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School Paddling- Short Shorts and Yoga Pants

School corporal punishment is still widely used in the Southern US for a reason…it works.  On a daily basis young ladies are required to bend over a desk, or place their hands on their knees, or maybe even required to grab their ankles for many hard swats with a wooden school paddle.  Unfortunately for these young ladies, they do not get to decide what they wear for their paddling as it generally happens on the same day that the infraction occurs.  With the popularity of yoga pants, and daisy duke shorts, you can count on the fact that many young ladies find themselves assuming the position wearing something that adds very little protection and also provides little in the way of modesty.  She may have choose that outfit that morning to show her cute little bottom off to the boys in the hallway of her school, but she had no idea she would be bending over and presenting it to the principal for a paddling she would never forget.

In our latest release we highlight this exact concept and show you what true school corporal punishment applied over yoga pants or short shorts looks like.  In this 70 minute video, you will watch 16 different scenes in which school corporal punishment is applied in the most realistic and severe manner.  These are not playful little paddlings with tiny little paddles.  You will witness first-hand the effect that full force swats, with very large and heavy school paddles, can have on a young lady’s attitude and more importantly…her bottom.  Through a variety of positions you will see how lessons are learned when corporal punishment is used in a manner designed to do one thing…bruise a young lady’s bottom.

Each scene features two camera angles so you can see each swat hit her young bottom as well as her facial reaction to each severe swat with a heavy wooden paddle.  In each and every scene, when the girl finds a moment to herself, you will see her reveal her bare bottom and show you exactly the kind of results a true school paddling can produce.  You will see that every single girl ends up with a much bruised bottom, and many are left in tears. The one thing that is common to each scene is a young lady taught a very serious lesson and changes in behavior.  For fans of realistic and severe corporal punishment, this video is not to be missed.

School Paddling Short Shorts and Yoga Pants

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Posted December 16th, 2015.

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A lovely red bottom helps reinforce the punishment

Let’s face it, a sore bottom is not just part of the process it is the overall goal when a young lady has misbehaved.  The spanking itself needs to be very painful; it will always be the biggest overall deterrent against future bad behavior.  Her bottom needs to be set on fire for a considerable duration of time, providing a sufficient amount of kicking and screaming, and of course tears.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 12 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 19 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 26

But when a spanking is administered effectively, it is not over after the last smack.  If she was really naughty, and a paddle or something similar was used, she will have a bruised and sore bottom.  But I am not just talking about soreness; I am talking about a visual indicator that reminds her that she has been bad.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 20 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 23

The one thing you can always count on after a teen girl has been spanked by mom or dad, is that she is not only going to rub her bottom, she is going to look at it.  This is a very good thing in that she can actually see the results of her behavior on her sore behind.  Yes, the actual punishment might be over, but the reminder remains in place.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 13 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 14 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 15 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 18

There is a good chance, shortly after her spanking, that she will be baring her own bottom for a closer look.  Not only will she look, she will touch.  She will feel the heat that she herself created.  It may be mom or dad that set it on fire, but what she is now looking at and touching is as a result of her actions.  Right there before her eyes she is able to see what she did.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 24 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 27

After a really good spanking, many young ladies will lie down on the bed and give their bottom a good rub, attempting to make the sting go away.  As much as she caresses her sore bottom, nothing will really sooth the pain except for time.  With each beat of her heart she feels a throbbing on her tender bottom.  Each pulse once again reminds her of her actions and she is able to feel those results clearly.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 2 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 4

This does not just apply in the home environment, as young ladies are not immune to corporal punishment in the school.  While it might be a little trickier, you can count on the high school girl, to find a private little moment, in which she can inspect her recently paddled bottom.  It may be a quick moment in the girl’s bathroom, a trip to the locker room, or even with a tiny makeup mirror in the privacy of a bathroom stall.  Everyone who has been recently spanked has to take a look, they just can’t help it.  They need to see exactly what it causing them so much discomfort.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 8 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 9 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 10

Being able to see her sore bottom really helps the overall learning experience, it is even more powerful if the marks last a couple of days.  Each morning she is able to look in the mirror and see what she did.  The punishment did not simply go away, it is still right here staring her in the face.  It helps her remember what she did, and more importantly what she can do different in the future to avoid exactly what she is seeing.

hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 21 hard spanking for a teen girl leaves her bottom bruised and sore 22

Posted June 3rd, 2015.

