The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Severe Hairbrush Corporal Punishment

Severe hairbrush spanking

A very bruised bottom from a severe session with the brush

There are many implements that are used in the homes around the world for discipline. There are belts, paddles, canes, wooden spoons, and so many more household items that parents choose to use for the application of corporal punishment.  While not quite as popular in modern times as in the 50’s and before, the old fashioned wooden hairbrush is one of the most effective tools for discipline in the home.  When applied to the bare bottom there is really nothing that feels quite like it in terms of severity

Baring her bottom for a hairbrush spanking

Baring her bottom for a hairbrush spanking

Mothers and fathers in the 50’s used the hairbrush as a disciplinary tool frequently.  This was before the days of the cheap plastic hairbrushes found today in supermarkets.  Back then a brush was long lasting and may have even been handed down.  I am sure there are many cases when a mother used a hairbrush on her daughter, that her mom had used on her.  50’s discipline was strict and severe and did not stop until the naughty young lady had been crying for several minutes. There was no Dr Spock and parental guidance groups, it was simple, if your children misbehaved their bottoms paid the price.  There is no

held down over his knee for real discipline

Taken OTK for a spanking she will never forget.

questioning the effectiveness of a bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush.  Many young ladies were called into their dad’s room, made to raise their dress and lower their panties, and then pulled over dad’s knees.  It is an intimate encounter, but one that leaves a very long lasting impression.  The poor daughter’s heart goes into her throat as she hears the drawer open, the one she know that the hairbrush is in.  This time it is not going to be a handspanking, he is grabbing the brush. Even before the spanking starts, a lesson is already being learnd, as she knows exactly how much the hairbrush will hurt.

Severe bruising from a spanking with the brush

Her bottom shows the results of a very severe hairbrush that will leave her bottom sore for a week.

She knows that if the brush is coming out that her dad means business. The brush is applied full force from the very first stroke all the way to the very last stroke.  It only takes a couple before the tears start to flow.  She can’s help but struggle as her arm has to be pinned behind her back to keep it out of the way.  Every swat leaves a bruise and he makes sure that no part of her bottom is untouched.  This needs to be a lesson that is not forgotten. Her dad wants to make sure that every time she sits for the next several days that her bottom sends a message to her brain to behave in the future.  It might be strict, and it might be a little severe, but there is no doubt that it achieves results.  A bare bottom hairbrush spanking teaches long lasting lessons that many young ladies throughout the world learned.

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