The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Daughter spanked while laying on the bed

There are many different positions that parents utilize for a proper spanking of the teen girl.  Some girls are still made to feel like the little girl they are acting like and end up crawling over mom or dad’s lap for a hard OTK spanking.  Probably more common, for the older teen, is to be told to bend and place their hands on an object such as a chair, a couch, or more commonly, the edge of their bed.  For the young lady who gets spanked on the spot, wherever the infraction occurs, it is more common for her just to be made to bend over and place her hands on her knees, or even to grab her ankles.  While all of the positions have their benefits, some make it much easier for the naughty girl to move around and to get out of position.

mom straps teen daughter

Baring her tiny teen bottom for a hard strapping from mom.

A tried and true position used for spanking the teen bottom, is that of simply laying down on the bed.  This position has the advantage that there really is nowhere for her to go during her spanking.  If she bends her legs, or moves her arms, it does not change anything regarding the placement of her bottom.  Most teen girls end up struggling during a severe bare bottom spanking, and in this position, all that she can really do is put her hands back, or role to her side.  Both of these problems tend to be self-correcting, as a hard smack with a belt to the hands, tends to keep them out of the way. If she rolls to her side, all the happens is her hips feel the smack, and she quickly realizes that it is much easier to take the spanking on her padded bottom, than on her hips.

dad straps daughter

Dad has her lay on the bed for a long spanking with his belt.

There are several variations to this position, and I think most are equally as effective.  Many parents just have their daughter lay over the edge of the bed, in which her feet are still touching the ground.  This allows them full access to her butt and makes it quite easy to deliver hard swats.  This position also allows the spanking to take place with really any implement, as reach is not an issue.  Another variation is for the young lady to be required to lie on the middle of her bed.  Some parents choose to place a couple of pillows for her to lie down on, so her bottom is better presented for spanking.  A huge benefit to this position, if the bed in not against a wall, is equal access to both sides of her butt.  Any teen girl who has ever had a serious spanking with a belt, could tell you that it is generally her right cheek that ends up the most bruised (assuming the parent is right handed).  It is basic physics, in that the end of the belt that is farthest from the hand will be traveling at a higher rate of speed when it makes contact.  With a girl lying down on a bed, her mom or dad is able to switch sides after every few strokes.  A punishment, in which her entire bottom becomes sore and bruised, is much more effective than just a single side being sore.

teen girl spanked with a wooden spoon by her mom

Sent to get ready for bed and wait for her spanking. her mom comes in and blisters her teen bottom with a wooden spoon.

So as with any good spanking, the whole process starts with the lecture/sentencing phase.  Her parents sit down with her and calmly explain to her what she has done and why her actions are inappropriate.  There may be discussion of additional punishment such as loss of her cell phone, or grounding, but the conversation ends with her being sentenced to a spanking.  It is typically best if she is told what she will be spanked with, and whether or not it will be on her bare bottom.  This will allow her time to think about what is about to happen.  After she is informed that she is to be spanked, she is sent to her room to await her punishment.

teen girl paddled by dad

Dad paddled her hard with his heavy wooden paddle.

While a hard spanking does indeed hurt, it often hurts even more in the teen girl’s head as she sits and waits for it.  No matter how hard she tries to put it out of her mind, all she can really think about is the fact that mom or dad are about to come to her room with the belt, paddle, or wooden spoon.  She knows that any minute now, her world is about to be turned upside down and her bottom will soon be black and blue.  This also serves the purpose of her making those promises to herself that she will not misbehave again, which is the true purpose of the spanking in the 1st place.

dad spanks with a belt

Dad lays her over the edge of her bed, bares her bottom, and teaches her a very real lesson.

Eventually she hears those footsteps coming down the hall towards her room and her heart rate increases even more.  There is that gentle knock on her door, one she that knows she has to respond to, but everything within her does not want to.  She actually has to utter those words “come in”, even though she knows that she is extending an invitation to have her bottom spanked.  Mom or dad then enters her room with the implement of her bottom’s destruction in hand.  She is politely asked to stand up, as her parent grabs the pillows from the end of her bed and places them in the middle.  She is then asked to lower her pants and panties and to climb over the pillows, placing her bottom in the air to be disciplined.

mom spanks with a spoon

This time her behavior requires the heavy wooden spoon from mom on her ample teen bottom.

The conversation regarding the spanking has already taken place, so there is really not much left to talk about.  All that is left now is for the real learning to begin.  Unfortunately for this teen girl, she learns best with tears in her eyes and bruises on her bottom.  She is asked if she is ready, and just like when she invited them into her room, she has no choice but to say yes, which is once again inviting the spanking to start.  The implement of choice is raised high into the air and brought down full force to her upturned bottom.  The crack can be heard throughout the house, and her cries are equally as loud.  Before she has a chance to recover from the 1st crack of the paddle, belt, or spoon, the next stroke is laid on equally as hard.  Her body starts to writhe in place as the pain from her bottom is fully processed in her brain.

dad belt spanking

Unfortunately for this teen girl, dad is just getting started with his belt. this will not be over until her bottom is black and blue.

Her parents know from experience that the longer and harder a spanking is, the better the long term results in her behavior.  They are not in a rush to get the spanking over with, the goal is a worn out bottom that shows very visible signs that the learning is indeed taking place.  A good dozen strokes are placed onto her bottom and the tears really begin to flow. In order to make sure that they are punishing her to the best of their ability, her mom or dad walks around to the other side of the bed, and starts again, this time making sure the opposite cheek is getting the attention it deserves.  After another dozen hard strokes, they are beginning to see the results that they are looking for.  It is no longer a gentle crying, that has been replaced with heavy sobbing and a very heavy breathing pattern.  Her bottom went from pink, to red, and is now beginning to show the signs of a little bruising.  As the spanking stops momentarily, she has no idea if it is over or not.  Unfortunately, her parent was just moving back to the other side of the bed to start again, wanting to assure complete coverage of her bottom.

dad razor strap spanking

This teen girl is in a lot of trouble, as this time dad brings out his heavy leather razor strap to assure she is taught the lesson she has earned.

Knowing that there is no way she can take even one more stroke, she grips the covers tight and buries her face.  The next wave of pain begins on her already sore bottom, as the strokes from that evil implement come even harder and faster.  This group of 12 in unbearable and she cannot take it.  Once again there is a pause as she listens to her mom or dad walk back to the other side of the bed.  Her poor left butt cheek is now the focus and the spanking on top of the bruising is far too much for her.  She screams and yells into her bedspread as the point is really being brought home.  All she wants is for it all to stop, she swears that she will never misbehave again, she begs for it to stop.  But if it stopped right then, at that very moment, she would be missing out on a big part of this learning process.

mom spanking daughter with spoon

This mom will not stop spanking her daughter with the wooden spoon until her bottom shows the visible signs of learning.

Her parent knows that they have created enough pain to her bottom, at this moment in time, for her to have learned a good lesson, but they do not want the lesson to end once they stop swinging that implement.  They want her lesson to continue throughout the evening, when she awakes for school the next morning, as she sits down at every desk at school that day, and the next day, and the one after that.  Simply setting her bottom on fire will not achieve that type of result, so as good parents, they know they must continue.  They take as many trips back and forth across the bed that is required to teach the long lasting lesson that is needed.  They love her too much to stop just because she is crying.  The discipline continues until her bottom is black and blue and they can rest assured that she will be sitting gingerly for several days to come.  When it is over, her mom or dad step gently out of her room and allow her to be alone with her thoughts and sore bottom.

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