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A hard high school paddling followed by a bare bottom paddling from her dad

It is a surprisingly common occurrence in the homes of America, especially in the Southern states where corporal punishment in schools is alive and well, it is the general concept of “if you get spanked at school, you get it at home“.  Many parents believe that is an infraction occurred at school is severe enough that it warrants a hard school paddling, then this punishment must be reinforced at home with additional spanking.   Many find teen girls find this unfair, as it they were already punished for what they did at school and they see no reason why they should be punished again.  But in most homes, one of the rules is to do good in school and behave, following all of the school rules.  So by getting in trouble at school, they have essentially broken the rules of the home.

For those of you who have not been through the experience, a school paddling is not a walk in the park.  Many school administrators use this as the primary form of discipline in the school, so when they elect to paddle a young lady’s bottom, they do so in a forceful and effective manner.  School policy usually dictates the maximum number of swats that can be given during a single paddling, so administrators are forced to swing the paddle with maximum efficiency in order to teach a proper lesson.  Unlike the parents at home, they are not able to simply spank as long as is required to teach a proper lesson.  In addition, they clearly cannot apply a spanking on the bare bottom, to make sure the point is made.  With some school limiting the amount of swats to as little as six, there is not much an administrator can do to alter a paddling to make it more severe.  As a result, most school principals choose to use a very large wooden paddle, one that is quite thick, so every paddle swat, even when applied over jeans, leaves a lasting impact.  While many parental spankings rely on the sting of the implement to create the painful stimulus required to teach a lesson, with a school paddling, administrators rely on the long lasting results of a heavy wooden paddle.  A heavy wooden paddle hits with more of a thud, and for many, it is often easier to tolerate than the sting of a heavy leather belt.  But with the heavy thud of a school paddle, the administrator is creating a bruised bottom, which tends to be a lesson that is learned for many days afterwards.

High School Paddling Video

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It is the bruised bottom that makes the punishment at home even more effective.  A hard school paddling will have the tendency to immediately leave a young lady’s bottom numb.  But this numbness tends to fade after an hour or so, and then the real pain of the paddling begins.  She begins to feel all of the muscles in her bottom tighten up as her entire butt begins to throb.  Unlike the initial pain from the paddling, this pain can last for many days if the paddling was administered in an effective manner.  Even without the addition of a spanking at home, she will have trouble sitting down, and every class spent sitting on a hard wooden desk becomes a punishment in itself.

Many schools require that if a student receives corporal punishment that a parent is notified.  Generally there is a corporal punishment authorization form on file, so they do not need to call home to get permission.  After the paddling has been administered a phone call is placed to one of the parents telling them that their daughter was paddled.  For some schools this is just standard policy, but I think that many paddling principals know that many students also get it at home, after being paddled at school, so this allows them to make sure the punishment continues.  While they might not be able to paddle bare bottoms, and may also may limited in the amount of swats they can give, with just a simple phone call they can be assured that her bottom will be set on fire again, which often involves a much longer and harder spanking than they received at school.

For many young ladies, their parents see misbehavior at school as being worse than infractions at home.  They almost take it personally, as their daughter is a reflection of what they are taught in the home, which can often lead to a more severe spanking than they would typically receive.  Their job as parents is also made easier due to the fact that she is being sent home with a bottom that is already bruisedA spanking over a freshly paddled bottom is not a fun event.  The young lady’s bottom has grown increasingly sorer as they day has progressed and then she has to take another spanking on top of it.  This has a way of really bringing the point home and can lead to a very real change in behavior.  For the parents who spank their daughter’s on the bare, they have the added advantage of being able to see the damage that has already been done.  They are able to make sure that her whole bottom is bruised and sore for her follow up spanking, really concentrating on the areas of her butt that did not feel the paddle.  For the parents who really want to emphasize the point, they can also concentrate on the areas that already show the most bruising, making sure that each swat is placed on the sorest areas, getting maximum effectiveness with each swat.

