The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

The entire process of spanking an older teen girl

There are many steps required for an effective spanking took take place in the home environment.  For many decades these steps have assured a well spanked bottom and a proper lesson being learned.  Let’s take a look at each of the steps individually.


teen girl spanking

Her mom lectures her and tells her exactly why she is about to be spanked.

The Lecture
The 1st step in any proper spanking is the lecture.  It does no good when punishing a young lady if she does not know exactly why she is being spanked.  Good parents will sit down with their teen daughter and explain exactly what aspect of her behavior has found to be undesirable.  She will be informed that what she did is not allowed and that she needs to be punished for it.  The lecture should give her full ownership of her actions and full ownership of the

bare bottom paddling for the teen girl

Being told in a loving and gentle manner that she is about to have her bare bottom paddled.

punishment that she has earned. Good parents will structure this lecture based on a cause and effect relationship between her actions and the punishment.  She is not being spanked because they are mad at her, she is being spanked because that is the punishment that she knows she will receive when she misbehaves.  It is her actions, and her actions only, that have led to this moment.  She knew when she made the conscience decision to break the rules, that if she was caught, there would indeed be consequences.  She has earned the spanking she is about to receive and it is the parents job to see to it that she gets exactly what she has earned.


waiting for her spanking

Sent to her room, told to change into her PJ’s and wait for her spanking.

The Wait
The next step in a proper spanking, after the lecture, is a period of waiting.  While some parents like to administer a spanking on the spot, at the very moment an infraction occurs, this is not always the most effective approach.  Once a young lady has been informed of what she did wrong and the punishment she will receive, she needs a little time to consider her actions.  Most parents will send their daughter to her room for a little while before her spanking.  This allows her time alone with her thoughts and to help her better figure out not only what she did to get herself into this situation, but what she can do in the future to avoid a similar circumstance.  This also gives her time to sit and think about the spanking she is about to receive.  The stress alone of waiting for a spanking can be a powerful learning tool and is an effective addition to any spanking.  Yes, the physical pain of a spanking can be unbearable, but sitting and thinking about how much her bottom is going to hurt as a result can be equally as painful emotionally.  A spanking itself is about more than just the physical application of pain to a teen girl’s bottom, it is a process, and waiting for her butt to be spanked in an important part of that process.

teen girl waiting to be paddled

Sent to her room to wait, with the very paddle that will be used on her teen bottom. She looks at it and wonders how bad her bottom will be bruised.

Into Position
Many people see a young lady being put into position for her spanking as simply being a requirement to get the job done.  However, positioning is one of the most important steps regarding a spanking.  This step is most important because it requires her to become an active participant in her punishment.  No teen girl should be forced into position prior to her spanking, she needs to cooperate.  This is her spanking, she has earned it, it is for her own good, so she needs to assist in the process. Having her get into position also serves as a reminder that regardless of her age, she is still a child to her parents.  She may feel all grown up at the age of 17 or 18, but as long as she misbehaves in this home, her bottom can still pay the price.  This is very much emphasized when a parent instructs their teen daughter to basically present her bottom to be punished. 

bare bottom spanking from mom

Getting into position for a hard bare bottom spanking from her mom.

The position chosen is also quite important and is more than just functional.  Yes, the right position needs to be chosen for the type of implement used, as we would not want a teen girl over the knee for a hard belt spanking or a paddling with a large paddle, but the position can add very effective elements to a spanking.  An 18 year old girl, that is just too big for her britches, might benefit from having to lay over her dad’s lap for a hard otk spanking.  Just when she is feeling all grown up she is being spanked the same way a young child would be.  This serves as a reminder of who is really the boss in the family and who is still acting like a child.  Position can also really make a teen girl feel exposed, or even embarrassed for her spanking.  Nothing makes a young lady’s heart race than being told to bend over and grab her ankles for a good and hard paddling.  This is not a position of comfort and when her bottom is bare, it certainly makes her feel exposed and on display.  This position also goes back to the cooperation factor during a spanking.  A paddling in this position is not the same as lying over a pillow on the side of her bed where she can just lay there and take it.  This position requires her full attention to even stay in place while her bottom is paddled.  She has to assist in her punishment to even get through the whole process and certainly lack of assistance requires more paddling.  Different positions provide different experiences and it is a vital part of the process of being spanked.

