The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Not all spankings are private

The typical 18 year old girl, who is still spanked, generally is spanked by one of her parents in private.  In general, most spanking are taken care of in this manner.  It allows for a quiet place to discuss what happened and make it very clear to her why she is being spanked.  It allows for some modesty should she be required to bare her bottom, and it also gives her the privacy to cry hard and to get it all out. When spanked in her own room, it allows her a place to hang out and gather her thoughts, rub her bottom, and dry her tears after the spanking.

Not all parents believe that a spanking needs to be administered in private.  For some, a spanking will take place when and where they feel it necessary.  No consideration is given to who is present, or even the location of the punishment, they simply feel the need to discipline their teen daughter and they follow through with it.

One instance of this is when a young lady is spanked in front of her parent’s adult friends or even neighbors.  It is not uncommon in neighborhoods in the South for friends and family to have permission to spank each other’s kids.  This allows for a situation in which there is no hesitation to bare a teen girl’s bottom and spank her in front of whoever happens to present in the living room at the moment.  The parents are home, entertaining half a dozen friends and neighbors when the young lady comes home quite late.  Every parent in the room utilizes spanking as a means of discipline, so it will not shock anyone.

spanked in front of the neighbors

Bottom bared and spanked in front of the neighbors.

Her parents might have even brought it up in casual conversation to the group.  “I cannot believe she is so late again, I hope you do not mind, but I am going to blister her little bottom as soon as she walks in the door”.  This might even lead to casual spanking conversations.  Their own memories of being spanked growing up, or the discussion of how they currently spank their own daughters.  Either way, when she walks in the door late, it is pants and panties down and over daddy’s knee for a long and hard spanking to tears. The guests do not even pretend not to watch, they simply continue their drinks and conversation as they see her little teen bottom turning redder and redder.

Probably a more common occurrence is when a young lady is spanked in front of a friend.

teen corporal punishment

Spanked with a belt by her step-dad, in front of her friend

It could be that they got in trouble together and one parent does not have the authority to spank someone else’s daughter.  That does not mean that he is going to make his daughter wait for her spanking.  Her friend, who is equally responsible for their actions, can just sit there and watch the other one get it long and hard with the belt.  You can be sure that he will call her parents when it is over, to make sure her bottom is set on fire when she gets home.

He has no problem sending them both up to his daughter’s room to wait for him.  This allows them to talk about it.  This allows his daughter to be horribly embarrassed by the fact that she is about to be spanked in front of her best friend. She finds herself almost praying that he will not make her drop her pants for the spanking, but she knows better.  He is going to blister her bottom with the

bare bottom corporal punishment witnessed

Watching her friend receive bare bottom corporal punishment

belt, and he will do it on the bare, he always does.  Her friend has seen her bare butt dozens of times, but never while someone is whipping it raw with a leather belt.

Maybe it is one of those situations in which two girl’s parents have a deal and have no problem spanking the other’s child when needed.  In this situation is not quite as embarrassing to see other spanked, as it happens quite often.  Even after several times, it is still never all that comfortable having to get spanked by someone else’s mom.  It is even worse when a 18 year old girl finds herself bending over and presenting her bottom to be spanked by her

a teen girls receives a whipping

Watching her friend get the belt, she will be next

friend’s dad.  She knows that her friend’s dad favors the belt and his belt is a very serious looking one.  Maybe he is respectful that she is a fully developed woman and allows her to keep her pants up, but that does not take much of the sting away.  He swings that belt is a manner much more effective than her own parents, and it always leaves her butt bruised.  Unfortunately for his own daughter, he does not consider her modesty, so when it is her turn, she still has to bare her butt just as if they were alone in the room.

It may seem like fantasy, but it is reality.  There are many situations in the US and throughout the world, where getting a hard spanking, in full view of everyone present is a common occurrence.  There are many bottoms that are made quite sore in parking lots, campgrounds, and even pulled over on the side of the road.  She might find herself embarrassed as her pants come down in front of friends, neighbors, or relatives, but that embarrassment is quickly replaced with the distraction of hard spanking.  She forgets that there are five adults in the room watching her get spanked because the burning of her teen bottom is so intense that all that she can do is cry.  She thought that nothing could be worse than having her best friend see her punished, but once that belt starts swinging through the air, she realizes that there is nothing worse than what her butt is feeling.

These pictures come from public punishments administered on the various sites that are part of the RealspankingsPass

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