The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Mom still spanks OTK

otk spanking of teen by mom

Panties down, Pj's up, for an OTK spanking from mom.

Over the knee spanking was first used to spank the youngest of children.  Younger children have not reached the age in which they can submit to their punishment, so a bit of restraint was required.  As children grow to be teens, most moms use a different position to spank their naughty daughters.  Some moms however, never stop with the use OTK for a spanking.

Spanking an older teen over the knee serves many purposes.  The main one is that it still

otk corporal punishment

A hand spanking from mom OTK

makes her feel like a little kid.  Taking an 18 year old girl and requiring her to bare her bottom and go over mom’s knee really makes her feel like a little girl.  Even more powerful is for mom to be the one that bares the young lady’s bottom.  Pulling out a chair, having a seat, making her approach, and then to unbutton and lower her pants, and then her panties as she is pulled over mom’s lap, leaves her embarrassed, humiliated, and most importantly, demonstrates that mom is still in charge.

otk spanking

Getting her teen bottom spanked by mom

It also a very intimate act.  Yes, having a young lady bend over her bed for a long session with the paddle might be an effective form of discipline, but there is a bit of distance created.  An over the knee spanking is much like an embrace.  The mother becomes very much a part of the whole process and is quite connected to her daughter throughout.  She can feel every muscle when it tenses up.  She can feel the change in her daughter’s breathing as the spanking intensifies.  Crying is no longer something that is just heard, it is felt by the mother.  While it is a punishment, there is also a connection with an OTK spanking.

One disadvantage to an OTK spanking is that implement selection becomes a little more

otk corporal punishment

Reddening her bottom while OTK

limited.  The large school type paddles and heavy leather belts that are so effective on the 17-19 year old girls are just not practical to use over the knee.  Many moms go with the most traditional of implements, as there daughter gets to become high school age, and use a wooden hairbrush.  There is no doubt as to the effectiveness of this implement and it gets to the point very quickly.  Smaller paddles, bread boards, and wooden spoons are also very effective implements when used in the OTK position.  Some moms like the intimacy of using their own hand and never give up  handspanking their daughters.  When using a hand on high school aged girls, they simply have to adjust their methods a bit.

otk spanking

Corporal punishment for her daughter

Certainly a much longer and much harder handspanking is now required to adjust her daughter’s attitude.  What used to be accomplished with a 1 minute handspanking, might now take 4-5 minutes.  Many moms  find it useful with the older teens to also spank their thighs.  This is a much more sensitive area and a hard hand spanking to the thighs leaves a lasting impression.  Regardless of the implement, when a mom decides to spank OTK, she needs to do it long enough and hard enough to teach her naughty daughter a real lesson.

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