Clothing or Lack there of
In some families as a teen gets older they often stop with bare bottom spankings.  As she has grown to become a woman her parents may decide to allow her a little modesty during her spanking.  I can understand this concept, but clearly a bare bottom spanking works the best.  Just as with position, the process of baring a bottom for a spanking is more than just functional.  When a teen girl requires a bare bottom spanking there are two approaches to getting her bottom bare, both which are very effective.  The 1st is to require her to lower her pants and panties for her spanking.  Once again, she is part of the whole process and is assisting in her spanking.  Nothing allows ownership of a spanking as much as her having to remove all the physical barriers between her skin and whatever she is going to be spanked with.  As she lowers her clothing and panties she knows she is actively helping to make the process of her spanking hurt even more.  This also once again demonstrates who is in charge as there is no other situation in her life (except maybe jail) in which an adult can demand that she take down her panties and show her bare bottom.

teen girl bare butt spanking

She is an active participant in her punishment as she is required to bare her bottom, bend over, and present her little butt to be spanked by her dad.

The other situation is when a parent chooses to bare her bottom for her.  There is no questioning the power dynamic that is exchanged when this happens.  When a dad sits down and tells his daughter to step closer, and then reaches for the button on his daughter’s pants, there is no doubt who is still a child in this relationship.  To have to stand there as her dad lowers her pants and then her panties is quite embarrassing for the teen girl.  It is a very effective way to let her know that dad is still fully in control of her life and is still not beyond taking down her pants to blister her bottom.  Baring a teen bottom for a spanking is about more than just adding additional pain it adds a very important dynamic that aids in the overall process of an effective punishment.

otk spanking from dad

Nothing makes an 18 year old girl feel more like a child than when dad bares her bottom and then takes her over his lap.

The Actual Spanking
All of the steps outlined here are an important part of any spanking, as a spanking is a complete

mom spanks with a belt

Mom lays her over a pillow on the bed and blisters her bottom with a heavy leather belt.

process, and not just about the smacking of a teen girl’s bottom.  But at some point during the process we get the actual application of physical pain to a girl’s bottom.   There are many different ways to spank, different implements to use, and different positions for a young lady to be spanked in.  Since we are discussing the punishment of an older teen girl, we will assume that hand spankings went out the window a long time ago.  Most girls who are still spanked at the age of 17-18, have probably been spanked all of their lives.  Typical parents progress to implements that are more severe as the young lady grows older.  The most common implement used most often on a teen girl’s bottom is a belt.  Every house has many and there are often many variations of belts to use depending on the severity of the infraction.  A recent viral video of the Judge spanking his daughter with a belt is a perfect example.  After he discovers what his daughter has been up to, he sends his wife to get the belt, and you can clearly hear him say “get the big one”.

mom paddles daughter

Mom uses the heavy wood paddle to bruise her bottom.

Many families also make good use of a paddle.  There are many dads in this country, fed up with their daughter’s behavior, which decided to go out into their garage and make a proper punishment paddle.  No dad has ever gone out and built a little ping pong type paddle, they tend to go more with fraternity style paddles.  There are 3 ft long, ¾”, oak paddles alive and well throughout this country.  Many moms find this type of paddle quite effective as they do not have to work so hard to punish their daughter’s bottom, as a single swat with a heavy fraternity type paddle, gets the point across.

Regardless of the implement used, what makes a spanking effective for an older teen girl in

dad severe spanking

With her bottom and thighs a proper shade of red, it is time for dad to start bruising her bottom.

the intensity and longevity of the spanking itself.  Let’s face it; parents who are still spanking their teen daughter at the age of 17 or 18 are quite strict.  They are not spanking her just as a simple little warning, or to just get her attention, she is being spanked as a very real and serious punishment.  They are spanking in an attempt to extinguish the behavior, not just as a reminder to not do it.  A spanking in this situation needs to be painful, almost impossible to endure, and it needs last well beyond the actual smacking of her bottom.  It also cannot be something she is just able to grit her teeth through and take it.  A real spanking always involves tears and not just a few of them.  Many parents feel that the spanking has not actually started until their daughter is crying.  Anything before the tears is basically a warm-up and when the tears start to flow is when they feel the learning has started to take place.  An older teen girl requires a lot of learning so the spanking needs to last as long as is required.

severe hairbrush spanking from dad

With all of her bottom now stinging, it is time to really get to work. He concentrates the hairbrush on the lowest part of her bottom, assuring she will be bruised and sore for many days.

Obviously, different implements require a differing amount of strokes.  A heavy wooden paddle can get the job done in as few as 20 swats, where a belt might require more than 100 strokes to get to the same place.  Some parents give a set amount of swats based on the infraction, others go by time, but the most successful method is to go until the desired reaction is achieved.  The desired results can be measured in two different ways and both are required.  The 1st is the emotional state of the girl being spanked.  There should be a logical progression from grunts, to the 1st tears, to full out uncontrollable crying, to her finally achieving a moment where she begins to settle down a little.   This process demonstrates that she has taken her punishment, felt every second of it, and finally starts to give in to it.  This is a sure fire sign of learning taking place.

girl cries from a spanking

Tears show that she is starting to learn a lesson.

