The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Waiting for her corporal punishment to begin

teen corporal punishment picture

Teen girl sent to her room and waiting for dad to come up with the belt.

There are many aspects of corporal punishment that make it difficult, and therefore effective, for the teen girl.  The primary deterrent is the pain it brings to a young lady’s bottom, both during the punishment and for a few days after. But what can sometimes be worse than the pain itself, is the thought of how much it is going to hurt her bottom.  A teen girl, with very strict parents, knows that the spanking is not going to be fun and will cause her great discomfort.  Allowing her time alone with these thoughts can be a very effective discipline tool all on its own.

Many parents capitalize on this effective tool and use it to their advantage when their daughter

teen girl corporal punishment

Knowing that in moments her teen butt will be receiving corporal punishment.

needs a good dose of discipline.  While corporal punishment applied on the spot, the moment as issue presents itself, can be very effective in eliminating bad behavior.  However, sometimes if the naughty daughter is left alone with her thoughts, it can be more effective.  Instead of just marching her to her room, baring her bottom, and teaching her a lesson, she is sent to her room to wait.

Different parents handle it different ways and they all have their merits.  Most girls are just sent to their room and told that mom or dad will be up with the belt later.  They do not know how long they will have to wait, there are no restrictions to what they can do while there are in their rooms waiting.  The young lady might find herself trying to pass the time and distract herself, but it rarely works.  She gets on her computer, txts on her phone, tries listening to some music, but all she can really think about is that belt hitting her teen bottom.  Every time she hears a footstep in the hall, her heart drops, convinced that this is the moment that she has been dreading.  The punishment is made very effective by the parents that vary the amount of time she is made to wait.  She might be sent to her room for fifteen minutes before her spanking, or for four hours.  This keeps the anticipation going and helps to further the

teen girl corporal punishment

Sent to her room to think about what she did and the spanking she is about to receive.

effectiveness of the punishment in general.

Some parents are more specific in the rules for a young lady sent to her room to be

teen bottom spanking

Waiting with the paddle that is going to be used to spank her teen bottom.

spanked.  She may be required to simply sit on the edge of her bed, not allowed any distractions, and forced to sit and think about what she did and what she has coming.  Other parents may further emphasize her focus on the punishment by sending her to her room with the implement that she is going to be spanked with.  Handing a teen girl, the very paddle that will eventually be used on her bottom, really causes her to focus on her bare butt being paddled.  She cannot help but to hold it in her hand, feel its weight, and imagine what it is going to feel like when she is spanked.

There are parents who go ahead and take it all the way in making the young lady prepare for her spanking.  She

teen corporal punishment spanking picture

Sent to her room and required to assume the position she will be spanked in…and then wait for it.

may be sent to her room and be required to assume the position that she is to be spanked in, or even worse, bare her bottom and assume the position.  Nothing puts the focus on the problem at hand than a teen girl having to go into her bedroom, lower her pants and panties, place a pillow on the edge of her bed, bend over it and wait.  She does not know when she is going to be spanked, but you can bet that as the cool breeze blows across her bottom for the next hour, all she can think about is what she did wrong.

bare bottom teen spanking

The waiting is harder when she has to do so with her pants and panties down, she has no doubt that it will be on her bare bottom.

Regardless of how long a young lady is made to wait, or in what position, or based on what she is allowed to do while she waits, it will feel like an eternity for her.  Her mind will be hyper focused on the spanking she is about to receive.  She will think about how bad the last spanking she received was, and how she is in so much more trouble this time.  She will wonder if it will be mom or dad that will be blistering her bottom.  Will it be the belt or the paddle?  It has been several years since her last bare bottom spanking, but her parents seem really mad this time, will she, now at the age of 18, be baring her bottom once again for one of her

parents?  How long will the spanking last? How many times will she be spanked?  Will her bottom be as bruised as it was last time?  How long will it take for her to start crying this time?  She questions if she is too old to be spanked, but it seems that her opinion does not count in this discussion.  She wonders why she keeps acting up and cannot get her act together.  Her mind races, she cannot control her thoughts, but no matter what she thinks about, the thought of how much her bottom is about to hurt comes back to her every few seconds.  And then…her bedroom door opens.

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