The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Teen girls still paddled at school and spanked at home by mom and dad

Teen girls, who are still spanked at a later age, might find themselves being punished by

school corporal punishment paddling

Grabbing her ankles for a hard school paddling

many individuals.  If she attends school in the South, it is not unrealistic to believe that she might still receive paddlings at school.  There is no age limit as to who can receive a paddling, so for an 18 year old high school senior to bend over and grab her ankles in the Principal’s office, for some hard swats to her teen bottom, it is not all that uncommon.  If she lives in a town in which corporal punishment is administered in school, then there is a very strong chance that she also gets spanked at home.  The corporal punishment of teen girls tends to not just be a school thing, but a community thing.  In school districts in which they still paddled, it is probably talked about and encouraged through the Church.  Many parents believe that if a paddling is administered at school, then some good old fashioned discipline will also be administered at home.

corporal punishment with a switch

Cleaning a switch to be used on her bare bottom

In the home environment, a teen girl may find herself spanked by different individuals.  It is not out of the question for a teen girl to still be spanked by a grandparent, especially the grandmother.  Many older teens find themselves getting a very traditional and old fashioned spanking when visiting grandma.  She does not like her granddaughter’s behavior, so the young lady is sent out to pick a switch, which is probably a very foreign concept for this teen girl.  Grandmothers grew up in the era when corporal punishment was always quite severe, so her idea of a punishment is to raise her granddaughter’s dress, lower her panties, and stripe her bottom and thighs with the switch.  Grandmas expect tears from any spanking they give and will not stop until they are achieved.  While less common, Aunts and Uncles might also be disciplinarians if they live close and are a regular part of the family.  This can also happen with friends of the family.  Two women, who are very close and have daughters of similar age that are good friends, might grant each other permission to spank the others’ daughter.  This is more like each girl having two moms and they know that they have to be on their best behavior in either household.

While the teen girl might receive corporal punishment at school, from a relative, or even from a neighbor, it is most common for her to be spanked by her mom or dad.  In a situation in which dad works full-time and the mom is a stay at home parent, it is quite common for her to be the primary disciplinarian.  This makes the most sense as she is the one sending her daughter off to school each day, and is there when she gets home.  During the summer, any discipline that needs to take place before dinner, it will be mom who administers it.  There are those moms who always use the “wait until your father gets home” concept and do not spank themselves.  The most effective mom’s do not hesitate to apply a good spanking to her daughter’s bottom any time it is needed.  In this situation, dad does not always have to be the bad guy.

This keeps the young lady of the house on her best behavior regardless of who is home.  Knowing that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and the discipline will not be delayed tends to help a teen girl follow the rules.  There are many teens that you see that

a hard paddling from mom corporal punishment

Mom never hesitates to paddle her teen bottom when needed

act a certain way with their mom, a way they would never act with their dad.  When mom does not hesitate to bare her daughter’s bottom and apply a very long and very hard paddling, this sort of behavior does not take place.  Her mom might just send her daughter to get the family paddle, have her drop her pants and panties right there in the family room, and give her a dozen good swats to her teen butt.  It might be that her mom is one that believes that a lesson is best learned with a strap.  The very moment that her daughter finds herself in trouble, mom grabs her by the arm and drags her to the bedroom.  Mom then retrieves the belt that is only used for spanking a young lady’s bottom.  Her daughter

corporal punishment with a belt

Mom uses the belt to administer a hard punishment spanking.

is made to bare her teen butt, bend over and put her hands on her knees, and then is given a whoopin’ that she will never forget.  While her dad spanks in a more controlled manner, this mom swings wild and crazy, striping her daughter’s bottom, hips, and thighs.  Mom has no set number of strokes with the leather belt, she just spanks long and hard until she no longer has the strength to beat her daughter’s bottom.