In the school districts that still paddle in the South, it is probably most common for the follow up spanking to be delivered with a heavy leather Western style belt, as it seems to be the implement of choice for most Southern parents.  By the time a girl has reached high school age, handspankings are typically something from her past.  Most parents have upgraded their daughter’s spanking by the age of 9 or 10 to something other than just their hand.  While the belt is the most common there are certainly many young ladies that are paddled at home, just as they receive at school.  Many dads have spent some time in the garage creating the perfect paddle to bruise their daughter’s bottoms with, and these paddles often hang on a wall in the house as a reminder for the girls to be on their best behavior.  A bare bottom strapping, after a hard school paddling, can certainly be very effective.  It also brings a different type of pain to her bottom than that she received during her paddling.  It will add an intense sting to her already throbbing bottom and bring different nerve endings into play, assuring that a real lesson is learned.  But probably the best method, for teaching a young lady to behave at school, is a follow up paddling.  With the deep bruising her bottom is feeling, a simple strapping with a belt does not provide the same level of learning as a wooden paddle.  With her bottom bared, and freed from the restrictions of the school board, moms and dads are able to really bring the point home with the paddle.  The muscles, the ones deep down, that were effected by the school paddling can be revisited at home.  They are able to paddle her on the same spots that hurt so very much and show her the real meaning of discipline.  Imagine a girl, whose bottom is so sore that it hurts to even apply a little pressure to her bottom from sitting, getting that same spot smacked full force with dad’s heavy paddle.  This leads to a level of learning that is just not possible with a hand or a belt.  Bruises on top of bruises can make sitting almost impossible, which when the goal is to change a young lady’s behavior, can be a very good thing.

Teen girl paddled at school, then again at home by her dad

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Scenarios such as this are typically just a thing of fantasy for many people, as they will never get to experience it or witness it.  You have to love the folks at, because they explore the very real concepts of teen girl corporal punishment and make them a reality for us.  I have included two videos with this post that demonstrate exactly the points I have been making.  They not only film it for us, but they make it as real as it can possibly be.   For these two scenes they use the young model Roxie who is only 19 years old, and has only been out of high school for eight month.  They shot the very scenes I have discussed, and they do it back to back.  In the 1st scene, we see a very real high school aged girl, getting sent from class to see the principal.  She is paddled in the most realistic manner possible, receiving 10 hard swats, while bending over and grabbing her ankles.  The paddling is realistic in the severity of paddling administered in school and you can tell she struggles to get through it.  An hour later, they film the next scene in which she goes home and gets paddled on her bare bottom from her dad.  There is not a bunch of anger and yelling, he simply informs her that she knows his policy, “get it at school, get it at home”.  He sends her for the family paddle and has her bare her bottom.  His policy is to double what she got at school, and he really lets her have it.  It is clear that taking a paddling on top of her recently paddled bottom is very hard for her to endure.  Before it is all over, her bottom is completely black and blue and there is no doubt that learning is taking place.  Watch her face closely and you will see that this 19 year old girl, with a perfect little teen bottom, is not acting at all.  We get to see the reality of what it is like to be paddled at school and then again at home.  I give these two videos a perfect score of 10 when viewed together.  I love that she is wearing the same clothes and there is no doubt that these scenes took place back to back.  For realistic school and home punishments, there is no better that  As of two months ago, all of their scenes are being filmed in HD for full screen DVD quality videos.

Posted August 14th, 2013.

