The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Dad spanks his daughter with a belt

The process is simple and effective and is used every single day in the homes of America and throughout the world.  The process may vary a bit depending on the needs of the girl, but the results are fairly standard and effective.  The teenage girl is told to head up to room and wait for her dad who will be up later with the belt.  She tries to busy herself in her room and find anything that will serve as a distraction, but all she is really able to focus on is the fact that any minute, or maybe even an hour from now, dad will be up to give her bottom and long and hard whoopin.  She sits on her bed as she recalls the last strapping she received and she knows how every badly it is going to hurt.

dad spanks daughter with a belt

Sent to her room to wait for dad and the belt.

Eventually she sees her door opening and her heart begins to pound.  He enters her room and follows up on the lecture she received downstairs earlier.  He informs her that her behavior is unacceptable and that both he and her mom believe that it calls for a punishment.  She is told that she will be grounded for a week and that a spanking is also called for.  She is told to stand up and turn around as he unbuckles his belt and pulls it from his pants.  She bends over her bed and presents her bottom for her punishment.

dad straps daughter with belt

She presents her bottom to be spanked with dad’s heavy leather belt.

getting a strapping from dad's belt

Her dad gets right to work blistering her bottom and teaching her a lesson.

No more words are required and he gets right to work on her bottom with his belt.  She is old enough now that he does not have to scale the severity of his strokes to her bottom.  He swings with full force with his heavy leather belt and straps her as hard as he can.  He gives her a couple of dozen strokes but is not quite getting the reaction he is looking for.  There is no reason to spank her if she is not going to cry, so he had her stand back up, bare her bottom, and bend back over.

bare bottom strapping from her dad

She knows that her strapping is going to hurt so much more on her bare bottom.

He once again begins with the belt and really lays the strokes on hard.  She is no longer able to suck it up and take it; the heavy belt on her bare bottom is a whole different story.  After just a couple of strokes on the bare her eyes begin to tear up.  She grips the bed spread tightly and does her very best to try and stay in position, just praying that it is almost over.

teen girl gets a bare bottom strapping from her father

The belt really digs into her bare bottom and the tears come quickly.

bare bottom whoopin from dad

A bare bottom whoopin from dad that she will remember for a very long time


He is in no hurry and she has a long ways to go.  He watches as the strokes of the belt on her teen bottom turn her entire butt bright red, but he is looking for a different color.  He begins to focus a little more on one spot on her bottom, no longer spreading the pain around.  As the strokes continue to strike the same area, her tears turn to crying and red becomes purple.  The evidence of her learning is now becoming quite visible.  After close to 50 strokes on her bare bottom her punishment is over.  Words are no longer required; the belt finished the lecture for him.  He leaves the room and she lays on the bed rubbing her sore bottom and drying her tears.

taught a lesson with dad's belt

The lesson she learned will be visible on her bottom for days.

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