember most of them.

She walked down the stairs and handed him the paddle.  He told her to lower her bikini bottoms and grab the single step that led into the family room.  While it had been many years, she knew the process well and did not require any further instructions.  She had been hopeful that at the age of 19 he would not bare her bottom, but there was no such luck.  She pulled her bikini bottoms down to her knees and bent over placing her hand on the step.  This was one of the parts she really hated, as he was never in a hurry to spank.  This was his version of corner time, as he would make her wait as long as 5 minutes before he gave her the 20 swats.  She would just have to stay there, bent over, bare butt in the air, waiting to be paddled.  It certainly made her focus on what she had done and the anticipation was the worst.  He continued to read his magazine for several minutes while she waited for her paddling.

He finally stood up with the little paddle in his hand and stepped into place behind her.  He explained that she had lied to him several

bare bottom paddling teen girl

A quick pause before he gives her the 2nd set of 20.

days ago when she said she had not been smoking, she lied to his face just now as she said that she had not been smoking, and then there was the actual fact that she had been smoking.  He told her that she would get her normal 20 swats with his paddle…he then paused for effect, before finishing his sentence…for each offense.  This caught her by surprise and she tried to figure out if he really meant that she was going to get 60 swats.  Twenty swats by themselves were always brutal and had never once failed to leave her in tears.  The thought of triple that amount was more than she could handle.  She felt the familiar touch of the finely sanded and varnished paddle touch her bottom and then it began.

She realized that from the very first swat that this was not going to be a paddling from day gone by.  There were no pauses, no breaks, he started with a flurry and it never slowed down.  Each and every swat was applied with maximum force and it was the hardest she had ever been paddled from the very beginning. The 1st few swats took her breath away, and once it came back, there was only wailing and sobbing.  She had hoped that she could handle a paddling better at the age of 19, but this was a whole different world in contrast to any other spanking she had ever received.  He went back and forth from the left cheek, to the right, hitting almost in the same two spots every time.  She had gotten quite a bit of sun that day at the park and he was certainly not avoiding the spots that were already red.  He paddled long and hard and she was crying just like she always had during spanking when she was young.  Her question as to if he really meant 60 swats was soon answered.  After the 1st twenty, he paused for a second and told her that the next 20 were for lying to him a second time.  He started again, spanking just as hard and just as fast.  She struggled to stay in position and her knees buckled

teen girl paddling

That look on her face is the look of a 19 year old girl learning a very real lesson.

teen bare bottom spanking

Made to remain in position with her bruised bottom on display.

on more than one occasion.  After the second volley of 20, he again paused.  He then said, “Now, we will see if we can make you a non-smoker”.  For the previous 40 he had been spanking utilizing only his forearm, spanker more like someone would if it was a handspanking.  For the last 20, he lifted the paddle high above his head and brought down each smack more intensely. He also slowed down the pace, allowing each swat to soak in a little before giving her the next one.  She was beyond tears by this point and was practically hyper-ventilating. She had never experienced a pain such as this in her life and it was clear to him that she was learning a lesson.  Her reactions did nothing to change his approach and he administered every one of the last 20 with maximum severity.

When it was over, he did not say a word and sat back down on the couch, leaving her in place.  All that could be heard in the room was the sound of her crying.  She knew that she was not allowed to stand back up before she was told, so she remained in position still crying hard.  Her bottom was a mess of bruises and he had purposely made sure that she would not be wearing a bikini anytime soon.  He had paddled her bottom well below the bikini line and those bruises would be visible for quite some time.  He left her in place for more than 10 minutes and until she had fully calmed down and stopped crying.  He told her to get to her room, take a shower, and to come back down for dinner.  She instantly pulled up her bikini bottoms and ran to her room.

teen bottom bruised from a paddling

The results of a job well done. Her teen bottom will be bruised and sore for many days to come.

From a hard paddling scene in the member’s area of

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