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Teen girls still paddled at school and spanked at home by mom and dad

Teen girls, who are still spanked at a later age, might find themselves being punished by

school corporal punishment paddling

Grabbing her ankles for a hard school paddling

many individuals.  If she attends school in the South, it is not unrealistic to believe that she might still receive paddlings at school.  There is no age limit as to who can receive a paddling, so for an 18 year old high school senior to bend over and grab her ankles in the Principal’s office, for some hard swats to her teen bottom, it is not all that uncommon.  If she lives in a town in which corporal punishment is administered in school, then there is a very strong chance that she also gets spanked at home.  The corporal punishment of teen girls tends to not just be a school thing, but a community thing.  In school districts in which they still paddled, it is probably talked about and encouraged through the Church.  Many parents believe that if a paddling is administered at school, then some good old fashioned discipline will also be administered at home.

corporal punishment with a switch

Cleaning a switch to be used on her bare bottom

In the home environment, a teen girl may find herself spanked by different individuals.  It is not out of the question for a teen girl to still be spanked by a grandparent, especially the grandmother.  Many older teens find themselves getting a very traditional and old fashioned spanking when visiting grandma.  She does not like her granddaughter’s behavior, so the young lady is sent out to pick a switch, which is probably a very foreign concept for this teen girl.  Grandmothers grew up in the era when corporal punishment was always quite severe, so her idea of a punishment is to raise her granddaughter’s dress, lower her panties, and stripe her bottom and thighs with the switch.  Grandmas expect tears from any spanking they give and will not stop until they are achieved.  While less common, Aunts and Uncles might also be disciplinarians if they live close and are a regular part of the family.  This can also happen with friends of the family.  Two women, who are very close and have daughters of similar age that are good friends, might grant each other permission to spank the others’ daughter.  This is more like each girl having two moms and they know that they have to be on their best behavior in either household.

While the teen girl might receive corporal punishment at school, from a relative, or even from a neighbor, it is most common for her to be spanked by her mom or dad.  In a situation in which dad works full-time and the mom is a stay at home parent, it is quite common for her to be the primary disciplinarian.  This makes the most sense as she is the one sending her daughter off to school each day, and is there when she gets home.  During the summer, any discipline that needs to take place before dinner, it will be mom who administers it.  There are those moms who always use the “wait until your father gets home” concept and do not spank themselves.  The most effective mom’s do not hesitate to apply a good spanking to her daughter’s bottom any time it is needed.  In this situation, dad does not always have to be the bad guy.

This keeps the young lady of the house on her best behavior regardless of who is home.  Knowing that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and the discipline will not be delayed tends to help a teen girl follow the rules.  There are many teens that you see that

a hard paddling from mom corporal punishment

Mom never hesitates to paddle her teen bottom when needed

act a certain way with their mom, a way they would never act with their dad.  When mom does not hesitate to bare her daughter’s bottom and apply a very long and very hard paddling, this sort of behavior does not take place.  Her mom might just send her daughter to get the family paddle, have her drop her pants and panties right there in the family room, and give her a dozen good swats to her teen butt.  It might be that her mom is one that believes that a lesson is best learned with a strap.  The very moment that her daughter finds herself in trouble, mom grabs her by the arm and drags her to the bedroom.  Mom then retrieves the belt that is only used for spanking a young lady’s bottom.  Her daughter

corporal punishment with a belt

Mom uses the belt to administer a hard punishment spanking.

is made to bare her teen butt, bend over and put her hands on her knees, and then is given a whoopin’ that she will never forget.  While her dad spanks in a more controlled manner, this mom swings wild and crazy, striping her daughter’s bottom, hips, and thighs.  Mom has no set number of strokes with the leather belt, she just spanks long and hard until she no longer has the strength to beat her daughter’s bottom.

For some high school girls, dad may take care of all of the discipline in the house, which

corporal punishment from dad

She waits for dad to get home, knowing he is going to blister her bottom

leaves her having to wait for her spanking each time she is to be punished.  Imagine the young lady who finds herself in trouble with mom in the morning, after dad has already gone to work.  Her mother tells her at breakfast that she is going to have her bottom worn out by her dad when he gets home tonight.  She has to go through her entire day, trying not to focus on the fact that her perfect little butt is going to be bruised and sore that night.  During school, every time she manages to focus on her studies for a moment, her mind drifts back to the thought of having to bare her bottom and present it to her father for a long and hard spanking.

