The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Sore Bottoms from a Very Hard Punishment Spanking

Rubbing her very bruised bottom after her paddling

There are many situations in a young lady’s life in which the moment may call for her to be disciplined. Different teens respond to different types of punishments. There are cases in which, when dealing with an 18 year old high school senior that placing restrictions on her, or grounding her might achieve the desired results.  But for many older teens, the only way to really make a point is with a long and hard spanking.

Inspecting the damage on her bare butt.

Those girls that grew up with corporal punishment react a little less in the late teens than they did when they were a little girl.  Most parents find that they need to escalate the intensity of the spankings as she grows into a young woman.  While a handspanking may have solve most disciplinary issues as a youngster, clearly the same discipline does not have the desired effect when she is 18.  Not only is the intensity generally increased, but so is the severity of the implement used to apply the spanking.  It is not uncommon for implements to progress over the years. From the use of the hand, to a belt, to a paddle, or even an antique wooden hairbrush.  Most parents are quite creative and are able to make use of implements found in most households.  Some young ladies may have even grown up feeling the sting of such items as a switch, a wooden spoon, or even a large wooden bread board which easily can be used as a paddle.

Rubbing her bruised bottom

Another common progression as a teen gets older is to go from a spanking over clothes to a spanking on the bare bottom. Many may think that a bare bottom spanking is a bit childish, but nothing can be farther from the truth.  It is far more embarrassing for an older teen to have to present her bare bottom to be spanked. This not only increases the level of pain she will feel during her spanking, but it leaves her feeling exposed, embarrassed, and even at the age of 18, fully realizing that she can still be disciplined when her actions call for it.

The effects of the paddle are very clear on her bare butt

One of the problems when spanking a high school age teen girl is that as she has gotten older, the mental impression that the spanking leaves is not as long lasting.  The whole process is not as scary as it was when she was younger.  Once it is over, it is much easier to put the whole thing behind her.  This may require the parent that is administering the spanking to have to spank longer and harder than they may be typically inclined to do.  The punishment is not only about the pain she is feeling on her bottom during the actual spanking, thought must also be given to how her bottom will feel for the next several days.

Pulling her tight jeans up over her swollen bottom is painful and difficult

Obviously the spanking itself should cause enough pain to result in tears. There is no doubt that as she pulls up her pants after a long bare bottom spanking that her butt should be on fire.  But is serves very little purpose if in a couple hours the pain goes away. The teens of this generation have a short attention span and so very quickly there is the possibility that she puts the whole event out of her mind.  The whole process of teaching a lesson goes out the window if she is not aware of her spanking for many days to come.
A very sore bottom, but a very real lesson learnedShe should find herself choosing to stand whenever she can for the next couple of days. Sleeping on her stomach instead of her back is proof that the spanking was effective. When she decides to relax on her bed and listen to a little music, and all she can do is lay and rub her sore bottom, it is clear that this was the kind of spanking that will be long lasting, will have an effect on her attitude, and may ever extinguish the undesirable behavior.

The bruised bottom in these pictures are the result of hard punishments, administered on camera, in a very realistic manner.  These videos are part of the current member’s area at

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