The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Getting a Whoopin’

For many, “getting a whoopin'” is a foreign phrase, comprised of a word that does not

belt spanking dad

Blistering her teen bottom with the belt

appear in the dictionary.  For those of us who grew up in the South, a whoopin’ was just part of life.  A whoopin’ means that your bottom is about to feel the belt and that it will not be pleasant.  There are many young ladies in this world that still get a regular

corporal punishment with a belt from dad

Daughter getting ready for her whoopin'

whoopin’ from mom and dad.  It happens enough, that as you read this, more than one whoopin’ is being administered to a cute teen bottom somewhere. If you read the current statistics regarding corporal punishment in America, then we would have to believe the fact that this evening, after school, that there are going to be hundreds of whoopins being applied to hundreds of young ladies’ bottoms, in just a couple hours time.

A whoopin typically involves an older teen being sent to her room.  A unique thing happens once a whoopin has been ordered by mom or dad, ownership of the punishment.  It starts with, “well I am sorry, but I am just gonna have to give you a good whoopin’ tonight”. Once

corporal punishment teen real

Hand son her knees for a whoopin from dad

she is told that it is going to happen, it becomes hers…”get into your room, I will be there in a little while to give you YOUR whoopin'”.  I guess the reality is, is that it is her whoopin’, after all, she earned it.  But not all whoopins happen within the privacy of the bedroom, sometimes a whoopin’ can take place right on the spot.

For the family in which whoopins are really common, there is often a specific belt used just for that purpose.  It is typically large, most often a Western type belt, and can be clearly identified by the crease in the middle.  A belt that is worn on a regular basis, tends to have gentle curves, that mimics a person’s body, but a whoopin’ belt keeps its crease because it is always folded in half for the punishment.  It is often kept in a common area of the house, both for convenience, as well as to serve as a reminder to the young ladies of the house to be on their best behavior.

It really depends in the home, but a whoopin’ can be applied by the mother or the father. Sometimes one parent is the primary disciplinarian, or in some families, both parents will swing the belt.  Sometimes sisters will be punished separately, sometimes they are

teen sisters spanking corporal punishment

Two sisters, both getting a bare bottom whoopin'

punished together. Traditionally she is required to bend over a bed or a similar such object with her hands on the bed.  Some parents may have their teen lay on the bed, or actually lay over something like the arm of a couch. It is not uncommon for her to be required to place her hands in her knees, or even grab her ankles. Depending on the family or the offense, she may be required to bare her pretty teen bottom for the punishment.

corporal punishment in the living rooom

Bent over the couch for her whoopin

When a whoopin’ is applied, maximum force is generally used.  The parent wants to be sure that a lesson is being taught, so maximum force, and as fast as safely and accurately possible is the most effective.  As an older teen, she should know by now to hold still during her whoopin’, but if she moves out of place, additional punishment will be required.  Some parents add more strokes with belt, others find it most effective to go ahead and include her upper thighs as an additional punishment. While the bottom is well padded for a whoopin’, the thighs are not so much, and really sting under the pain from the belt.

In the deep South, it is not uncommon for a whoopin’ to last for several minutes.  Ten to twelve strokes just are not enough to teach an 18 year old naughty teen a real lesson. In the South, a good whoopin’ is measured by the length of time, not the number of licks with the belt.  In this part of the country a “blistered bottom” is not a

bare bottom corporal punishment spanking

Lowering her panties for a bare bottom whoopin' from dad

figure of speech, especially when she gets a bare bottom whoopin’.  A bruised bottom and welts is not out of the ordinary, it is pretty much the goal.  If she is going to still act up at this age, she can count on a blistered and sore bottom for many days to come.  If you were not whooped growing up, consider yourself lucky, because right now, at this very moment, there is an 18 year old high school senior with her pants and panties around her ankles, getting her bottom whooped long and hard by daddy.  She might be hating it, but you can be sure that she deserves it.  After all, it is HER whoopin.

All of these images of real teen girls receiving authentic whoopins come from the videos in the members area of

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