What is typically the worst case scenario for the still spanked at home teen, is the situation described above when mom is the primary disciplinarian.   Mom does not hesitate to blister her daughter’s bottom whenever the need arises, but she feels that there still has to be level of severity that the punishment can be raised to.  This punishment is reserved for the only the most severe offenses.  This is not the typical coming home late, not doing her chores, smarting off, etc.  This level of discipline is for lying, cheating, stealing, and getting in trouble with the law sort of offenses.  These

dad uses corporal punishment on his daughter

She has been told that she will be spanked by dad.

occasions are when the mom who spanks, decides that this offense needs to be handled by dad.  Her parents agreed long ago that when the dad has to be the one to give a spanking, that it will be the kind of spanking that a teen girl will never forget.  After all, mom still bares her teen daughter’s bottom and spanks hard and to tears.  Mom does not hesitate to use a belt, paddle, wooden spoon, even a switch when it is required.  But let’s be realistic, the typical dad can spank harder than the typical mom and there has to be a level that is beyond the everyday spanking that she might receive.  When the occasion warrants it, she is told that she is in trouble, she knows to expect a spanking, bit when her mother informs her that it will be a spanking from dad, the tears start.

She might be sent to her room to wait for dad to get home, or she may just be required to go about her day.  Regardless of the process, all she can think about is a spanking from dad.  She thinks back to the last time she was spanked by dad and she can remember every single detail…how could she forget.  He typically uses the antique wooden hairbrush, one that is so old that there are barely any bristles left on it.  This brush has not seen a head of hair in several decades and has only been used on young lady’s bottoms for a couple of generations.  He has always been a very loving and caring father, but when it comes to him applying discipline, her is merciless.  He assumes that if the infraction is bad enough that his wife needs him to handle it, then he is going to make sure that the issue never needs to be addressed again.  She remembers that the last time she was spanked it seemed to go on forever.  He took her to her parent’s

bare bottom corporal punishment spanking

Baring her teen bottom for a long session with the hairbrush

room and had her sit down on the bed.  He went and got the hairbrush from its place in her mother’s bureau and sat down next to her on the bed.  The lecture was short as her mother had pretty much covered it all.  She was asked to stand up and to pull down her pants.  She was then pulled over his knees, and then he lowered her panties to her knees.  He knew from experience that she could not hold still for such a severe spanking, so

bare bottom corporal punishment from dad for the girl

A long and hard hairbrush spanking teaches a real lesson

he placed his right leg over the backs or her legs and folded her right arm behind her back.  With her firmly on place, the spanking began.  Even though this was not her first spanking with the brush, she was amazed at how much it hurt.  It had to be close to an inch thick and hit with such a thud.  His goal was to achieve results so he spanks with maximum force from the very 1st swat. The heavy brush leaves a large bruise with every swat, but he loves his daughter enough to ignore the marks.  He learned long ago that is he spanks her hard enough, he may not need to spank her again for more than a year.  With each spanking he gives her, he hopes that it may be the last one he ever has to give.

Young ladies who still receive corporal punishment as teen girls might get spanked by a number of different people in their lives.  As long as the discipline is fair, but severe, and the punishment fits the crime, the naughty girl will learn a very real lesson, and have a sore bottom for many days to come.  The above account is illustrated from the very real discipline videos from the various sites included with the realspankings passEight sites for one membership featuring hard hitting punishment videos, featuring real 18-19 year old teen girls.

Posted February 17th, 2012.

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Spanked on her already bruised bottom

It was her mom’s policy that a spanking took place on the spot.  This had led to more than the occasional embarrassing moments for her oldest daughter. But her mother was a firm believer in strict corporal punishment, and as soon as mom found out that her daughter had gotten into any amount of trouble, the pants and panties came down and a hand spanking began.

