The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A hard paddling on her teen bottom

Looking at the paddle that is about to be used on her bottom

Melody is about to learn that not all spankings need to be applied to the bare bottom.  Yes, a bare bottom spanking can be very effective and having to pull down her pants adds a major amount of embarrassment.  But not every situation requires a bare bottom punishment.  In this case, her father has decided to send he up to her room, with the paddle that is about to be used to spank her teen  bottom.  She if forced to sit and reflect on not only what she did, but exactly how that paddle is going to feel on her butt.  She has felt that paddle before and she knows how much it hurts.  It not only stings, but it hits with a heavy thud, the kind of pain that she will not be forgetting for quite some time.

Corporal punishment with a wooden paddle

A hard paddling teaches her a lesson

Her heart drop as he enters her room.  He is very polite in the way he approaches the whole thing.  He does not raise his voice, he just asks her for the paddle and tells her to bend over.  She places her elbows on the bed, widens her stance a little, and prepares for the worst.  He lifts the paddle high into the air and brings the paddle down with as much force as he can.  There is a very loud sound, and a second later the pain begins to set in on her tight bottom.  It takes all of her strength to not move out of position, but she knows that any movements will result in additional swats. He raises the paddle, and once again, swats her poor bottom full force.  Her infraction was severe, so the resulting punishment is equally severe…he is really laying it on this time.  Over and over again he paddles her.  The paddle hits the same spot each time, the very lowest part of her ass.  She knows that this part is going to be bruised and sore, she also knows that this is the part of her bottom that feels the most pain when she sits down.

Looking at her bruised bottom after being paddled

It seems to her that the paddling will never end. Her bottom is throbbing in intense pain and she can barely hold still any longer.  Just when she is about to lose control, he stops.  He exits the room and she is simply left with her thoughts and a very sore butt.  She gentle pulls down her tight jeans and her panties to inspect the damage in the mirror.  She sees that her butt if red all over, but at the very lowest parts of her butt cheeks, she is black and blue.  She gently rubs her butt and it is hard to the touch.  She is very swollen, and experience tells her that it will only get worse.  As much as she hurts now, she knows that in the morning it will be so much worse.  For now, all she can do is lay on the bed, on her belly, and try to rub the pain away.  But this was not a gentle handspanking, and no amount of rubbing is going to make it go away.  She will be stuck with a sore teen bottom for many days to come.  The only way to prevent her bottom from hurting as much as it does, is to stay out of trouble.

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