The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Teen girl still gets her bottom strapped by her mom on a very regular basis

teen girl belt spanking

Getting her butt beat with mom’s belt.

Brandi grew up in a typical strict household of the early 1950’s in which corporal punishment was used liberally and severely, the problem that she is a teen girl living in the 2000’s.  It did not matter at all to her mom that this was a more modern age in which corporal punishment was not so common for a teen girl and a little more frowned upon.  She was a single mom and she had chosen to raise her daughter in the exact same manner she had been raised, which meant that bad behavior resulted in a spanking.  It was not that Brandi even misbehaved all that much, or found herself getting in major trouble, but her mom spanked for each and every instance of behavior that she did not agree with.  She was a very strict parent, with very high standards, which meant that a spanking happened very often in their home.

All spankings in the home were administered with a belt, and that had been the case for Brandi since she was around the

bare bottom strapping from mom

Unfortunately, her mom is just getting started with the belt on her bare bottom.

age of 10.  It did not matter what she had done wrong, if a spanking was required her butt would feel the belt.  Many of the spankings she received were fairly spontaneous and she would get the belt on the spot.  There were a couple of belts that were used for punishment, with one of them hanging over a stand that held TV trays, right between the dining room and living room.  When her mom needed to apply a quick strapping to Brandi’s bottom, she would go right for this belt.  There was also a much heavier belt that was kept in her mom’s room, which was typically used for more formal punishment in Brandi’s room.  If she was sent to her room for a spanking, it was always much worse.

To say that Brandi was spanked often is an understatement.  She was indeed spanked for every little thing, and on a busy week, she would find herself getting spanked as many as 5 times.  Not all of these were long and drawn out spankings; some were over in under a minute.  Often times these quick spankings were as a result of the tone Brandi used when speaking to her mom.  It could be as simple as her mom asking, “Have you emptied the dishwasher?” and Brandi’s reply of “Yesss”, having just a little too much attitude behind it.  Her mom would say nothing, walk over and grab the belt, and tell her to bend over and put her hands on her knees.  A couple dozen quick strokes of the belt, over Brandi’s jeans, would assure that the next time she answered a simple question, that she did so without any tone in her voice.

Even though these spankings were spontaneous and happened on the spot, this is not to say that they were not difficult to endure for Brandi.  Her mom never swung either of the belts gently, and even when applied over her pants, she made a good impression on Brandi’s behavior.  Brandi learned a long time ago that even a quick strapping was not over until she was in tears, so she had stopped trying to suck it up years ago.  Each and every time that she bent over for the belt, she knew her butt would be lit on fire and tears would fill her eyes.  Her mom was very good at getting the results she needed with the belt and she did so on a regular basis.  It was not uncommon for Brandi’s mom to find a reason to strap her every single day.  While two strapping in a day was not the norm for Brandi, it was not all that uncommon.  Her mom did not care when her last spanking had been, or for what reason, she simply spanked each and every time that is was required, with no exceptions.

spanking her bare bottom with a belt

Sent to her room, told to bare her bottom, bend over, and then wait for mom and the belt.

When Brandi found herself in more trouble than she was typically in, it would involve a spanking in her room.  This happened at least once a week, but often more if her behavior warranted it.  While she would get the occasional bare bottom strapping right there in the dining room, if she was sent to, or escorted to her room, her pants would always come down.  She never fully knew what to expect as her mom varied her approach greatly every time she sent Brandi to her room.  She might be sent up to her room and told to wait, and could sit up there for more than an hour.  She might be told to get her butt to her room, to pull down her pants and panties, and wait for her spanking in that position.  It was not all that uncommon for her mom to grab her by her arms and drag her to her room and start the second the door closed.  On more than one occasion, Brandi mom started the strapping in the dining room, only to decide to finish it in a more severe way in Brandi’s room.  The strapping did not stop between those two events, as Brandi’s mom would grab her by one arm, march her to her room, strapping her butt the whole time they were walking.

girl strapped by mom

Getting her bottom strapped all the way to her room, those pants and panties will come down for the real punishment.

