The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Waiting for her corporal punishment to begin

teen corporal punishment picture

Teen girl sent to her room and waiting for dad to come up with the belt.

There are many aspects of corporal punishment that make it difficult, and therefore effective, for the teen girl.  The primary deterrent is the pain it brings to a young lady’s bottom, both during the punishment and for a few days after. But what can sometimes be worse than the pain itself, is the thought of how much it is going to hurt her bottom.  A teen girl, with very strict parents, knows that the spanking is not going to be fun and will cause her great discomfort.  Allowing her time alone with these thoughts can be a very effective discipline tool all on its own.

Many parents capitalize on this effective tool and use it to their advantage when their daughter

teen girl corporal punishment

Knowing that in moments her teen butt will be receiving corporal punishment.

needs a good dose of discipline.  While corporal punishment applied on the spot, the moment as issue presents itself, can be very effective in eliminating bad behavior.  However, sometimes if the naughty daughter is left alone with her thoughts, it can be more effective.  Instead of just marching her to her room, baring her bottom, and teaching her a lesson, she is sent to her room to wait.

Different parents handle it different ways and they all have their merits.  Most girls are just sent to their room and told that mom or dad will be up with the belt later.  They do not know how long they will have to wait, there are no restrictions to what they can do while there are in their rooms waiting.  The young lady might find herself trying to pass the time and distract herself, but it rarely works.  She gets on her computer, txts on her phone, tries listening to some music, but all she can really think about is that belt hitting her teen bottom.  Every time she hears a footstep in the hall, her heart drops, convinced that this is the moment that she has been dreading.  The punishment is made very effective by the parents that vary the amount of time she is made to wait.  She might be sent to her room for fifteen minutes before her spanking, or for four hours.  This keeps the anticipation going and helps to further the

teen girl corporal punishment

Sent to her room to think about what she did and the spanking she is about to receive.

effectiveness of the punishment in general.

Some parents are more specific in the rules for a young lady sent to her room to be

teen bottom spanking

Waiting with the paddle that is going to be used to spank her teen bottom.

spanked.  She may be required to simply sit on the edge of her bed, not allowed any distractions, and forced to sit and think about what she did and what she has coming.  Other parents may further emphasize her focus on the punishment by sending her to her room with the implement that she is going to be spanked with.  Handing a teen girl, the very paddle that will eventually be used on her bottom, really causes her to focus on her bare butt being paddled.  She cannot help but to hold it in her hand, feel its weight, and imagine what it is going to feel like when she is spanked.

There are parents who go ahead and take it all the way in making the young lady prepare for her spanking.  She

teen corporal punishment spanking picture

Sent to her room and required to assume the position she will be spanked in…and then wait for it.

may be sent to her room and be required to assume the position that she is to be spanked in, or even worse, bare her bottom and assume the position.  Nothing puts the focus on the problem at hand than a teen girl having to go into her bedroom, lower her pants and panties, place a pillow on the edge of her bed, bend over it and wait.  She does not know when she is going to be spanked, but you can bet that as the cool breeze blows across her bottom for the next hour, all she can think about is what she did wrong.

bare bottom teen spanking

The waiting is harder when she has to do so with her pants and panties down, she has no doubt that it will be on her bare bottom.

Regardless of how long a young lady is made to wait, or in what position, or based on what she is allowed to do while she waits, it will feel like an eternity for her.  Her mind will be hyper focused on the spanking she is about to receive.  She will think about how bad the last spanking she received was, and how she is in so much more trouble this time.  She will wonder if it will be mom or dad that will be blistering her bottom.  Will it be the belt or the paddle?  It has been several years since her last bare bottom spanking, but her parents seem really mad this time, will she, now at the age of 18, be baring her bottom once again for one of her

parents?  How long will the spanking last? How many times will she be spanked?  Will her bottom be as bruised as it was last time?  How long will it take for her to start crying this time?  She questions if she is too old to be spanked, but it seems that her opinion does not count in this discussion.  She wonders why she keeps acting up and cannot get her act together.  Her mind races, she cannot control her thoughts, but no matter what she thinks about, the thought of how much her bottom is about to hurt comes back to her every few seconds.  And then…her bedroom door opens.

