The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A hard spanking for the teen girl from mom, followed by corner time.

bare bottom teen spanking from mom

Brought down the family room about to get her paddling from mom.

The mother in this family handles all of the discipline issues with their daughters. It is not lost on her that her ways are old fashioned and that by today’s standards and knows that she is a very strict parent. The only method she uses to punish her three teen daughters is corporal punishment. She herself comes from a very traditional family in which corporal punishment was used liberally. While she hated each and every spanking that she received from her mom, she knows that it was effective and that it always worked on her. As a result, she spanks her own daughters exactly how she and her brothers and sisters received it growing up. She has not changed a single aspect of how she was spanked as a child, as she sees no reason to alter a proven formula for success.

Every discipline problem, with any of her girls, is discussed at the dinner table. She feels that it is

Teen girl spanked by mom

Bending over for corporal punishment from her mother.

important that everyone be present for a discussion regarding misbehavior in the home. While only one of the girls may be in trouble, a discussion while everyone is present, lets the other girls know what is expected and what the results are for not following the rules. The rules are clear enough and the mother is strict enough, that if anyone’s behavior is called into question, there will be a spanking in the house that night. This is not a home in which warnings take place, if someone misbehaves they are spanked. Over the course of the meal the mom will point out who is in trouble, what they are in trouble for, and discuss ways that behavior can be corrected. The unfortunate young lady is told to complete her chores after dinner, then go to her room, change into her night clothes, and wait to be called back down to the living room.

While she finishes her chores she is acutely aware of what is about to happen to her poor bottom. Unlike some homes in which siblings might tease one another about the spanking one of them is about to receive, there is no teasing in this home, teasing is against the rules and will always lead to a spanking. After she completes her

bare bottom spanking for a teen girl

Mom lifts her night and bares her bottom for her spanking.

chores, the naughty teen heads to her room, changes into PJs and then basically sits around and waits. This hour or two is always one of the hardest parts. As strict of a home that this is, spankings do not happen all that often. There is a very good reason for this, when a teen girl is spanked in this home, it is effective, painful, long lasting, and teaches a real lesson. These girls go out of their way to avoid a spanking at all costs because it is not a quick and simple event.

Eventually, as bed time grows near, the girl will be called back down for her punishment. She is told to sit down in the living room as mom once again covers what the young lady did and why she is to be spanked. It is not a private event, as anyone present is able to watch the spanking take place. The mother does not call everyone into

teen bottom bruised from spanking from mom

A long and hard bottom bruising spanking from her mom.

the room, but if the father, or the other sisters are present watching TV, they are not sent from the room. This mom was spanked in front of her brothers and sisters more times than she can count and she continues this tradition with her daughters. When the lecture is complete the mother always follows the same process. She pulls out the ottoman from the chair in the family room, places a few pillows over it and has her daughter lay down over the pillows. She has her daughter reach down and grab the legs of the ottoman and every girl knows what happens if the hands move at all during their spanking.

teen spanked by mom

Her teen bottom is already bruised but this spanking is just getting started.

Just as it happened when the mom was growing up, she chooses to raise her daughter’s nighty and lower her panties. She feels this helps them realize that the mom is still fully in control of their lives as she performs this somewhat intimate act. The mother uses the same implement that her mother used on her growing up, which was made by her father. At 1st glance it does not seem like much, it is a small teardrop shaped leather paddle. In the grand scope of spanking implements, one would think that this implement is not all that bad, but this mom knows from experience the kind of sting it produces as well as how easy it can bruise a teen girl’s bottom. The other aspect that makes it so effective is how the mom uses it. She does not give a spank every few seconds like one might do with a belt of a paddle. She spanks as fast as she can with the small leather paddle and she gets results.

After the girl is in place, with her bottom bared, there are no more words to be spoken. The mother

corporal punishment from mom

A blistered bottom and a tearful teen, but still the corporal punishment continues.

goes to work on her teen girl’s bottom and she is all business. She spanks as hard and as fast as she can with the paddle. She does not use the cheek to cheek style of spanking, she tries her very best to cover each and every inch of her daughter’s bottom. Regardless of which daughter she is spanking, or how old she is, she gets tears within the 1st minute of the spanking. On occasion a daughter will be try to be stubborn and hold off the tears as long as she can, but it never works. This mother spanks just like she was spanked as a child, and the spanking goes on for a very long time. She believes that a spanking should happen when it is required, but that if it is required, it needs to be a very memorable event. A spanking in this house can easily last up to five minutes. During more than one spanking, when an extra lesson needs to be learned, this mom will stop and take a break to catch her breath and rest her arm, only to start up again until the job is done.

mom spanks girl

Mom spanks her daughter long and hard.

She never sees the job as being done until her daughter’s bottom is black and blue and she has been crying like a little girl for several minutes. She always remembers her own

teen girl spanking

Her well spanked and sore teen bottom.

spankings as she paddles one of her daughters. She remembers how much they hurt, how long they lasted, how bruised her bottom became, but she mostly remembers that during her spanking she would promise herself that she would never get in trouble again. She wants her own daughters to make similar promises to themselves. She knows they are experiencing great pain, but she also knows it is for their own good. She wants them all to grow up to be responsible young adults, so she takes care of the problems they experience as teens the best way she knows how. When she can barely lift her arm anymore to spank anymore and the teen girl’s bottom is black and blue, it finally ends.

Something her mom did, which she knows came from her mom, is corner time after the

teen corner time punishment

Teen daughter placed in corner time after her paddling from mom.

spanking. It is a very old fashioned process, not very typical for the teen girls of today, but this mom still uses it. She sees no reason for her daughter to be able to go to her room, feel sorry for herself and rub her sore bottom. She does not want her daughter in her room, listening to music, or trying to find other ways to distract herself from the spanking she just received. She wants the focus to be on their sore butts and what they did to put themselves in this situation. So when the spanking is complete, the well punished young lady is sent to the corner of the living room for some time to reflect. With her panties still down, she is required to kneel in the corner, with her nighty lifted above her bottom and her hands behind her back. While the rest of the family watches TV or while the other girls are completing their homework at the table, she has to kneel in this position for 30 minutes. It is always 30 minutes and there is no touching of her bottom allowed. This gives her time to reflect on her spanking and think about changing her behavior. This also serves as a reminder to the rest of the girls in the house as they can see their sister’s bruised and blistered bottom on display. It may be old fashion, but corporal punishment, followed by some corner time, is an effective solution for the naughty teen girls in this home.

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