For some high school girls, dad may take care of all of the discipline in the house, which

corporal punishment from dad

She waits for dad to get home, knowing he is going to blister her bottom

leaves her having to wait for her spanking each time she is to be punished.  Imagine the young lady who finds herself in trouble with mom in the morning, after dad has already gone to work.  Her mother tells her at breakfast that she is going to have her bottom worn out by her dad when he gets home tonight.  She has to go through her entire day, trying not to focus on the fact that her perfect little butt is going to be bruised and sore that night.  During school, every time she manages to focus on her studies for a moment, her mind drifts back to the thought of having to bare her bottom and present it to her father for a long and hard spanking.

What is typically the worst case scenario for the still spanked at home teen, is the situation described above when mom is the primary disciplinarian.   Mom does not hesitate to blister her daughter’s bottom whenever the need arises, but she feels that there still has to be level of severity that the punishment can be raised to.  This punishment is reserved for the only the most severe offenses.  This is not the typical coming home late, not doing her chores, smarting off, etc.  This level of discipline is for lying, cheating, stealing, and getting in trouble with the law sort of offenses.  These

dad uses corporal punishment on his daughter

She has been told that she will be spanked by dad.

occasions are when the mom who spanks, decides that this offense needs to be handled by dad.  Her parents agreed long ago that when the dad has to be the one to give a spanking, that it will be the kind of spanking that a teen girl will never forget.  After all, mom still bares her teen daughter’s bottom and spanks hard and to tears.  Mom does not hesitate to use a belt, paddle, wooden spoon, even a switch when it is required.  But let’s be realistic, the typical dad can spank harder than the typical mom and there has to be a level that is beyond the everyday spanking that she might receive.  When the occasion warrants it, she is told that she is in trouble, she knows to expect a spanking, bit when her mother informs her that it will be a spanking from dad, the tears start.

She might be sent to her room to wait for dad to get home, or she may just be required to go about her day.  Regardless of the process, all she can think about is a spanking from dad.  She thinks back to the last time she was spanked by dad and she can remember every single detail…how could she forget.  He typically uses the antique wooden hairbrush, one that is so old that there are barely any bristles left on it.  This brush has not seen a head of hair in several decades and has only been used on young lady’s bottoms for a couple of generations.  He has always been a very loving and caring father, but when it comes to him applying discipline, her is merciless.  He assumes that if the infraction is bad enough that his wife needs him to handle it, then he is going to make sure that the issue never needs to be addressed again.  She remembers that the last time she was spanked it seemed to go on forever.  He took her to her parent’s

bare bottom corporal punishment spanking

Baring her teen bottom for a long session with the hairbrush

room and had her sit down on the bed.  He went and got the hairbrush from its place in her mother’s bureau and sat down next to her on the bed.  The lecture was short as her mother had pretty much covered it all.  She was asked to stand up and to pull down her pants.  She was then pulled over his knees, and then he lowered her panties to her knees.  He knew from experience that she could not hold still for such a severe spanking, so

bare bottom corporal punishment from dad for the girl

A long and hard hairbrush spanking teaches a real lesson

he placed his right leg over the backs or her legs and folded her right arm behind her back.  With her firmly on place, the spanking began.  Even though this was not her first spanking with the brush, she was amazed at how much it hurt.  It had to be close to an inch thick and hit with such a thud.  His goal was to achieve results so he spanks with maximum force from the very 1st swat. The heavy brush leaves a large bruise with every swat, but he loves his daughter enough to ignore the marks.  He learned long ago that is he spanks her hard enough, he may not need to spank her again for more than a year.  With each spanking he gives her, he hopes that it may be the last one he ever has to give.

Young ladies who still receive corporal punishment as teen girls might get spanked by a number of different people in their lives.  As long as the discipline is fair, but severe, and the punishment fits the crime, the naughty girl will learn a very real lesson, and have a sore bottom for many days to come.  The above account is illustrated from the very real discipline videos from the various sites included with the realspankings passEight sites for one membership featuring hard hitting punishment videos, featuring real 18-19 year old teen girls.

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