On this occasion it was well into the night and her daughter had already been asleep for a couple of hours.  Her mom had not yet gotten to the day’s mail, and just before she went to bed she started opening it.  She was surprised to see a letter from the school, so she started with that.  It was a one page notice, informing the parents that their 18 year old daughter, a senior in school, had received corporal punishment.  She was given the maximum

corporal punishment spanking from mom

Waking her up for a hard spanking

number of swats with a paddle, as specified by the school board, for her third offense of excessive tardies to the period after lunch.  The mom was immeditaely quite angry as she had not known there were even any previous referrals to the office for tardies.  Her children were expected to keep her informed regarding behavioral issues at school, and clearly she was left out of the loop on this one.  Her school paddling had taken place two days before, and Brandi had not mentioned a single word about it.  Her mom stormed up to Brandi’s room and quickly woke her up.

Brandi’s mom was furious and wanted to know why Brandi had not told her about the

corporal punishment spanking mom

Lowering her panties and seeing her bruised bottom from the school paddling

school paddling.  Brandi told her the truth, that she knew that she would be spanked again by her mom and that her butt hurt way to much for another spanking so soon.  Brandi explained that it was the male principal that had paddled her and that he really paddled her hard.  She said that she had been given 10 swats, with the large wooden paddle, while grabbing her ankles and that there was no way she could handle a spanking for several more days.  Her mom informed her that it was not  her decision to make and that she would indeed be spanked, right here and right now.

Brandi knew better than to argue, so as her mom sat on the edge of the bed, Brandi raised her nighty and went over her mom’s lap.  Her mom lowered her daughter’s panties and was quite impressed.  It seemed that the school was not going lightly with the application of

spanking her bruised bottom

Starting to spank her bruised bottom

corporal punishment.  This offense had been the third time she had been sent to the office for tardies to one class, so the severity was probably justified.  If two previous warnings had not solved this problem, maybe a paddling would.  Her daughter’s bottom was a mess of black and blue bruises and there was no doubt that she had learned a lesson. Regardless of the state of her bottom, a spanking was called for, so a spanking would be administered.

From the first smack with her mother’s hand, Brandi could not hold still.  Her mom spanked her cute bottom long and hard and Brandi winced in pain from every smack.  Her mom wished it was always this easy to punish her daughter.  It generally took more than a minute to get a real reaction from Brandi and her mom had to always work very hard throughout the spanking.  Her mom was spanking as hard as

corporal punishment spanking from mom

A very sore bottom

she always did, but it took very little time for the tears to start flowing.  It was very easy to emphasize her point by just placing two or three smacks in a row in the same bruised spot, on the lowest part of her bottom.  The paddle had really done the job, as every little smack to the bruised parts or her butt just raised the level of Brandi’s crying.

While her mom felt a little sorry for the pain that Brandi must be feeling, getting spanked

bruised bottom spanking

Paddled at school, spanked at home, cried herself to sleep

on such a bruised bottom, it did not change the spanking in any way.  Brandi had earned a spanking by not telling the truth about getting in trouble in school, as well as not disclosing that she had been paddled.  Her mom did not change anything.  She had Brandi over her knee within five minutes of finding out, she bared her bottom for the duration of the spanking, and she spanked just as long and just as hard as she always had. She knew this spanking must have hurt Brandi much more than a typical spanking, but that was not the mom’s fault.  Her mom finished it up with a good minute of her hardest spanking, focused only on the bruised areas of Brandi’s bottom.  With Brandi crying as hard as required for this punishment, her mom stopped and had Brandi get off her lap.  Her mom warned her not to let it happen again and then left the room.  Brandi, fully exhausted from her spanking, laid back down on the bed and rubber her poor bottom until she fell back asleep on top of the covers.

If you would like to see the real reactions of a real teen getting spanked on her very bruised bottom, this video is from the member’s area of

Posted January 25th, 2012.

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