The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Witnessing, Listening to, and Hearing about Childhood Spankings

sister getting the brush from mom

Spying on sister's spanking from mom

I grew up in a part of the country in which not only was corporal punishment not unusual, it was the norm.  Parents were quick to use it and certainly made no effort to hide the fact that they physically disciplined their children.  It was not all that unusual in my neighborhood to hear the sounds of a long and hard spanking coming from the neighbor’s house.  On more than one occasion, I caught glimpses of my friend’s sisters or even the neighbor girl down the street getting spanked.

real spanking caught on video

Watching her get spanked in Mom's bathroom.

Parents were not shy about it, especially the moms.  I watched the mom of the girl down the street angrily grab her daughter out of a sprinkler she was playing in with our friends, and spank her bikini covered bottom all the way back into her house.  There was no doubt in any of our minds that once they went inside that the spanking continued long and hard on her bare bottom.
I will never forget the time in my best friend’s house when his 17 year old sister, shortly after getting her driver’s license, returned home with the car at least an hour late.  His sister went right to her room knowing she was in big trouble.  Her mom casually went to her own room and returned with a large Western style leather belt.

getting a whuppin from mom

Watching her get a whuppin from mom

She then went to the sister’s room, and I was able to hear a very short lecture, followed by the words “bend over the bed”.  I knew I had to see what I was hearing, so I said I had to go home, knowing full well that the trip to the front door of the house was going to take me right by his sister’s room.  I did not lurk very long, but I did manage to see his sister’s amazing ass bent over and her mom going to town with that belt.  She was swinging hard and fast, and from the couple I was able to see land, was spanking her on her butt and the tops of her legs.  From the time it started, until I had left the house, she must have received more than 25 and the crying was intense.

Getting paddled after school

Getting paddled after school.

I always went out of my way to ask the girls in my area about being spanked and some would talk quite freely about it.  It was simply part of everyone’s life so the embarassment factor just was not there.  When I was in high school, a girl I knew had been paddled at school, which for many of us, led to a spanking at home.  I casually asked her the next day after her school paddling, if the VP had contacted her parents.  She said “oh my God yes, my mom tore my ass up like she never had before”.  She proceeded to explain to me how the school paddling was nothing compared to the ass whuppin momma gave her.

spanked by mom

Spanked after the shower by mom.

As someone that was very much excited by the thoughts of beautiful older teen girls getting a spanking from their mom or dad, I must admit to having tried to picture this scenario over and over in my head.  I imagined her getting paddled at school, and with her bottom still sore, listening to the principal make the phone call to her mom at work.  I could imagine her finishing her day, trying to focus on her studies as she knew exactly how her mom was going to deal with this issue later tonight.  In my mind, they ate dinner as a family as her parents discussed the day’s events, making it clear to her that she was going to get the spanking of her life.  Her appetite quickly diminished as she heard her mom speak the words “blister her bottom like she had never felt before”.  She was made to clean up the dishes and the table and then to shower and get ready for bed.   She spent the next hour going about her chores, not knowing when that moment would arrive.  In my dirty little teen mind, the moment came right out of the shower, her mom waiting for her in her room, belt in hand.  The words “let’s get this over with” and her mom bent her over, removing the towel, exposing her hard teen body, one that I had fantasized about on far too many occasions.  And then the real punishment began…

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