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Bare bottom corporal punishment is more effective

teen corporal punishment spanking

18 is not too old to have her bottom bared for corporal punishment

When we hear the term “bare bottom spanking”, we often think of a young child, getting their shorts pulled down for a couple of quick swats on the bottom from mom or dad.  The reality is that bare bottom spankings take place as long as a naughty daughter still lives at home.  Certainly, all older teens who get spanked do not receive it on the bare butt.  However, bare bottom corporal punishment is the most effective way to spank an older teen.

One the reasons that a 16-18 year old girl is still spanked at home is she is acting childish.  At this age, she is practically an adult, she knows what is expected of her, and she knows what they rules are.  With this being said, she also knows that if she breaks the rules that there will be consequences for her actions.  In a strict household, in which corporal punishment has been used on her bottom since a very early age, it is logical that as she gets older, the punishment will get harder.  A

teen girl corporal punishment spanking

A bare bottom spanking hurts more and is very embarrassing for an older teen girl

handspanking used to be effective when she was younger, but that was eventually replaced with the belt, then maybe the paddle or even a large wooden hairbrush.  When she was 15 a hard paddling on her bottom used to get the job done, but now that she is close to college age and is quite used to the paddle, it may be time to bare her bottom again.

There are so many factors that make bare bottom corporal punishment so effective.  Clearly, the number one reason is that it removes any paddling she might get as a result of her clothing.  Corporal punishment applied over jeans and panties is far different than that applied to the bare bottom.  Yes, with a heavy implement such as a wooden paddle, she will indeed end up with a bruised bottom as a result of her paddling.  But the added sting of applying it to her bare bottom really intensifies the pain she receives during her paddling.  For some older teens, a belt applied to their pants, barely has an effect anymore, but you have her present a bare bottom and it is a completely different experience.

teen girl spanking punishment

That look says everything, bare bottom corporal punishment is very effective

Besides increasing the sting of her spanking as a result of her bottom being bared, you really increase the overall discomfort of the punishment.  The whole purpose is to create a punishment that she would not ever want repeated, with the goal of completely eliminating her bad behavior.  Many teens, especially those spanked on a regular basis, tend to build up a tolerance to being spanked.

corporal punishment paddling from mom

Mom never hesitates to bare her bottom for a hard paddling

Yes, it still hurts their bottoms, but after years of corporal punishment, it becomes something they can better endure.  Sometimes we have to look for ways to make other aspects of the punishment just as uncomfortable.  Let’s face is, once a girl is a teen, she is pretty shy with her body, especially around her parents.  It may have been 10 years since they have seen her bare bottom.  Imagine the added discomfort when she is sent to her room to be spanked, in walks dad with the belt or the paddle, and he tells her to turn around, drop her pants and panties, and bend over.  This just got very real for her.

The fear of how much more it is going to hurt on her bare bottom hits her instantly.  But the embarrassment factor is tenfold.  Here she is 18 years old, and she is being ordered to drop her pants to be spanked.  The thought is horrifying, embarrassing, and it is something that she does not want to do…PERFECT.  Now she has more to think about next time she gets in trouble than just how much it will hurt.  Now she has to think about being put into that awkward situation of baring her butt for one of her parents.  It also serves as a great reminder as to who is in charge.  She is 18, thinks she is fully in control of her life, but now she

bare butt corporal punishment

The belt is so much more effective on her tiny teen butt when her pants and panties are down.

realizes that when she misbehaves, that she can still be treated like the child she is acting like.  Corporal punishment is beginning to have a whole new meaning in this household.

