The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Dad gives his daughter a severe bare bottom paddling

dad paddled daughter

Waiting for the spanking of her life from dad.

There are those times that just call for it and there is no other option.  It may be that the daughter’s behavior is just so out of control that the time has come to give her the spanking of her life.  It might be the extreme nature of an offense like drinking and driving, stealing, or something else that gets her in trouble with the law.  It could be as simple as her breaking the same rule over and over and the time has come to put an end to it.  Even in households where corporal punishment is used regularly, and sometimes even severely, most teen girls can describe that one spanking that she received that was worse than any other she ever felt growing up.

Whatever the reason may be, the punishment has been earned and is well deserved.  Her parents

teen girl paddling

Getting a hard paddling from her dad on her teen bottom.

have a very long talk with her and make it clear that this type of behavior will indeed end today.  She is sent to her room to wait, a concept that is not all that foreign to her as her teen bottom is spanked regularly, however, based on what her parents said, she knows that today’s spanking will somehow be different.  She anxiously waits with a pit in her stomach wondering what is about to happen.

When her father enters her room she sees the large wooden paddle that she did not know was still around.  She had only known of it being used on her oldest brother and had not seen it in several years since he moved away for college.  While her father had beaten her butt on many occasions with his heavy leather belt, neither she nor her sister had ever had the paddle taken to them.  He told her to stand up, turn around, and to bare her bottom.  Her heart sank as she had not had a bare bottom spanking since she was a young girl being pulled over her mom’s knee.  She knew better at this point to protest in anyway and did as she was instructed.  She pulled down her pants and panties and bent over the bed, presenting her ample teen bottom to be paddled.

Teen girl bare bottom paddling from dad

The most severe spanking of her teen life.

There were no more words spoken and he immediately smacked her bare butt with the heavy wood paddle.  It took only a single swat for her to begin crying.  He was not holding back and she could not believe how bad of a punch that paddle

paddled girl

Feeling the burn of the paddle.

carried.  She and her sister used to laugh when they were little as they heard their older brother

teen bottom spanked by dad

The lesson is clear on her bottom.

getting paddled.  They would hear him crying and carrying on and they thought he was just a big baby, now she understood why.  He laid on the paddle swats hard and consistently, with her receiving a swat every second.  Unlike the spanking she would get with the belt, that seemed to cover every inch of her bottom, he just kept smacking the same spot over and over.

She was now learning what real discipline and real pain was all about.  She could never have imagined a spanking hurting so badly.  A spanking with a belt stings like hell, but this paddle really dug into her butt and she could feel it swelling and growing hard with each swat.  Ten swats into it and he showed no signs of stopping.  He just continued to paddle and paddle as she cried harder and harder.  Before it was all over, he had given her 36 swats to her big teen bottom.  As he walked out of the room, without having said another word, she collapsed onto the bed.  Her bottom throbbed in a manner she had never known before.  She reached back and touched her butt and it was hard to the touch.  There was one spot on each butt cheek that was so swollen.  She finally just buried her head in her covers, vowing to never get in trouble again.

This is from one of the hardest paddling scenes I have ever watched.  It truly is a severe 36 swat paddling and you can see for yourself by her bruised bottom, it is as real as it gets,  From Lori’s severe paddling in the member’s area of

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