The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A quick hairbrush spanking from mom

hairbrush spanking for mom

Bent over the couch for her hairbrush spanking.

Corporal punishment is quick, simple, frequent and effective in her house.  As the oldest of 5 children, she is quite used to having her butt spanked.  As a child her mom used her hand and once she reached about middle school she graduated to the exclusive use of the hairbrush on her bottom.  For her and all of her siblings a spanking was a very normal, if not daily event in their home.  Their mother spanked hard and spanked often for each and every little offense that any of the children committed.  It was such a normal event, that when one of them was getting spanked, it barely raised the attention of any of the others.

Every spanking that was administered in this household took place in the family room.  This was

hairbrush spanking from mom

Her bottom becomes bruised from the very beginning of her spanking from mom.

the most central and most used area of the house.  With five kids their mother was quite busy most of the day and did not have time to send kids to their rooms to be spanked.  Whenever a spanking was required she simply bent the offending child over the arm of the couch.  The younger kids were still spanked with her hand, while for the older ones; she kept a hairbrush in the drawer of the end table next to the couch.  Bottoms were always bared for a spanking regardless of the offense.

As long as the oldest daughter could remember she had always been spanked in this manner, over the couch and on her bare bottom.  It would often take place in front of many of her siblings as this room was the primary gathering place in the house as well as the room with the TV and Xbox in it.  Since her bottom had been bared in front of her siblings for her whole life, it was not all that embarrassing anymore, even now at the age of 17.  She had seen all of their bare butts being spanked more times than she could count.  There were those few occasions when a spanking could not wait and she found herself baring her butt in front of one of her sibling’s friends, but in this house, it just came with the territory.

teen girl getting spanked by mom with a hair brush

Already feeling the sting from the hairbrush, but this will not be over until she is crying.

When a spanking was called for, her mom was not big on words.  There were many times that it was not until she had bared her butt and was bending over that she even knew what she was getting spanked for.  Her mom’s favorite phrase prior to a spanking was quick and to the point, “That’s it, you are getting spanked”.  Those words basically meant that she needed to get her butt into the family room, bare it, and present it. There

bruised bottom teen spanking with a hair brush

The bruises on her bottom are coming along nicely.

was no arguing, it simply made things far worse.  When she was told she was to be spanked, it was a reality, it was set in stone, and there was no changing her mom’s mind.  She had learned it was best to just suck it up and get it over with, there was no reversing a decision and any attempts to do so

just led to lots more spanking.  If her mom said those words, she would literally walk over to the couch, pull down her pants and her panties, and then bend over and wait.  It would sometimes take a minute or two for her mom to stop what she was doing and she would just have to lay over the arm of the couch and hope her mom got right to it.

Once her mom was ready, the whole process rarely took more than 2 minutes.  Her mom would walk over to the end table, open the drawer and grab the dreaded hairbrush.  She was a busy woman and did not have much time to spare for such things she so always got the spankings over with quickly.  She would walk behind her daughter and just started spanking with the

mom bruises her daughter's bottom with a hair brush

Her mom spanks hard enough enough that each smack with the brush leaves a bruise.

hairbrush.  Her style was always the same.  She would lay the brush on one cheek, raise it up, and smack that cheek extremely hard.  The brush would then touch the other cheek for a brief second and the process would be repeated.  The brush was thick and heavy and each swat would leave a small purple bruise.  It was a hard enough spanking that even at this age, after years of hairbrush spankings, it always led to tears.  They really were not an option as her mom did never gave a set number of strokes, or spanked for a set amount of time, she simply spanked until she had her daughter crying.  Tears alone were not enough as she required the type of crying that demonstrated that a lesson was learned.  She typically received between 50-60 swats with the hairbrush over a 2 minute period of time.  This was ample time to really get the tears going and to leave her bottom properly bruised.

When the spanking was complete, it was like nothing had ever happened.  Her mom might say something like “that should do it” and then simply get back to fixing dinner or whatever other household chore she was in the middle of at the time.  There was not a single word said about the spanking, it basically erased all evidence of whatever she was being punished for.  It would take her a moment to compose herself, get her pants back up, and to wipe away her tears.  Her bottom would be very sore for a day or two, but that was the only real evidence that a spanking had taken place.  Her dad was rarely even informed that one of his kids had been in trouble.  As far as her mom was concerned, bad behavior required a hard spanking, but then that was the end of it.

teen girl still spanked by mom

Mom spanks long and hard providing her with a bruised bottom and tears in her eyes…a lesson learned.

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