She can’t believe it is happening, but what is she to do, her dad always says it “my house, my rules”. As embarrassing as it is, she finds herself undoing the buttons on her pants and lowering them to her knees.  She heard every word he said, but cannot fully commit to getting those panties down, it is just too embarrassing.  But dad always has the right words for any moment…”I know you heard me say bare bottom, 10 extra with the paddle”.  Ten with the paddle, over her pants, is always a tearful affair, so the thought that she just earned ten extra on the bare gets those panties down in a second.  As she bends over, bare bottom in the air, she has never felt so exposed and vulnerable.  The focus used to be on sucking it up and taking the first lick with the paddle, but this has added a new element she is having trouble grasping.  Now she is thinking about what she did to put herself in this situation and she is certainly thinking about what she can do to make sure she never ends up here again.  She used to focus on how not to get caught, now she is thinking about cleaning up her act.

teen corporal punishment paddling

On this day, he decides that her bottom needs to be bared for some hard corporal punishment with a wooden paddle.

Being in that position, bent over, her teen butt high in the air, is changing her perspective and he has not even started yet.  The punishment used to begin with that

teen corporal punishment spanking

Now that her bare butt was punished, maybe she will actually learn a lesson

first paddle swat, today it started when she undid the first button on her pants.  Then reality sinks is, as that first paddle swat lands on her bare bottom. 

These pictures come from very real punishment videos that are part of the family of sites.  The focus of their sites is not just spanking, but spanking as a punishment.  Their videos feature realistic scenarios, with very hard and realistic corporal punishment applied to the bare bottoms of girls as young as 18.  They feature a couple of girls who actually started modeling when they were still seniors in high school.  If you want to see the real effects of real corporal punishment as it is utilized today in the real world, visit their family of sites today.

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Strict corporal punishment spanking with a hairbrush for the teen girl.

For those that grew up with corporal punishment in their house, there are typically two types of parents who spank.  There are

hairbrush corporal punishment

Getting her teen butt bruised by dad's hairbrush

parents that pretty much give the same spanking whenever it is required and there is not much variation to it.  The young lady finds herself in trouble, she is sent to her room, and she is spanked.  These parents tend to use the same implement every time.  It may be as simple as a handspanking, or even as bad as getting their teen butt paddled with dad’s paddle, but is typically always the same.

Then there are those parents that have that one special implement that they only use on the rarest of occasions.  It is reserved for those moments when a lesson must be taught that will never be forgotten.  It could be that the infraction was so very serious, or dangerous, it could be the third time in a month that they have dealt with that particular problem.  But they know that when they break out this implement it is time for a severe spanking.

The most effective implement reserved for these special occasions is an old wooden hairbrush.  Not the type of brush that you buy at Target or Wal-Mart, I am talking about a good old fashioned, heavy

hairbrush corporal punishment spanking

Her behavior has earned her a long and hard hairbrush spanking over dad's knee.

wooden hairbrush.  When a hand, belt, or even small paddle is used, the pain comes from a very stinging sensation applied to the bottom.  While these spanking can still be very hard in nature, the sting of the spanking rarely lasts for more than 30 minutes or so.  Clearly it hurts, and the young lady’s bottom is set on fire.  But the punishment ends when the spanking is over, and this is not the case with a wooden hairbrush.

A hairbrush hits with a very deep thud, causing and enormous amount of pain during the

spanked otk by dad

Learning a proper lesson from dad's hairbrush. She was very bad and this time she will learn

spanking, just as with other implements, however, when the spanking is over, the punishment is really just beginning.  Endorphins will fix the pain for a little while, and a young lady might find herself thinking it will not be that bad.  But as the body calms down, and the endorphins quit working, the real pain begins.  Her bottom starts to throb and ache.  With every beat of her heart, she feels a pulsating pain deep within her bottom.  There is no doubt that she goes to bed that night with a very sore bottom.

