The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A bare bottom spanking in front of everyone

It is Thanksgiving day and all of her relatives are over at the house.  It is quite the ordeal with more than 15 family members present and it takes a lot of work to coordinate all of the feel prep and to feed some many hungry bodies.  It is a fun and festive day and she is having a good time seeing all of the relatives who live out of the state.  With all of the hustle and bustle she did not think anyone would notice the occasional sips of wine she was stealing from the many open bottles, when no one was looking.  During the football game, with everyone gathered in front of the TV, seemed like a perfect time to sneak another sip of wine in the kitchen.  Unfortunately for her, her mom was able to see her actions from the next room and she was caught.

dad spanks daughter's are bottom

Baring her bottom and going over dad’s knee in front of everyone.

She might be almost 19 now, but she is still not legally old enough to drink, something she is a very aware of.  Had she ashed for a little glass of wine her parents might even had allowed it, but how she went about it was deceitful.  In this home, lying and deceit, are offenses that are taken very seriously.  Her mom yelled at her and asked her what in the hell she thought she was doing.  As soon as her dad became aware of what was happening, she knew exactly what was going to happen.  In this home a spanking takes place on the spot, regardless of the circumstances.  She had had her share of spankings in front of her siblings and the occasional house guest, but her house was packed and she desperately hoped that the next thing she would here was “go to your room”.  But that would not be her luck on this day.

teen girl bare bottom spanking from parents

Just getting started on her teen bottom, the tops of her thighs will be spanked next.

Her dad called her into the living room, where there was not even an open place to sit with everyone watching the game.  He told her that she had to have known that sneaking drinks of wine could only lead to one thing.  She was told to bare her butt and get over his knee.  She tried to protest, but the look on his face let her know that there was no point.  While embarrassed as she had ever been in her life, she slowly lowered her tight jeans and panties.  Everyone was pretending to still be watching the game, but she knew better.  Here she was, an 18 year old girl, baring her butt in front of every family member in the room and she knew they were all watching out of the corner of their eyes.  She climbed over his lap and he began without another word.  Even at this age she found a handspanking from her dad to be unbearable.  He spanked so hard and so fast from the very beginning that it always brought tears.  It only took a few seconds for her to forget her embarrassment of being spanked in front of a dozen people, as now all she could think about was the pain.  She was not sure if her was trying to impress those that were watching, but he gave her a spanking like she had never had before. Normally it would have been over in a minute or two, but she just kept on spanking her.  He also spanked the backs of her thighs, which was not typical and those smacks really left her legs burning.

corner time after spanking for the teen girl

The spanking is over but the punishment continues. She is left with her bright red bottom on display for close to an hour.

After more than four full minutes her spanking stopped.  All that could be heard were the sounds of the football game and her crying.  Her bottom hurt so bad and her legs hurt even more.  He told her to stand up and she jumped right off of his lap and started rubbing her bottom.  With the tears pouring from her eyes and her bottom burning, it took her a moment before the reality of her situation caught up with her.  She once again realized that she was standing in a room full of 12 people, with her pants and panties around her ankles, rubbing her bottom like a little school girl.  No one was even pretending to watch the game at this point and every pair of eyes was focused on her.  She tried to immediately pull up her pants, but her dad did not let her.  He stood up, grabbed her by the arm, and tucked her in a little spot between the end of the couch and a bookcase.  He placed her in the corner for a time out, something that had not happened since she was maybe 5 years old, and had never happened after a spanking, with her bare bottom on display.  He told her that this would be a good reminder to the other kids, who were playing out back, to see what happens when they try and be deceitful.  He looked at the TV and saw that the game was close to the end of the 4th quarter.  She was told that when the football game was over, she could cover up her little bottom and be part of the festivities once again.

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