The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Two cousins receive a very severe hair brush spanking

For one month of the year Dee’s niece spends time living with the family. Her daughter and her niece had been best friend since they were very young and love to spend as much time together as possible. Since Dee’s sister moved out of the state the girls do not get to see each other as much as they would like. For the second summer in a row Jessica is living in the household and happy to be close to Brandi who she basically sees as her sister. The only part that Jessica does not like about the time she spends with her cousin is the strict nature of the family. While Jessica is no stranger to being spanked, as her mom used to blister her bottom on occasion in her own home, it had been several years since she had been spanked by either of her parents. The last spanking she had received was from her aunt Dee, the previous summer.

teen hairbrush spanking

Two cousing baring their bottoms for a hard spanking with a hair brush.

Dee had no issues with spanking her niece even if her mom no longer spanked her. Dee’s sister also had no trouble with it and actually thought the time that Jessica spent with Dee’s family gave her a good sense of perspective. Unfortunately for Jessica, during the trip this summer she would end up getting the hardest spanking of her life, this time at the hands of her uncle. The need for the two cousins to be spanked had been building since the 1st week Jessica arrived. The girls were coming home late, chores were not getting done, and they had even been caught sunbathing on the back deck while topless. Michael and Dee had given their daughter and their niece plenty of warnings, but the transgressions just kept building. At some point Dee was finally just fed up and talked to her husband about the girl’s frequent and flagrant disregard for the rules of the home. She felt that all of the offenses combined warranted a very serious punishment and it was decided that both of their bottoms needed a visit from the family’s old wooden hairbrush.

hair brush spanking from dad

Being pulled over her dad’s lap for a long spanking with the hair brush.

Both girls were called in from lounging around outside on a very nice summer day. It was clear to Brandi what was about to happen, it took Jessica a little longer to figure it out as she had not noticed the hairbrush on the table. Both girls were lectured about their previous behavior and how it just seemed to keep building. Dee was very clear in that they had given the girls us much slack as they could, but it just seemed that the girls continued to push the boundaries. She felt that the behavior needed to stop now and she knew that there was one thing that would fix the problem for good. Dee then handed the hairbrush to Michael and told both girls to bare their bottoms. Brandi knew better than to offer any resistance as she knew how bad things were in this house when the hairbrush came out and quickly lowered her shorts and panties. Jessica was horrified as to this new development. When she had been spanked last summer by her aunt, it happened in Brandi’s bedroom, was done with a belt and over her panties and her uncle had not been present. She was now faced with the reality of pulling down her shorts and panties right there in the living room, in the full view of her uncle. Dee looked saw her hesitation and with a raised voice said, “I promise that you do not want to know what will happen if I have to tell you again”. The sternness on her aunt’s voice got the point across and she reluctantly lowered her shorts and panties to her ankles.

teen girl bare bottom hair brush spanking from dad

There is no doubt that this is a spanking her teen bottom will be feeling for a very long time.

Michael grabbed a kitchen chair and brought it into the family room and quickly pulled Brandi over his knee. The hairbrush was rarely used in the home and only for the hardest of spankings, so Brandi knew this was going to be bad. As she expected it started hard and fast. Her dad lifted the heavy brush and started beating her bottom with it. She was kicking and crying in a matter of seconds. Jessica watched and could believe how bad this spanking was. She had gotten maybe a dozen strokes with the belt from her aunt the year before and thought that that spanking was pretty bad compared to the few smacks her mom used to give her with a wooden spoon when she was little. But now here she was, standing in the middle of a family room, naked from the waist down, watching her cousins bottom being turned black and blue. Her uncle was spanking so hard, she questioned how she was going to be able to take such a spanking. She found herself looking towards the door wondering where she could run to. She knew that she had no choice though, in just a few minutes her bottom would be given the same treatment.

hair brush spanking for a teen girl

That is the look of learning on her face as her dad spanks her long and hard with the hair brush.

The spanking intensified as Brandi screamed and cried through the whole thing. At some point it finally stopped at which time Dee walked over and took a look at Brandi’s bottom. Brandi’s bottom was all that Jessica could look at at the moment and it looked like it hurt a lot. Jessica was once again horrified as she heard her aunt tell her uncle that she did not think she had had enough yet. Jessica had to refrain from saying out loud what she was thinking, “Are you fucking kidding me”. As she processed that thought, she saw the brush raised into the air again as her uncle basically started over. He once again got to work spanking Brandi’s bottom with that evil hairbrush. The brush on her already bruised bottom intensified her crying. Jessica watched as the red spots on Brandi’s butt become bruised and as the small pepper looking bruises became a deep purple color. Brandi’s butt received another full minute with the heavy brush before her spanking was over. She was helped off her dad’s lap and switched places with her cousin. Brandi stood their crying and rubbing her poor bottom as she watched her cousin being pulled over her dad’s lap.

over the knee for a bare bottom spanking from her ankle

Going over her uncle’s knee while her aunt looks on.

Jessica had never been spanked by her uncle, had never been spanked over someone’s knee, had never been spanked on her bare bottom, and had certainly never been spanked with a hairbrush. At the age of 18, she was about to experience a whole new world of firsts. When the first smack of the brush landed on her bottom, she was introduced to a world of pain she did not know was possible. The pain from the brush was so specific and it lit her tiny teen bottom on fire. Any hopes she had that her uncle might go a little easier on her were quickly extinguished as he really went to work. He spanked hard and fast applying a couple of swats per second to her little butt. He would work the left cheek for several spanks and then move onto the right cheek. Just as with Brandi, the tears came quickly. She did not even try to fight off the tears; there was no way that was possible. This spanking was clearly designed to make her cry her teen eyes out and it was clearly working. As her uncle gave her the spanking of her life, her aunts watched to make sure it was having the desired effect. The intense pain her bottom was feeling finally stopped and she lay over her uncle’s lap fighting for a breath and crying as hard as she ever had.

teen girl hair brush spanking from uncle

He uncle bruises her tiny 18 year old bottom with a hair brush as her cousin watches.

Just as she managed to get a deep breath and tried to calm herself, she barely heard her aunt say, “Yes, a little more for her as well”. As Jessica was processing the words she just heard, her world of pain started again. Instead of each cheek receiving a few and then him moving on, she felt the brush hit a spot on her right cheek, then her left cheek, then back to the same spots over and over again. He was really working the same two spots, low on each cheek and it seemed that it would never end. He smacked her a good 30 times more with the brush before it was finally over. She once again laid over his knees crying her eyes out. Before her spanking her primary concern was standing there with her shorts down in front of her uncle, now every thought she was able to produce was focused on her sore bottom. She could not believe how much it burned, throbbed, and stung. Her ass was on fire and it did not seem like it would even go away. Her uncle gently lifted her off of his lap and she stood next to Brandi who was still sobbing. Her aunt told them both to turn around so she could see their bottoms. Dee walked over and checked her husband’s handiwork with the brush, and for a brief second it occurred to Jessica that the spanking might not be over. Dee looked at the two teen bottoms before her and declared that they were properly punished. She told both girls to head to Brandi’s room and that they were to stay there for the remainder of the day. The girls hurried off with bruised bottoms and tears still in their eyes.

bruised bottom from a hair brush spanking

Both cousin’s bottoms are left bruised and properly punished.

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