The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Spanked on her already bruised bottom

It was her mom’s policy that a spanking took place on the spot.  This had led to more than the occasional embarrassing moments for her oldest daughter. But her mother was a firm believer in strict corporal punishment, and as soon as mom found out that her daughter had gotten into any amount of trouble, the pants and panties came down and a hand spanking began.

On this occasion it was well into the night and her daughter had already been asleep for a couple of hours.  Her mom had not yet gotten to the day’s mail, and just before she went to bed she started opening it.  She was surprised to see a letter from the school, so she started with that.  It was a one page notice, informing the parents that their 18 year old daughter, a senior in school, had received corporal punishment.  She was given the maximum

corporal punishment spanking from mom

Waking her up for a hard spanking

number of swats with a paddle, as specified by the school board, for her third offense of excessive tardies to the period after lunch.  The mom was immeditaely quite angry as she had not known there were even any previous referrals to the office for tardies.  Her children were expected to keep her informed regarding behavioral issues at school, and clearly she was left out of the loop on this one.  Her school paddling had taken place two days before, and Brandi had not mentioned a single word about it.  Her mom stormed up to Brandi’s room and quickly woke her up.

Brandi’s mom was furious and wanted to know why Brandi had not told her about the

corporal punishment spanking mom

Lowering her panties and seeing her bruised bottom from the school paddling

school paddling.  Brandi told her the truth, that she knew that she would be spanked again by her mom and that her butt hurt way to much for another spanking so soon.  Brandi explained that it was the male principal that had paddled her and that he really paddled her hard.  She said that she had been given 10 swats, with the large wooden paddle, while grabbing her ankles and that there was no way she could handle a spanking for several more days.  Her mom informed her that it was not  her decision to make and that she would indeed be spanked, right here and right now.

Brandi knew better than to argue, so as her mom sat on the edge of the bed, Brandi raised her nighty and went over her mom’s lap.  Her mom lowered her daughter’s panties and was quite impressed.  It seemed that the school was not going lightly with the application of

spanking her bruised bottom

Starting to spank her bruised bottom

corporal punishment.  This offense had been the third time she had been sent to the office for tardies to one class, so the severity was probably justified.  If two previous warnings had not solved this problem, maybe a paddling would.  Her daughter’s bottom was a mess of black and blue bruises and there was no doubt that she had learned a lesson. Regardless of the state of her bottom, a spanking was called for, so a spanking would be administered.

From the first smack with her mother’s hand, Brandi could not hold still.  Her mom spanked her cute bottom long and hard and Brandi winced in pain from every smack.  Her mom wished it was always this easy to punish her daughter.  It generally took more than a minute to get a real reaction from Brandi and her mom had to always work very hard throughout the spanking.  Her mom was spanking as hard as

corporal punishment spanking from mom

A very sore bottom

she always did, but it took very little time for the tears to start flowing.  It was very easy to emphasize her point by just placing two or three smacks in a row in the same bruised spot, on the lowest part of her bottom.  The paddle had really done the job, as every little smack to the bruised parts or her butt just raised the level of Brandi’s crying.

While her mom felt a little sorry for the pain that Brandi must be feeling, getting spanked

bruised bottom spanking

Paddled at school, spanked at home, cried herself to sleep

on such a bruised bottom, it did not change the spanking in any way.  Brandi had earned a spanking by not telling the truth about getting in trouble in school, as well as not disclosing that she had been paddled.  Her mom did not change anything.  She had Brandi over her knee within five minutes of finding out, she bared her bottom for the duration of the spanking, and she spanked just as long and just as hard as she always had. She knew this spanking must have hurt Brandi much more than a typical spanking, but that was not the mom’s fault.  Her mom finished it up with a good minute of her hardest spanking, focused only on the bruised areas of Brandi’s bottom.  With Brandi crying as hard as required for this punishment, her mom stopped and had Brandi get off her lap.  Her mom warned her not to let it happen again and then left the room.  Brandi, fully exhausted from her spanking, laid back down on the bed and rubber her poor bottom until she fell back asleep on top of the covers.

If you would like to see the real reactions of a real teen getting spanked on her very bruised bottom, this video is from the member’s area of

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