The desired results of a proper spanking having been administered should also be very visible on her bottom.  This is another reason that a bare bottom spanking is best, as the results can be visibly measured.  A properly spanked bottom will have no area on it that is not glowing a very fierce red.  The purpose of the spanking while it is in progress is to provide as much sting as possible to her teen ass.  There is no reason her entire bottom should not be covered as well as the very top of the thighs.  Any spot on her bottom that is not glowing red is just a missed opportunity for learning.  From the top of her butt crack to the top of her thighs, as well as from her left hip to her right, she should feel the pulsating sting from every smack.  While I bright red bottom serves its purpose during the spanking, those sensations fade very quickly.  Just left with a red bottom and in less than an hour, the spanking is a distant memory.  Effective parents choose to add a little more color to a teen girl’s bottom to make sure the lesson stays with her for a while.

mom spanks teen bottom bruises

Her mother does not stop spanking once her bottom is red and the tears begin to flow. She knows the importance of a well bruised bottom and does not stop until she is black and blue.

Many people feel that a bruised bottom may be abusive.  But we are not talking about parents beating their kids out of anger, or abusing them in any way.  This discussion is about parents who take the time to give their daughters the punishment they not only deserve, but have earned.  They are willing to go the extra mile to assure that a lesson is learned, and learned well.  The most effective spanking are not over after the last smack, they need to last for days.  The only way this is possible is with a bruised bottom.  The area of focus is a young lady’s bottom, it is fleshy, and if she is bent in the proper manner, even severe swats from a heavy oak paddle will not do any permanent damage.  A proper spanking involves soreness that last for a minimum of three days and this is only accomplished when her young bottom is left bruised.  Many parents start by covering every square inch of their daughter’s bottom and then focus on the lower portion of her bottom for an even harder spanking.  Just above the spot where her thighs meet her butt is what is often referred to as the “sit spot”.  This is the spot in which it is impossible to avoid contact with a chair when she sits down.  Regardless of the implement, any proper spanking will end with a couple minutes dedicated to this part of her anatomy.  After many swats her bottom will tend to go numb anyway, but the point is not for the pain she will be feeling at the moment, this extra work is for down the road.

A Very Sore Bottom

severe spanking bruised bottom

She inspects her bruised bottom in the mirror…she will be sore for days.

The final phase of a proper spanking is a teen girl with a very sore bottom. Moments after her spanking, her bottom will be on fire.  They may be a little numbness as a result of a severe spanking, but you can count on her feeling a good burn.  It will take her some time to calm herself down, but once her tears are dry, she will still have a burning pain.  As a result of endorphins, which help to combat the pain during the spanking, over the next hour the pain will gradually get worse, not better.  Her body relaxes, the numbness goes away, and she really starts to feel the effects.  Just as the burn of the spanking starts to fade, the deep pain in her muscles will begin.  This is where a bruised bottom comes into play and she really starts to feel a tightness in her muscles and the pulsating sting from her red bottom become a much deeper pulse from deep within.

If she was properly spanked the pain will become worse over a day or two.  The next morning following a spanking tends to be the worse.  She wakes up to a bottom that is so sore that she can barely believe it.  Walking, standing,

teen girl bruised butt from spanking

Three days after a severe spanking her bottom still shows the marks. Sitting is still not an option.

but most especially sitting hurts very much.  The pulsating feeling from the night before is replaced with a heavy throbbing and with each beat of her heart she feels pain on her poor teen bottom.  This is why the bruising phase of a spanking is so important.  She is not able to get up and start her day, trying to put the spanking from the night before behind her, the worst part of her spanking in actually in front of her.  For at least another 24 hours, the pain from this spanking will continue to build.   The pain will build until about 36-48 hours after her spanking, but it will not end there.  After the 3rd day her bottom will start to feel a little better, that does not mean she will not still be uncomfortable, but it will at least start to become bearable again.  She will eventually be able to start sitting comfortably after four days or so.  A severe spanking, especially when administered with a wooden implement like a paddle or hairbrush, can leave her bottom sore for up to a week, with bruises still visible for up to a couple of weeks.

A proper spanking is not just about smacking a bottom, it is a process, an event, one with many steps, each important in the learning process. It is her spanking, she has earned it, and it is up to her parents to not skip a single step, as each one helps reduce the chances of her committing that infraction ever again.  Photos and animation all come from severe punishment videos at

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