The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A spanking from mom at bedtime

It is a pretty standard tradition that moms have been using for years…the bedtime spanking.  Regardless of when the offense occurred, a young lady is told that she is going to be spanked.  The spankings always take place in the privacy of mom and dad’s bedroom, but she has to spend the whole day dreading it.  In trouble from the very beginning of the day as her mom realizes that she did not do her laundry the night before, and has to go to school in dirty and wrinkled clothes, she is told during breakfast that she will be spanked.  She spends her day at school, very distracted, thinking about the session she will receives with the belt that night.  She tried to put it out of her mind, but all she can think about is how much that belt will hurt.  Her friends see she is distracted, and ask her what is wrong, but she will never admit that she still gets bare bottom spanking from her mom.  She gets home from school and it seems to be just a normal day.  Her mom is not mad, there is not a long discussion, mom simply chooses to handle the whole issue before bed.  They sit and eat as a family and have normal discussions about everyone’s day and make small talk.  After dinner they sit and watch a little TV as a family and manage to have a few laughs together.  Eventually it gets late, and the young lady is sent to her room to get ready for bed.  She pulls on her PJ’s, knowing that in just a few minutes that those bottoms are coming right back down.  She sits nervously on her bed, knowing that her smiling and joking mom from a few minutes ago is going to have a much different approach when she comes upstairs.  She finally hears her mom’s footsteps and the knock at the door.  She tells her daughter to come with her to the parent’s room, a walk she knows far too well.  Her mom walks over to the closet and pulls out her dad’s heavy leather belt, the one that is only used to blister her bottom.  Her mom tells her to bend over the bed and she feels her mother’s fingers in the waistband of her PJ’s, pulling them down and baring her bottom.  All that is left now is the pain.

a bedtime spanking from mom

Mom bares her bottom for a hard strapping at bedtime

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