When she wakes up the next morning, her punishment starts all over again.  As she takes that 1st step out of bed, the pain returns and is worse.  With every step she takes, she is reminded of her behavior.  Just the simple act of walking creates intense pain.  Every small task she takes part in further reminds her of the discipline she received.  Just when it seems that it can’t get any worse, she finds herself at school.  All school desks are hard wood, and when a bottom is sore from a severe hairbrush spanking, it is almost impossible to sit comfortably.  However, she does not want her friends to notice that she can’t sit down, much less a teacher, so she has to do her best to try and hold still.  Many young ladies have found themselves holding back tears at school as they struggle to find a way to cope with the pain from a hairbrush

teen girl bruised bottom from a hair brush spanking

Those panties are not helping her at all when mom decides to use the brush on her teen butt. Sge gets the hard spanking that she deserves


A further element that adds to the effectiveness of a hairbrush spanking is a very marked bottom.  Not only is she reminded of her punishment for days to come because it takes so long for the pain to go away, but she has a visual reminder as well.  Almost all teen girls look at their butts in the mirror after a spanking.  The typical spanking will simply leave her bottom red for a couple of hours, but a very real punishment spanking with a wooden hairbrush will leave her bottom bruised for days.  Just after the spanking her butt will be black and blue and it will remain like this for close to 48 hours.  After a couple of days the marks will begin to fade as she sees her bruised bottom change colors.  This can often cause additional embarrassment in school locker rooms.  No 18 year old girls wants anyone seeing her bruised bottom and she will have to take extra measure to make sure no one knows that she is still spanked at this age.

Not all parents utilize this implement or spank as severely.  It was much more common in the 50’s however, you can rest assured that

dad bruises his daughter's butt with a hair brush spanking

Her bottom shows that a hairbrush is a very effective implement for teaching an 18 girl a real lesson. Dad spanks long and hard until her bottom is a sore as it can be.

there are more girls than you can count that are still disciplined this way.  It may seem harsh, but in many cases this is all that gets through to out of control teen girls.  The parent has tried everything else, grounding, restrictions, taking away their phone, and even just a basic spanking, but when none of those work, it is time to make a real impression.  The naughty girl is sent to her room, mom or dad come up with the brush, bares her bottom and bends her over, and then gets to work.  At this point gentleness is well out the window.  The parent uses the large brush and spanks long and spanks hard.  With an implement such as this, tears are not optional, they are immediate.  Each spank with the large brush leaves a purple mark on her bottom, and the spanking does not stop until her entire bottom is purple.  Many parents go the extra mile and focus much of their attention on the lowest part of her bottom, so the part of her bottom that touches the chair when she sits is extra sore.  They know this is a punishment that will stick with her for at least a week, and they want to maximize the benefits.

All of these pictures come from the member’s area of  These are not staged photos, these are the results from very real spanking videos in which a large wooden hairbrush is used.  These are not fun and sexy videos, these are videos that recreate strict corporal punishment as it is utilized every day throughout the world.  In many cases, the girls being spanked are right out of high school and it has not been that long since their last spanking from their parents.

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When a GOOD spanking means a BAD spanking

When it comes to the punishment of an older teen girl, conflicting terms are used that mean the same thing.  Picture a girl, 18 years of age, and a senior in high school.  She still lives under her parent’s roof and is subject to the same discipline she has received since she was a child.  This might be the loss of privileges, the occasional grounding, but in this household, a spanking is the typical form of punishment.

dad spanker her teen butt

She goes over dad's knee for a hard spanking with the hairbrush

In the situations in which she finds herself in a great amount of trouble, there is no doubt that she will be spanked, and her spanking will be severe.  But here is where our conflicting terms take place.  Her parents sit her down and have a long talk with her regarding her infractions.  It is clear that she is in a great amount of trouble, and it is also clear that she is going to get her bottom bruised for this offense.  Her dad tells her that it is quite unfortunate, but for this offense she will be receiving a “GOOD spanking with the brush, one that she will never forget”.

It is not used very often, but she has felt it before and she knows

dad spanks her

Her bottom shows the marks from the spanking from her dad

that there is nothing “GOOD” about a spanking with an antique wooden hairbrush.  She knows that she will have to bare her bottom and she knows she will go over her dad’s knee for this punishment.  He will start by smacking her teen bottom as hard as he can, and it will leave bruises from the very first swat.  It will be impossible to hold back the tears and it will last for quite some time.  He will cover every inch of her

dad spanks

A little corner time after her hairbrush spanking from dad

tight butt and it will hurt more than any other spanking she has ever received.  After a “GOOD” two to three minutes of spanking, she will be crying uncontrollably, covered in sweat, and her bottom will be throbbing in so very much pain.  She will have learned a very real lesson, and just like was promised, she will never forget this spanking.

