The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Go to your Room – Real World Corporal Punishment

Well this is just fantastic and focuses on the most realistic teen girl corporal punishment out there.  An entire video, 16 scenes, of young ladies being sent to their rooms to wait for their punishment.  There are some fantastic scenes in this one and each and everyone could be happening right next door.

“They are words that resonate heavily with any young lady that grew up in a household where corporal punishment was utilized…”go to your room”. This is often the last words they hear, as they march to their room to wait for mom or dad to come up with the belt, or maybe even the paddle.  This is sometimes the hardest moment, as they wait, knowing that when the door to their room opens, that they are about to get their bottoms worn out.  This video explores this very concept, taking a look at how corporal punishment is used in the real world.  There are no long lectures, corner time, forced nudity, or any of the other things that often make it into our spanking fantasies.  This is real world corporal punishment, that takes place in the privacy of a young lady’s bedroom, without any warm-up.  You will get to see exactly what happens, behind closed doors, when a young lady’s behavior requires a long session with Dad’s belt.

This video runs 1 hour and 6 minutes and features 16 separate punishments.  In keeping with the realism of true corporal punishment in the home, most of the scene feature the use of the belt, administered in a manner meant to teach a very real lesson.  There is also a bare bottom paddling and two different scenes in which a shoe and a slipper are used.  There is also a bonus video or a very intense mouth soaping for a young lady who could not control her language during her whoopin. For fans of very realistic corporal punishment in the home, this is a video not to be missed.”

Now available at Spanking Library and Clips4Sale

Go To Your Room

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Now available at Spanking Library and Clips4Sale

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