The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A hard spanking from dad in front of her friends

For the most part Abigail was a pretty well behaved 17 year old girl.  She had her share of typical teen girl issues that landed her in trouble on occasion, but nothing that was all that bad in the grand scope of things.  Her mom had been out of the picture for quite some time and she was being raised by her dad.  He was not overly strict, but he was old fashioned in his ways, and while rare, even at the age of 17 she still found herself getting spanked on occasion when her behavior warranted it.

teen girl spanked in front of friends

He lets her best friends in as he goes to see why his daughter is not ready for school.

The biggest issue he had with her behavior was her habit of always being late.  One of the primary sources of her constant tardiness was her inability to get herself out of bed in the mornings.  She would often forget to set her alarm, or turn it off when she was trying to hit snooze, or just continue to hit the snooze button for more than an hour.  He had tried different alarm clocks with louder alarms, he had made her put the clock across the room, but none of these solutions seemed to help all that much.  As a result, she was constantly late to school, which also led to her friends that often drove her being late to school as they had to wait for her to get ready on the mornings that they picked her up.

daughter spanked by dad in front of friends

She is pulled from her room and her bottom is bared for a spanking in front of her friends.

She had been spanked on a few occasions as a result of not being up and ready to go on a school morning when her dad was taking her.  He found that a good and hard spanking to wake her up did indeed have the desired effect and managed to keep her on time for a month or two.  It had been three weeks since her last spanking for not getting up on time, but apparently it was not enough for a long term change in behavior.  He worked from home, and with several clients in different time zones, he was always up very early and working in his office.  When he heard the doorbell ring, he hollered for Abigail and told her that her ride was there.  There was no response from Abigail’s upstairs bedroom, so he went to the front door and let in her two friends while he went to track down his daughter.  The girls waited at the bottom of the stairs knowing that at the very least it would be a minute or two as Abigail was never quite ready.

dad spanks daughter

She isn’t just being spanked in front of her friends, she is getting the spanking of her life.

When Abigail’s dad entered her room to find her still asleep, he completely lost it.  She was not just running late, she was still in bed, in her nighty, dead to the world.  He decided right then and there that he would have to try a new method for getting her attention regarding getting up in the morning.  She had often complained that being spanked at her age was horribly embarrassing.  She told him on many occasions that none of her friends had been spanked since they were in grade school and that it was completely unfair that she still was.  He had always told her that until she acted her age and with the responsibility of an adult that he would punish her according to how she acted.  He knew for a fact that she went out of her way to make sure none of her friends knew that he still blistered her bottom on occasion, so today would be the day that the found out.

watching her friend get spanked

They try to appear as if they are not watching, but they are paying very close attention to their best friend’s bare bottom spanking from her dad.

Instead of spanking her on the spot in her bedroom, as he typically did, he walked her out of her room and bent her over the banister to the stairs.  This put her on perfect view of her friends downstairs so they could see all of the action.  To make matters worse, he pulled up her nighty and exposed her bare bottom for her spanking.  He announced loudly for the benefit of the girls below, “I will show you exactly what happens when you make your friends late for school”.  He raised his hand and proceeded to spank her teen bottom like he never had before.  He was not just going to let them witness her bare bottom spanking, he was going to make sure they got to see her cry like a little girl.  He spanked as hard and as fast as he could, really lighting her butt on fire and bringing her to tears quickly.

bare bottom spanking in front of friends

As hard as it is to watch their friend getting spanked, they are bot secretly glad that it is happening.

The girls down below were obviously quite shocked to see and hear this spanking.  Abigail’s dad was right; these girls had no clue that their best friend was still spanked by her father.  Neither of them had been spanked in close to ten years, so it came as quite a surprise to see her bent over the banister getting her little fanny spanked.  It was quite uncomfortable for them to just be standing there with all of that noise going on above them.  They tried not to look, or to somehow appear disinterested, but that was practically impossible as it was not every day that a 17 year old girl, with her nighty pulled above her waist, was getting a bare bottom spanking within ten feet of them.  They exchanged awkward glances as the spanking continued and occasionally looked up to watch the action.  While it was very uncomfortable to watch, secretly, they both were a little glad it was happening.  They loved her dearly, but they too had grown tired of being late to school as a result of her inability to get her shit together in the morning.  Her dad had made it clear that this was being done for their benefit and they both appreciated it.  They might not have really wanted to see it take place, but if it took her getting her bottom spanked long and hard for them to all get to school on time, then so be it.

bare bottom spanking from dad

A quick peek at her well spanked bottom before getting ready for school.

The spanking went on for more than two minutes and before it was over, tears were dripping from her face and down to the stairs below.  Her dad finally stopped spanking her now bright red bottom, pulled her nighty back down, and told her to get her ass ready for school in less than five minutes, or he would repeat the process.  He walked back down the stairs, past her friends, gave them a smile and said “maybe that would help”.  One of her friends smiled and the other actually thanked him.  He went back to his office and got back to work.  Abigail hurried to her bathroom, took a quick peek at her red and swollen bottom in the mirror and then quickly began to get ready for school.

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