The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A hard high school paddling followed by a bare bottom paddling from her dad

It is a surprisingly common occurrence in the homes of America, especially in the Southern states where corporal punishment in schools is alive and well, it is the general concept of “if you get spanked at school, you get it at home“.  Many parents believe that is an infraction occurred at school is severe enough that it warrants a hard school paddling, then this punishment must be reinforced at home with additional spanking.   Many find teen girls find this unfair, as it they were already punished for what they did at school and they see no reason why they should be punished again.  But in most homes, one of the rules is to do good in school and behave, following all of the school rules.  So by getting in trouble at school, they have essentially broken the rules of the home.

For those of you who have not been through the experience, a school paddling is not a walk in the park.  Many school administrators use this as the primary form of discipline in the school, so when they elect to paddle a young lady’s bottom, they do so in a forceful and effective manner.  School policy usually dictates the maximum number of swats that can be given during a single paddling, so administrators are forced to swing the paddle with maximum efficiency in order to teach a proper lesson.  Unlike the parents at home, they are not able to simply spank as long as is required to teach a proper lesson.  In addition, they clearly cannot apply a spanking on the bare bottom, to make sure the point is made.  With some school limiting the amount of swats to as little as six, there is not much an administrator can do to alter a paddling to make it more severe.  As a result, most school principals choose to use a very large wooden paddle, one that is quite thick, so every paddle swat, even when applied over jeans, leaves a lasting impact.  While many parental spankings rely on the sting of the implement to create the painful stimulus required to teach a lesson, with a school paddling, administrators rely on the long lasting results of a heavy wooden paddle.  A heavy wooden paddle hits with more of a thud, and for many, it is often easier to tolerate than the sting of a heavy leather belt.  But with the heavy thud of a school paddle, the administrator is creating a bruised bottom, which tends to be a lesson that is learned for many days afterwards.

High School Paddling Video

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It is the bruised bottom that makes the punishment at home even more effective.  A hard school paddling will have the tendency to immediately leave a young lady’s bottom numb.  But this numbness tends to fade after an hour or so, and then the real pain of the paddling begins.  She begins to feel all of the muscles in her bottom tighten up as her entire butt begins to throb.  Unlike the initial pain from the paddling, this pain can last for many days if the paddling was administered in an effective manner.  Even without the addition of a spanking at home, she will have trouble sitting down, and every class spent sitting on a hard wooden desk becomes a punishment in itself.

Many schools require that if a student receives corporal punishment that a parent is notified.  Generally there is a corporal punishment authorization form on file, so they do not need to call home to get permission.  After the paddling has been administered a phone call is placed to one of the parents telling them that their daughter was paddled.  For some schools this is just standard policy, but I think that many paddling principals know that many students also get it at home, after being paddled at school, so this allows them to make sure the punishment continues.  While they might not be able to paddle bare bottoms, and may also may limited in the amount of swats they can give, with just a simple phone call they can be assured that her bottom will be set on fire again, which often involves a much longer and harder spanking than they received at school.

For many young ladies, their parents see misbehavior at school as being worse than infractions at home.  They almost take it personally, as their daughter is a reflection of what they are taught in the home, which can often lead to a more severe spanking than they would typically receive.  Their job as parents is also made easier due to the fact that she is being sent home with a bottom that is already bruisedA spanking over a freshly paddled bottom is not a fun event.  The young lady’s bottom has grown increasingly sorer as they day has progressed and then she has to take another spanking on top of it.  This has a way of really bringing the point home and can lead to a very real change in behavior.  For the parents who spank their daughter’s on the bare, they have the added advantage of being able to see the damage that has already been done.  They are able to make sure that her whole bottom is bruised and sore for her follow up spanking, really concentrating on the areas of her butt that did not feel the paddle.  For the parents who really want to emphasize the point, they can also concentrate on the areas that already show the most bruising, making sure that each swat is placed on the sorest areas, getting maximum effectiveness with each swat.

In the school districts that still paddle in the South, it is probably most common for the follow up spanking to be delivered with a heavy leather Western style belt, as it seems to be the implement of choice for most Southern parents.  By the time a girl has reached high school age, handspankings are typically something from her past.  Most parents have upgraded their daughter’s spanking by the age of 9 or 10 to something other than just their hand.  While the belt is the most common there are certainly many young ladies that are paddled at home, just as they receive at school.  Many dads have spent some time in the garage creating the perfect paddle to bruise their daughter’s bottoms with, and these paddles often hang on a wall in the house as a reminder for the girls to be on their best behavior.  A bare bottom strapping, after a hard school paddling, can certainly be very effective.  It also brings a different type of pain to her bottom than that she received during her paddling.  It will add an intense sting to her already throbbing bottom and bring different nerve endings into play, assuring that a real lesson is learned.  But probably the best method, for teaching a young lady to behave at school, is a follow up paddling.  With the deep bruising her bottom is feeling, a simple strapping with a belt does not provide the same level of learning as a wooden paddle.  With her bottom bared, and freed from the restrictions of the school board, moms and dads are able to really bring the point home with the paddle.  The muscles, the ones deep down, that were effected by the school paddling can be revisited at home.  They are able to paddle her on the same spots that hurt so very much and show her the real meaning of discipline.  Imagine a girl, whose bottom is so sore that it hurts to even apply a little pressure to her bottom from sitting, getting that same spot smacked full force with dad’s heavy paddle.  This leads to a level of learning that is just not possible with a hand or a belt.  Bruises on top of bruises can make sitting almost impossible, which when the goal is to change a young lady’s behavior, can be a very good thing.

Teen girl paddled at school, then again at home by her dad

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Scenarios such as this are typically just a thing of fantasy for many people, as they will never get to experience it or witness it.  You have to love the folks at, because they explore the very real concepts of teen girl corporal punishment and make them a reality for us.  I have included two videos with this post that demonstrate exactly the points I have been making.  They not only film it for us, but they make it as real as it can possibly be.   For these two scenes they use the young model Roxie who is only 19 years old, and has only been out of high school for eight month.  They shot the very scenes I have discussed, and they do it back to back.  In the 1st scene, we see a very real high school aged girl, getting sent from class to see the principal.  She is paddled in the most realistic manner possible, receiving 10 hard swats, while bending over and grabbing her ankles.  The paddling is realistic in the severity of paddling administered in school and you can tell she struggles to get through it.  An hour later, they film the next scene in which she goes home and gets paddled on her bare bottom from her dad.  There is not a bunch of anger and yelling, he simply informs her that she knows his policy, “get it at school, get it at home”.  He sends her for the family paddle and has her bare her bottom.  His policy is to double what she got at school, and he really lets her have it.  It is clear that taking a paddling on top of her recently paddled bottom is very hard for her to endure.  Before it is all over, her bottom is completely black and blue and there is no doubt that learning is taking place.  Watch her face closely and you will see that this 19 year old girl, with a perfect little teen bottom, is not acting at all.  We get to see the reality of what it is like to be paddled at school and then again at home.  I give these two videos a perfect score of 10 when viewed together.  I love that she is wearing the same clothes and there is no doubt that these scenes took place back to back.  For realistic school and home punishments, there is no better that  As of two months ago, all of their scenes are being filmed in HD for full screen DVD quality videos.

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