The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Waiting for the spanking to begin

Waiting for her spanking

The application of corporal punishment involves so very many dynamics that make it effective when teaching a lesson.  Obviously much of it has to do with the physical application of pain.  Most people do not like pain and will do everything in their power to avoid it, so it is an effective teaching tool.  But pain alone is not the only thing that makes a good spanking work.

waiting to be spanked

It is clear she knows what is about to happen

Sometimes the anticipation of being spanked can be the very worst part.  A long lecture that a young lady knows is going to end in a spanking, leaves her so full of dread as she listens to every word. Whether at home or at school, parents, teachers, and principals have found that delaying the spanking itself, can be an effective addition to the punishment.  By telling her why she is to be spanked, and how she is to be spank, and then sending her away without knowing when the spanking will be applied to her bottom, she spends her time very focused not only on the fact that she is going to be spanked, but also leaves her focused on what she did to lead her here.

a belt spanking punishment

Waiting for the belt

Even when having to wait a long period of time to be spanked, when the moment actually arrives, I think the hardest part, other than the physical pain itself, is waiting for that first swat, stroke, or smack to land on her bottom.  Being in that moment, bent over, bottom in the air, wondering how hard that first one is going to be can be maddening.  This also really allows her to focus on the reality that even at the age of 18, she is not fully in charge.  As long as she is going to act like a child and continue to get in trouble, she can expect to have her bottom spanked.

Butt in the air for her spanking

It is quite effective to prolong this moment to really let it sink in.  Some principals will have a senior girl bend over the desk and wait for her paddling while he fills out the paperwork.  She has to just be there, bottom in the air and on display as she waits for him to begin.  She stares at the paddle on his desk, not being able to help but imagine how much the first swat is going to hurt.  Moments like this, alone, can get the tears started.

bare bottom corporal punishment

Waiting for her bare bottom spanking

It is even worse when the spanking is bare bottom and she has to wait. She can feel the breeze on her bottom and she is bent over, not knowing when her spanking will begin.  The look on her face says it all, she truly wishes that she has not misbehaved.  Now here she is, 18 years old, pants and panties down, bent over the back of the couch in the family room.  She can hear mom in the kitchen, she guesses that she will be getting the wooden spoon again.  She looks at the clock and at this point just wants to get it over with.  Her younger brother will be home from school any minute and he almost always comes home with one of his friends. Mom never cares who witnesses the spanking.  Spanking are always administered on the spot, when required, always bare butt, and consideration is never given to privacy.  On more than one occasion she has been bent in this very position, waiting to be spanked, only to hear giggles and not even know who had come and gone through the family room.  Just as she gave more thought to how horrifying it would be for someone to come in, she felt the first swat with the spoon.  Her mind was jerked away from the embarrassing thoughts and brought right back to the reality of a severe bare bottom spanking with a large wooden spoon.   Seconds later the tears began to flow…and mom was just getting started.

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