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Washing the teen girl’s mouth out with soap

Teens today seem to have pretty foul mouths.  I cannot recall a trip to the mall in which I have not heard a group of girls, swearing up a storm, being much louder than they need to be, and using such language in front of anyone within ear shot, including younger children.  Their language is not limited to public places as txt messages and Facebook posts are also riddled with such obscenities.

mouth soaping

Showing the soap on her tongue while having her mouth washed out with soap…clearly she needs much more soap in her mouth for a real lesson to be learned.

While not as popular in the homes of America as it was 50 years ago, the concept of washing a young lady’s mouth out with soap is not dead.  There are still many moms and dads throughout the country that know the very best way to deal with foul language is as simple as a bar of soap.  From toddlers to teens, it is amazing the effect a simple bar of soap can have in changing a young lady’s use of the English language.

teen girl mouth washing

A teen girl uses profanity and gets her mouth washed out with soap by her father.

Some parents have adapted to the times and use a soft soap dispenser and simply pump a few squirts into the offending girl’s dirty mouth and make her hold it in for a few minutes.  But that technique lacks the tradition and process that makes a mouth soaping so effective.  To properly wash out a girl’s mouth out with soap, a full sized, traditional bar of white soap should be used.

girls mouths washed out with soap

Two sisters get their mouths washed out with soap for profanity they used on Facebook

After her mom or dad hears her using bad words, or reads them on her phone or Facebook page, she needs to be lectured on being ladylike and told what words are not allowed in her vocabulary.  Once she fully understands what she did wrong, she needs to be escorted to the bathroom or kitchen sink.  A new bar of soap should be opened in front of her.  The water is turned on and warm water is used as it provides the best lather to for a bar of soap.  Some parents require her to open her mouth and leave it open while the bar of soap is lathered up.

girl gets mouth washed out with soap

Getting ready for her mouth to be washed out with soap before school. he had to take off her shirt so it would not get dirty, she is then made to open her mouth and wait for dad to wash out her dirty little mouth.

Nothing makes a foul mouthed teen girl feel more like a little girl than watching her parent, at the sink, lathering up a bar of soap to put in her filthy mouth.  Once the bar is nice and lathered up it should be inserted into her mouth, and moved all around inside.  The goal is not to just get soap on her tongue; the entire inside of her mouth needs to be coated with soap.  After her mouth has been coated nicely, it is time to relather the soap.

mouth soaping

The soap is inserted into her mouth and her dad covers every inch of the inside of her mouth with the bar. This is one of many trips this bar of soap will take into her mouth before he teaches her a real lesson about swearing.

As she stands there with a soap filled mouth she will cringe as she sees the bar being soaped up for another trip into her dirty mouth.  Her mouth begins to fill with more saliva and she certainly does not want to swallow the soap, so it just sits there in her mouth.  A second trip is made into her mouth with the soap, once again covering every square inch.  It is at this point that the teeth should become involved.  With the bar of soap pressed up into her upper teeth, the bar of soap is pulled out, thus using her teeth to carve slivers of soap that stay in the inside of her teeth.  The soap should be relathered once again and a minimum of two more trip need to made into her mouth with the soapFour to five total trips into her dirty little mouth with the bar of soap should get the job done, with an extra emphasis on dragging it across her teeth.

mouth washed out with soap

Her teen mouth gets a good soaping. Notice how he drags the soap on her top teeth as he pulls the bar out of her mouth.

Once she is fully soaped up, with her mouth bubbling over, there are a couple of different techniques.  The 1st is to place the bar back in her mouth and leave it there for quite some time.  This forces her mouth open and makes it harder for her to control the soap that is pooled up in her mouth.  There is no doubt, as hard as she tries, that she will inadvertently swallow a bit of the soap.  If you use a nice and fresh, white bar of soap, this will pose no problems for her health.  Another aspect of having her hold the bar of soap, is that she will try not to swallow, which will lead to the soap running down her chin.  If she is already dressed for school, or a night out with the family, you may want to have her remove her top prior to her mouth soaping, as soap will run down her chin and onto her clothes.  This is made all the more effective by washing her mouth out in the bathroom as there will be a mirror.  She has to stand with a bar of soap in her mouth, soap running down her face, looking like a ridiculous little child.  This will give her a visual memory to go with the memory of her taste buds, the next time she chooses whether or not to use foul language.  She should be made to leave the bar of soap in her mouth for as short as two minutes and as long as thirty, depending on the severity of the offense, the words she used, and how often it happens.

teen mouth soaping

This dad believes in a long time out, with soap still in his daughter’s mouth, after their mouth soaping. It will be 30 minutes before he returns as they have to stare into the mirror and watch the soap drip from their mouths, down their chins, and onto their perky breasts.

Another effective technique is to make her talk during the mouth soaping.  Many parents will lather up their daughter’s mouth and make her repeat the word she used.  This really reinforces what she is being punished for and as with the soap being held in her mouth, it is hard to talk and not get a little soap down the back of her throat.  If we do not want her repeating the word a simple conversation can take place between each trip of the soap into her mouth.  The lecture can continue with lots of questions for the young lady, forcing her to talk often with the soap in her mouth.  This will often result in her blowing little bubbles as she speaks.  If you choose not to make her stand with the bar of soap in her mouth, there should be at least 5 minutes that she is made to hold the soapy mess in her mouth.

kid mouth washed out with soap

She used the word “fuck” which is not allowed in this home. He coats her mouth with soap, pulls the bar out and makes her repeat the word. He will do this more than a dozen times before her mouth soaping is over.

Just as with an effective spanking for a teen girl, we want this punishment to last longer than just the time the soap was in her mouth.  It is only fair that after a long mouth soaping that the young lady be allowed to spit the soap out of her mouth.  Some parents allow their daughter to spit the soap out, but do not allow rinsing for several hours.  Clearly this is very effective in making a long lasting impression.  If you do allow your daughter to rinse, she should not be allowed to brush until that night.  This is where the scraping of the soap into her teeth really comes into play.  Without a proper brushing and flossing, bits of soap will be trapped in her teeth for hours.  The taste will never quite go away and she will have bits and pieces of soap in her mouth for hours.

mouth washed out with soap

He has a long conversation with his daughter before she is allowed to spit out the soap. While she will be allowed to spit out the soap, there will be no rinsing until she goes to bed.

Teen girls have the tendency to have nasty and filthy mouths and use profanity in ways that you can never imagine.  A simple bar of soap and ten minutes of your time is all that is required to reduce this increasingly vulgar trend from the teen girls of America. is the only site that I am aware of that features videos in which a girl’s mouth is washed out with soap on a regular basis. All of the above animations come from their member’s area.

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