The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Washing a girl’s mouth out with soap as a punishment

Clearly corporal punishment is very effective when trying to change the behavior of a teen girl.  Corporal punishment does not always just involve spanking her young bottom, as there are times that other forms of correction might need to be utilized to get the best results.  Uncomfortable and even painful corner time can be utilized with great success both before and after a spanking.  There is an additional element of punishment that seems to have gotten lost over the years, that was quite popular for the discipline of the teen girl, and that is washing her mouth out with soap.

mouth soaping

A good mouth soaping can be effective for teen girls of any age

This was most often used for a young lady who needed to learn a lesson regarding foul language, but I think it also applies nicely when a girl is caught smoking.  If a young lady  is going to put a toxic substance into her mouth, it only makes sense that it needs to be cleaned out.  For the full experience, she should be told that she will be spanked and have her mouth washed out with soap and then placed in corner time with her bottom bared.  This will give her plenty of time to think about what she did and what is about to happen.  After quite of bit of time to reflect, her bottom needs to be strapped or paddled, until the tears are really flowing and her bottom is properly bruised.  With tears still in her eyes and her bottom still throbbing, she needs to be marched to the sink to have her mouth washed out.

I do not agree with the use of soft soap, as it happens too quickly, and there is not as much of a process involved.  In addition, it does not have the tendency to spread throughout her mouth like a proper mouth soaping with a traditional bar of soap.  Just as with a spanking, the act of soaping a mouth needs to be a process that is very formal and drawn out.  You are not just going to shove a bar of soap in her mouth and make it hold it there, it needs to be a cooperative experience in which she is an active participant.

As the soap is being lathered up, using hot water to get the maximum lather, she should be required to stand with her mouth open, waiting for her mouth to receive its punishment.  This is much the same as having a girl bend over and wait for her spanking, and allows her to assist in the process of getting her mouth soaping.  When the bar of soap has been properly lathered, it needs to not just be inserted in her mouth, but it needs to be moved all around inside of her mouth.  Just as a proper spanking leaves no area of the bottom untouched, the soap needs to cover every square inch of her mouth.  It should be moved back and forth covering the tops, sides, teeth, gums, and especially her tongue.  When the bar is removed from her mouth, the bar of soap should be pressed against the bottom of her front teeth and dragged out, thus leaving slivers of soap in her teeth.

washing her mouth out with soap

On the 1st pass, her entire mouth is soaped up, and you can see that the bar of soap is dragged against her teeth each time it is removed.

By no means should this be the end of the mouth soaping punishment as if you are really looking to teach a lesson as a result, it needs to continue.  When getting a bar of soap lathered, it does not produce all that much on the outside of the bar of soap, so several trips need to be made into the offending mouth.  The initial process of getting the bar as soapy as possible needs to be repeated and the soap reinserted.  Remember, this is a lot like a spanking as far as coverage.  The initial trip with the soap into her mouth was done with the goal of covering as wide of an area as possible, just like a spanking.  But as with a proper spanking, in which there is a concentration of swats on the spot that hits the seat when she sits, we must do the same with a mouth soaping.  While you still want complete coverage with every trip of the bar of soap, certain areas can be concentrated on such as the top of the mouth, the gums, the teeth, and especially the tongue.  So on the second trip a certain area of the mouth should be targeted, such as the top of the mouth. Extra effort should be made to really get the bar of soap rubbing hard on the roof of her mouth, not just leaving the lather, but really getting the soap rubbed on there.

Two trips will never be enough to get the job done, as at least 4-5 times as a minimum are required to teach a real lesson.  On the next trip, there should be a major focus on her teeth.  While each time the bar is removed, it should be scraped against her upper teeth, it is important that all of her teeth get a good round with the soap.  The bar can be placed between the teeth on each side with her being instructed to gently bite down.  When the soap is loosely held in her teeth, it can be twisted and pulled back and forth, allowing shavings of soap to be left between every tooth.  The bar should then be switched to the other side and the process repeated.  When the bar is removed this time, it should no longer be smooth, there should be teeth marks throughout the bar, with small bits of the bar missing.

teen girl mouth washed out with soap

On this trip into her dirty mouth the soap is rubbed on her back molars, assuring that the soap will stay with her for quite some time.

All of the taste buds that make a mouth soaping so bad are located on the tongue, so every mouth soaping needs to end with a heavy concentration of soap on her tongue.  The bar should be a soapy as it possibly can be and then she needs to be instructed to stick her tongue out.  The soap needs to be rubbed hard all over her tongue, and not just the tip of it.  Effort should be made to get the very back of the tongue, close to the throat, as this will assure she will end up swallowing some of the bad tasting soap.  I think that a couple of trips of a freshly lathered bar, rubbed hard onto her tongue will help to achieve the very best results.

mouth soaping

There should be a major focus on her tongue with the soap and she should be made to stick it out and present it properly for the punishment.

When her mouth has been properly cleaned out there are a few variations to assure her lesson is learned.  Some parents chose to have their daughter hold the bar of soap in their mouth for some corner time afterwards.  This has a tendency to isolate the tongue and makes it difficult for her to control what happens with the soapy substance in her mouth.  It will also make it hard for her to swallow, which she probably does not want to do anyways, and will lead to her beginning to drool the soapy substance, leaving it running down her chin and onto her chest.  This all by itself is gross and embarrassing, for her to be standing there drooling like a little baby and add to the dynamic of the punishment.  Regardless of whether she is made to retain the bar in her mouth for any period of time, the next question is that of rinsing.

girl mouth rinsed out with soap

Having her leave the soap in her mouth for some corner time can be quite effective.

I think most teen girls learn a better lesson if they are not allowed to rinse.  If a bar of pure white soap is used, it does not pose any long term problems except maybe a tiny belly ache.  At some point she should be allowed access to the sink to spit out everything that has gathered in her mouth. But if she is allowed to rinse and brush her teeth, then the punishment ends at that point.  Just as we want to make sure her bottom is bruised and sore for days from a spanking, just to make sure she does not forget, we want the same from the mouth soaping.  I think it is fair to give her a minute to try and spit everything from her mouth, but no water should be allowed.  It should be made clear that she is not allowed to spit again until she brushes her teeth that night.  This will leave her with hours, in which every time she swallows, she will indeed remember what she did wrong.  When she eats diner that night, she will still taste the soap with every bite she takes.

If done properly, a mouth soaping can really help a teen girl realize that smoking, or cursing is unacceptable and will never be tolerated.  But for it to really work, it needs to be a long and drawn out process and one that she will never forget.  Remember, soap simply tastes bad and does not hurt, so it needs to be used very liberally.

These animations come from the only site I know that films mouth soaping videos on a regular basis.

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