The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Bruised Bottoms from School Paddling

Marked bottoms from a paddling

Three very bruised butts from a school paddling.

For those of you who have ever been on the receiving end of a very real paddling, either at school from the principal or at home from mom or dad, then you are probably aware of what it is like to have bulls eye bruises on your bottom.

marked butts from a hard paddling

Two girls display the marks of a very real paddling.

These types of marks really only happen as a result of a hard paddling with a wooden paddle.  With a wooden paddle the spanker has to be careful not to paddle too high, as the naughty girl’s tailbone is near the top of her butt when she is bent over.  As a result, all of the swats are applied close to on top of each other.  The results is a very specific bruise that looks like a bull’s eye.  As you can see in the attached photos from Realspankings “School Swats” series, regardless of the size or shape of the bottom, hard swats tend to leave very similar marks.  On the above photos, these paddlings took place over jeans, but were applied hard enough to really marks their poor bottoms severely.

The results of 10 hard ones

The results of 10 full force school swats applied with a paddle over tight jeans.

Many students, and those unlucky enough to get paddled at home, learned the hard way that a paddling such as these last well beyond the pain felt during the paddling.  The reality is, that after just a few severe swats to the bottom with a large wooden paddle, your butt actually tends to get a little numb.  This might seem like a bonus at the time, but any paddling hard enough to create numbness, tends to stay sore for many days afterwards.

paddle spanking

The results of another 10 swat paddling from Realspankings "School Swats" series

While the phrase “you won’t be able to sit down for a week” might be a bit of an exaggeration, nothing comes as close to that being true as a spanking with a wooden school paddle, or a long session with a wooden hairbrush.  In the “School Swats” series, they interview the girls both before and after their ten swat paddling to see how effective the girls thought the punishment was.  In almost all instances, the girls felt that if they knew that ten swats with a large paddle would be the result of an infraction, that they would do their best to be well behaved.

Three butts paddled

Three girl school corporal punishment paddle spanking.

Position can also influence how much a paddling hurts and how deep the bruising is.  A paddling like the one to the left, in which the girls are required to grab their ankles, tends to leave much deeper bruises and hurts quite a bit more.  The muscles are pulled much tighter and the bottoms really feel the full impact of the paddle.

paddled in the bedroom

Naughty girl paddled in the bedroom.

While schools never paddle on the bare, it is not unheard of in the home environment.  The picture to the right is a good example of the results of a bare bottom paddling applied in the privacy of the young ladies’ bedroom.  The bulls eye bruises are clear and there is no doubt that she will be sitting gingerly for days to come.  With the exception of the three girl’s holding their ankles for a paddling, all pictures come from full video punishment scenes in the member’s area of  Their “School Swats” series now has 52 different girls discussing school corporal punishment, then taking very real 10 swat, full force paddlings, with discussions afterwards and a look at their bare bottoms to see the results.  In the traditional of Texas high school corporal punishment, they even get to sign the paddle.

signing the paddle after being spanked

Proud to have added her name to the "School Swats" paddle

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