When she talks to her best friend on the phone that night, and tells her that she was spanked with the hairbrush on her bare bottom, when her friend asks how it was, her only response will be “BAD”!


The above photos come from a recent update in the member’s area of in which Lila is spanked long and hard with the brush in a very real punishment session.

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Severe corporal punishment with a paddle

severe corporal punishment

A very bruised bottom from a very hard paddling

Some situations just call for it, and it cannot really be specified ahead of time.  It may be that this is the third or fourth time that this issue has been brought up in just as many weeks.  It could be that this is the one time that nothing else is going to do the trick.  Maybe the law was broken, a life was put in danger, or it could even be as simple as lying, yet again.  No parent really wants to be put in this situation, but they care enough that when the moment presents itself, they are going to take care of things to the best of their ability.

If you are having trouble picturing a situation that might really call for it, picture this.  An 18 year old girl goes out for the night, borrowing her parent’s car, to “go see a movie with friends”.  A few hours later she comes home, visibly drunk, having not only driven herself in that condition, but having taken her friends home as well.  For a girl who is used to being spanked on a regular basis for breaking the rules, you can only

severe corporal punishment

Her paddling is just getting started

imagine what this situation must call for.  It may seem strict, it may seem severe, others might even call it abusive, but there are times when loving parents must take a punishment spanking to the next level, and clearly the above situation would call for it.

This girl in this situation needs to get the spanking of her life, a spanking that she will never forget, and a spanking that will make permanent changes in her behavior. This is not going to be the typical spanking that she is used to receiving for typical offenses.  This will be a bare bottom spanking with a paddle, brush, or belt that will leave her 18 year old bottom so marked and sore that sitting is literally impossible for days to come.  Being that she came home drunk and might not feel the full effects of such a punishment, It might be a good idea to apply the punishment twice.  The 1st spanking is applied immediately, on the spot, and as soon as her parents realize what has been going on.  While she might not feel the full effects, it sets up the perfect situation for the next morning.  Woken early, hung-over, with her bottom as sore as it has ever been, is the perfect time for her to get the spanking of her life again.

a severe paddling

Her bottom shows the marks, but he is just getting started.

Imagine as she is still a little foggy, head pounding, bottom throbbing, and she wakes to both her parents in her room with dad holding the large wooden paddle.  Mom tells her to wake up, lower her pj’s and to bend over the edge of her bed.  She does as she is told, with her bottom hurting so much that she cannot imagine even a single swat being applied.  She quickly realizes that she is not going to get a single swat, she is going to get the paddling of her life…again.  Dad wastes no time and gets to work on her already bruised bottom.  Her parents are going to make sure that she never chooses to drink and drive again.  The pain of the paddling is more than she has ever experienced before in her life.  He paddles her poor bottom hard, applying a swat every second, and it continues for close to a full minute.  The tears started from the very first swat and she is close to hysterics before it is all said and done.

The days after turn out to be worse than the paddling itself.  She ended up wearing pj’s or sweat pants for the rest of the

teen bottom severe spanking

Her teen bottom shows that a real lesson was learned.

weekend as her bottom was too swollen and sore for pants.  She really could not sit down on any hard surface and found herself squatting above the toilet to pee.  With the exception of dinner time which always took place at the kitchen table, she did not sit at all.  For dinner however, her parents made her join the family to eat, and her extreme discomfort was more than clear to all members of the family.  She broke the biggest rule that she could ever break, and her bottom was paddled beyond black and blue.  It was a very severe punishment, but one that she had earned.

The pictures of this very bruised bottom come from real punishment administered to real teens in the member’s area of and  Corporal punishment videos featuring the hardest spankings to tears on the Internet.

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