The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Go outside young lady a cut a switch

Sent outside to pick a switch with her bare bottom on display

A tradition with much history is the time honored tradition of sending a teen daughter or grand daughter outside to cut a switch from a tree or bush to be used on her very own bottom.

Cleaning the switch she is about to be spanked with

The use of a switch used to be much more common, but it is still a disciplinary practice that is used quite often in the deep South.  Many teen girls learn the hard way that grandma is not to be messed with as she sends them outside to cut a switch.

A group of girls clean their switches before baring their bottom for a hard bare bottom punishment outside.

For the teen girl who is about to be punished with a switch, the process can be quite overwhelming. Having to actually be such a participant in your own spanking really adds a sense of dread and apprehension. Looking at each small branch on the tree, wondering which one will hurt more.  She knows that if she selects one too small, that there will be additional punishment.

Bare butt switching outside.

After choosing which one will be used on her bottom she is then required to take the time to strip every little twig and leaf off of the switch.  She is forced to touch every inch of the implement that in just moments will be used on her.

Getting her bottom beat with a thin branch outside

A switch is not very effective over clothing, so she knows for sure that this is going to be a bare bottom punishment.  As she cleans the switch she can’t help but think about how bad it is going to hurt.  Each stroke is so very specific, burning into her skin…she can feel it already.

A striped bottom from her switching

After 10 minutes of hard work, specifically designed to aid in her discipline, she takes the switch to mom or grandma for inspection.  She is hopeful that she chose one good enough to be used on her bottom or she knows she will be sent out to start again.  She cringes as the switch is flicked through the air as a test to see if it will be strong enough, and more importantly, if it will sting enough.

Spanked on her teen bottom and thighs with a switch.

The dreaded moment finally arrives and she is instructed to lower her pants and panties and to bend over.  She hears the sound and feels the pain all at once and it brings tears to her eyes instantly. The pain burns so bad and she knows that there are many more strokes to come.  Over and over the switch burns into her bare skin as her mom works her way down her bottom. Mom is going to make sure this is a lesson she will never forget, so she does not stop at the lower part of her bottom.

A hard switching on her sunburned bottom

She continues her way down her thighs and stops just above the knees.  Her mom then methodically works her way back up the thighs and back to the bottom.  With her teenage butt and legs on fire and covered with welts from the switch, mom starts again and makes a full run down and up her bare bottom and legs once again.  After two full passes, her mom stops for just a moment to lecture her daughter about her behavior and gauge to see of there has been an attitude change.  She decides that just as she received it herself growing up, that maximum severity is required for this offense.  She starts all over, from their very top of her daughter’s butt and once again works her way down to the backs of her knees and back up again. She swings the switch very hard and lands at least 4 strokes per inch.  Once again, two full passes up and down her daughter’s legs and ass, leaves no part of her bottom untouched.  When it is is over, where once before each stroke was so very specific, they now all blend to create a firestorm of pain.  The teen girl cannot contain herself as she continues to cry long and hard.  This punishment was administered in such a way to fully extinguish the undesirable behavior and the mom can walk away confident that it will never happen again.  Her 18 year old daughter now knows that she is never too old for a spanking and that she will do everything in her power to never feel the burn of the switch on her bottom or legs again.

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