The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Step dad does not hesitate to use corporal punishment

Having grown up in his household, corporal punishment was nothing new to Jade.  Her dad was a firm believer in spanking and she had received it from a young age, and still now at the age of 18, he does not hesitate to blister her bottom when it is needed.  When she was little, she typically received a handspanking when she was naughty.  As she grew into a teen, his hand was not quite as effective, so she graduated to his leather belt.  It was at

step dad corporal punishment

Step-dad comes in with the paddle

some point in high school that he began to use a wooden paddle.  There were still occasions on which he would use his belt, mostly out of convenience, but the wooden paddle seemed to be most effective on her.  While not common, when the situation calls for it, he would make her drop her pants and panties for a long and hard bare bottom paddling.

When Jade’s dad remarried, Jade ended up with a step sister.  Unlike Jade, who was typically well behaved, Monica had a tendency to get into some very real trouble.  On more than one occasion this resulted with her being picked up by her mom from the police station.  Monica’s mom saw how effective the use of corporal punishment was on Jade, and

step dad corporal punishment paddling

He uses corporal punishment on his step daughter's teen bottom

after six months of this new blended family, she finally asked her new husband if he would handle all of the discipline in the family.  Two girls, both 18 years of age, was turning out to be quite a handful for this new family.

So corporal punishment became the new norm for this household, and for Monica, she was in a unique situation of getting her first spanking at the age of 18.  Her mom wondered why she had never tried corporal punishment sooner.  It seemed that Monica was quite responsive to being taken to her room by her step dad and given a good and hard paddling. He tried to be respectful and to allow her some modesty, so he never required her to bare her bottom for a paddling.  This does not mean that he went easy on her though.  He made sure that her bottom was good and bruised by the time he got done with her.

bruising her bottom spanking

The spanking bruises her bottom

With two 18 year olds in the house, they found themselves in a fair amount of trouble together.  He was a firm believer that those he played together, paid together.  When they were in trouble together, he would send them both to the same room to wait.  This allowed them time to consider what they did and to discuss how they would avoid such behavior in the future.  Both girls got quite anxious prior to their paddlings.  Even though Jade had grown up getting

corporal punishment spanking

Now his daughter's turn for the paddle

spanked, it did not seem to leave her in a relaxed state prior to a punishment.  They both knew how much the paddle hurt.  His favorite paddle was actually a decorative bread board that hung on the wall in the kitchen.  Anyone that visited just saw it as a cutting board, the girls had to look at it in plain sight, everyday, knowing that its real purpose was to bruise their bottoms.  It was made from a  heavy wood, and was the perfect size to cover one butt cheek with each swat.

When they were both paddled it typically always played out the same way.  One girl was ordered to bend over the edge of the bed with her hands and elbows on the mattress. The other girl was made to sit at the head of the bed and to watch the entire paddling as she waited her turn.  There was very little lecture, as they knew why they were being spanked.  Once in place he would begin with the corporal punishment.  He would raise the paddle high in the air and bring it down full force on one butt cheek.  There was no warm-up, this was discipline, so it was as hard as possible from the beginning.  With just a second

her very bruised bottom

Her bottom is very bruised from step dad's paddle

or two pause after the first swat, he would bring the paddle down on the other bottom cheek.  There was never a set amount of swats with the paddle, he just continued until he got the reaction he was looking for…tears.  He was a firm believer that any spanking required tears, so he paddled long and hard until the girls were crying.  If it was a severe offense, they might find themselves crying for a couple of minutes as he continued to paddle their bottoms.

Once he finished with the first girl, they were required to switch places.  Just as before, the girl who was paddled was now required to watch the other girl get her spanking.  The girls were the same age and committed the same offense, so the punishment was just as hard for both.  Just as with the first sister, he starts out swinging the paddle in a manner that is intended to produce tears.  He swats back and forth from cheek to cheek, slowly bruising her poor bottom. He concentrates on the lower part of her butt, to maximize the soreness when she sits down.  He knows that this punishment will not be over for them when he

corporal punishment spanking results

Rubbing her step sister's bruised bottom

stops spanking them with the paddle, this is just the beginning.  When they get out of bed tomorrow morning, they will not forget that they were in trouble, they will be feeling for many days to come.  He continues the paddling until he is sure that a lesson has been learned, and then without a word it stops.  He leaves the room and allows the girls to calm down a bit.  The girls wipe away the tears and then take a moment to calm each other down.  A little lotion rubbed on each other’s bottom helps take a bit of the sting away.  They rub each other’s bruised bottoms and know that tomorrow is going to hurt.  They are 18, they are step sisters, and they still receive corporal punishment with a paddle.

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