The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Severe corporal punishment with a paddle

severe corporal punishment

A very bruised bottom from a very hard paddling

Some situations just call for it, and it cannot really be specified ahead of time.  It may be that this is the third or fourth time that this issue has been brought up in just as many weeks.  It could be that this is the one time that nothing else is going to do the trick.  Maybe the law was broken, a life was put in danger, or it could even be as simple as lying, yet again.  No parent really wants to be put in this situation, but they care enough that when the moment presents itself, they are going to take care of things to the best of their ability.

If you are having trouble picturing a situation that might really call for it, picture this.  An 18 year old girl goes out for the night, borrowing her parent’s car, to “go see a movie with friends”.  A few hours later she comes home, visibly drunk, having not only driven herself in that condition, but having taken her friends home as well.  For a girl who is used to being spanked on a regular basis for breaking the rules, you can only

severe corporal punishment

Her paddling is just getting started

imagine what this situation must call for.  It may seem strict, it may seem severe, others might even call it abusive, but there are times when loving parents must take a punishment spanking to the next level, and clearly the above situation would call for it.

This girl in this situation needs to get the spanking of her life, a spanking that she will never forget, and a spanking that will make permanent changes in her behavior. This is not going to be the typical spanking that she is used to receiving for typical offenses.  This will be a bare bottom spanking with a paddle, brush, or belt that will leave her 18 year old bottom so marked and sore that sitting is literally impossible for days to come.  Being that she came home drunk and might not feel the full effects of such a punishment, It might be a good idea to apply the punishment twice.  The 1st spanking is applied immediately, on the spot, and as soon as her parents realize what has been going on.  While she might not feel the full effects, it sets up the perfect situation for the next morning.  Woken early, hung-over, with her bottom as sore as it has ever been, is the perfect time for her to get the spanking of her life again.

a severe paddling

Her bottom shows the marks, but he is just getting started.

Imagine as she is still a little foggy, head pounding, bottom throbbing, and she wakes to both her parents in her room with dad holding the large wooden paddle.  Mom tells her to wake up, lower her pj’s and to bend over the edge of her bed.  She does as she is told, with her bottom hurting so much that she cannot imagine even a single swat being applied.  She quickly realizes that she is not going to get a single swat, she is going to get the paddling of her life…again.  Dad wastes no time and gets to work on her already bruised bottom.  Her parents are going to make sure that she never chooses to drink and drive again.  The pain of the paddling is more than she has ever experienced before in her life.  He paddles her poor bottom hard, applying a swat every second, and it continues for close to a full minute.  The tears started from the very first swat and she is close to hysterics before it is all said and done.

The days after turn out to be worse than the paddling itself.  She ended up wearing pj’s or sweat pants for the rest of the

teen bottom severe spanking

Her teen bottom shows that a real lesson was learned.

weekend as her bottom was too swollen and sore for pants.  She really could not sit down on any hard surface and found herself squatting above the toilet to pee.  With the exception of dinner time which always took place at the kitchen table, she did not sit at all.  For dinner however, her parents made her join the family to eat, and her extreme discomfort was more than clear to all members of the family.  She broke the biggest rule that she could ever break, and her bottom was paddled beyond black and blue.  It was a very severe punishment, but one that she had earned.

The pictures of this very bruised bottom come from real punishment administered to real teens in the member’s area of and  Corporal punishment videos featuring the hardest spankings to tears on the Internet.

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