Whether she was sent to her room, or escorted to her room, any spanking that took place up there was a bad one.  They did not always start on the bare as her mom would be so mad that she would start swinging the heavy leather belt the moment she walked in.  She was not big in lectures and preferred to do her talking with the belt.  Even if started over her jeans, at some point her mom would make her pull them down.  This was often for her mom to take a little rest, having produced an angry flurry of strokes with the belt.  When Brandi’s bottom was finally bared, the whole punishment would start over again.  A spanking such as this could be a very lengthy event.  While the spontaneous spankings downstairs could be as few as 20 strokes, if she was in her room, with her bottom bared, she was in for more strokes than she could count.  When she was in the very worst trouble, her mom might spank for up to 5 minutes, stopping occasionally to catch her breath.

mom punished daughter severely with a belt

A real bare bottom punishment from her mom, that she will never forget


severe strapping from mom

The kind of punishment that a teen girl never forgets

There was nothing routine about a bare bottom strapping from her mom, as she varied how she administered it on a regular

bedtime strapping

Mom straps her bottom before bed.

basis.  There were times that Brandi was told to go to her room, stand in the middle of the room, bare her bottom, and wait for her mom.  Sometimes her mom would escort her up to her room, have her bare her bottom and lay flat on the bed.  This was typically a bad sign for Brandi as it meant that her mom wanted her in the most stable of positions for her strapping.  Brandi was required to hold still during all of her strappings, but for some of the more severe ones, this was a difficult task.  She always got more when she moved from position or put hers hands in the way, so she always tried her best.  But after 100+ severe strokes from mom’s belt, it became hard for her to stay in position.  While bent over with her hands on her knees, or flat on the bed were the most common, these were not the only positions used.  On many occasions she had been required to kneel on her hands and knees on the bed, or sometimes she would bend over the back of her desk chair.  She had no idea as to her mom’s strategy or motivations when it came to choosing a position to spank her daughter in, but she seemed to be creative in her approach.

The spankings that occurred in her room were always lessons that she would never forget.  Even with as many as 2-3 happening a

week, each one always stood out in her mind.  There was just no way to forget that sort of intensity and pain.  The belt her mom used

bare bottom strapping

A bare bottom strapping for this daughter.

in the bedroom was thicker and longer than the one that hung on the stand downstairs and the effects were visibly different.  Her mom had two styles of spanking that she used.  The most common was a typical approach to strapping a teen girl’s bottom, and involved her lifting the belt high above her head and applying a single stroke to Brandi’s bare bottom.  She would take a quick pause and repeat the process.  But when she was really angry, she would swing the belt, hitting Brandi’s bottom, and then swing it on the way back, sort of a backhand stroke.  This would double the amount of strokes Brandi received and it tended to be less accurate.  An angry strapping, which involved her being smacked on both ends of the swing, tended to get her hips and thighs involved.  This was not the most common way for her to be spanked, but it was certainly always memorable.

mom straps girl

Her mom straps her bottom and thighs from both sides.

Her mom typically liked to spank on the spot, the moment an infraction occurred, which on more than one occasion had led to a semi-public spanking.  There was time that Brandi got in trouble at school and was sent home for the day and had to be picked up by her

public strapping from mom

Mom strapped her on the spot for getting in trouble at school

mom.  Her mom showed up at school, with the belt in her purse, and after meeting the principal, asked if there was a private place that they could use for a few minutes, in which he gladly obliged.  She got a long and hard strapping over her jeans, just off the front entrance to the school.  This was followed by the bare bottom strapping of her life when she got home.  Brandi was also not a stranger to being woken up by her mom with a belt in her hand.  Brandi might have already gone to bed before her mom noticed some chore that went undone.  Her mom would simply grab the big belt, open Brandi’s door, turn on her light, pull the covers back, and get to work on Brandi’s poor bottom.  Brandi would be in tears with a bruised butt before she ever even knew what she was getting the belt for.  If Brandi overslept on a school day, her mom always used the belt as the alarm clock.

severe bare bottom strapping

A severe bare bottom strapping in her room

Even with Brandi in her final year of high school, the end of her spankings seem nowhere in sight.  She often wonders when the days of her baring her bottom for a thorough session with mom’s belt will come to an end.  All of her friends, at least those she knows were spanked, seemed to have gotten their last spankings when they were 8 or 9.  For Brandi, that was the age that her spankings became such an intense event in her life.  She is hopeful that when she goes off to college that this will indeed be the end of corporal punishment in her life, but she somehow imagines that her summers at home will be the same as things are for her now.  She knows, that as long as she misbehaves in any way, that her bottom will pay the price.  Her mom loves her very much, so much so that she will beat her daughter’s bottom black and blue, each and every time she has earned it.

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