The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Go to your room, I will be up with the belt

It is a frequent event in the lives of many older teen girls.  There are no time outs, no one is getting grounded, privileges are not being revoked, this is being handled the old fashioned way.  She is in trouble, the lecture is short, she is simply sent to her room to wait.

corporal punishment strapping

Waiting for her whuppin from dad

She closes her bedroom door and has a seat on her bed.  Her mind is focused on nothing but the belt.  She knows far too well how it is going to go.

Her door will open, there will be very few words spoken.  She will be told to stand up, turn around, lower her pants and her panties, and to bend over and place her hands on her knees.  She does not have to be told anymore to stay in position, she has learned that lesson the hard way on more than one occasion.  When she was younger her dad would use the belt that he was wearing at the time.  Now that she is 18, he has a special belt he bought at the western store just for this purpose.  It is heavy, thick, and wide and it teaches a lesson, and it does it quickly.

corporal punishment whuppin

Getting her bottom tanned with the heavy belt

Nothing else is said, it begins suddenly.  It does not matter if her last whuppin was last month, last week, or yesterday, there is just no getting use to the pain that this belt brings. Before he even raises it for the second stroke, the tears begin to roll down her cheek.  His goal is to teach her a lesson, and always achieves his goals.  A stroke per second lands on

corporal punishment belting

Trying to hold still during her whuppin

her bottom, as he works his way from the top of her ass, to the top of her thighs. She knows from experience that his belt will make this same journey from top to bottom at least three times.    Thirty total strokes with the belt, assures that she will be on her very best behavior.  At this point she is fully sobbing and cannot contain herself.  He tells her to have a seat and leaves her with her thoughts.  With her bottom still bared, she sits gingerly and cries long and hard.

corporal punishment with a belt

The tears flow hard after her bare bottom strapping from dad

She is a teen girl in the South, it does not matter that she is 18.  She still lives at home and just like many young ladies in her situation, she is still spanked when it is needed.  It may seem severe, but it serves its purpose and she did indeed learn a lesson.  A bruised bottom is often what it takes.

This scene is not fantasy, it is an exact description of a severe strapping that Brandi receives in the member’s area of her website.  Visit it here.

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