The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Corporal Punishment for the Teen Girl

Her last real spanking was at around age 8.  Her mom had a special leather paddle that she

teen corporal punishment spanking

Waiting for mom

used on her daughter, but it had been put away for many years.  Her mom believed that older girls should not be spanked anymore.  She was still trying to convince herself this as her daughter sat in her PJs in the living room, wondering what was about to happen.

The mother searched throughout her own closet, trying to figure out what had happened to the leather paddle.  It had been at least seven years since she had needed to use it.  But at this point she felt enough was enough.  Her daughter had been grounded for the last two weeks.  This meant staying home, mostly in her room unless she was eating with the family or doing chores.  This also meant no use of the phone and no use of the Internet.  Three times in the past week, she was caught doing more than homework on her computer.  She had been chatting, using Facebook, and everything else a 17 year old girl does socially online.  Her mom had had enough and it was time to revert back to methods that always worked when she was a little girl.  If she was still going to act that way, she was going to be treated that way.

She finally found the small paddle and decided it had to be done.  Her daughter had been

teen girl corporal punishment paddling

Knowing she is going to be spanked by mom

sitting in the living room for close to 30 minutes, having no idea what was about to happen.  She thought her mom just went to cool off a little.  She knew she was about to have another week added to her grounding.  As she dreaded this very notion, her mom walked in with the paddle.  She almost did not believe what she was looking at.  Was that really the paddle from so many years ago?  Why did her mom even still own it? What the hell was she doing holding it at this moment? There was no way her mom was going to use that on her, she was 17 after all.

The mom was actually at a loss for words.  She had decided this was the best thing and she was going to go through with it.  She pulled out the ottoman from the couch and placed it in the middle of the room.  She grabbed a pillow off of the couch and set it on the ottoman.  Her teen daughter just sat there, dumbfounded, staring at the paddle.  Her mom grabbed her by the arm and told her to bend over the ottoman and pillow.  The girl’s head was spinning, she had flashed back

teen girl bare bottom corporal punishment

Her mom bares her bottom for her paddling

many years, and found herself doing what she was told. What she did not expect was that she felt her mother lifting up her nighty and lowering her panties. She had been spanked a bit as a kid, and occasionally on her panties, but not once on her bare bottom.

Her mother had already decided that if she was going to go through with this, that it

Corporal punishment from mom

Her bare bottom spanking begins

needed to be the last spanking she ever gave her daughter.  She felt that paddling the little bottom of a high school girl was not the way to go, but she had tried everything else.  If she was going to commit to corporal punishment, then she was going to go all out and give it to her daughter, just as her mom had given it to her when she was a teen.  She was going to beat her daughter’s bare bottom, long and hard, and make sure that she took all groundings seriously from now on.  She was going to make this an experience that her daughter would never forget.  She did not want to do it, but she was a good mom and wanted what was best for her daughter.

teen bottom corporal punishment

Getting her teen bottom blistered by her mom

Without another word being spoken she began.  She lifted the paddle high in the air and smacker her daughter’s petite bottom with every ounce of energy she could muster. The paddle left her left cheek reddened and she moved onto the other cheek.  Without a pause, she moved back and forth, from cheek to cheek.  She had never spanked this hard, nor had she ever spanked bare bottom, and she was quite surprised at the results.  Her daughter held onto the legs of the ottoman a and tried her best to suffer through it.  She could not believe how much it stung.  She held on, hoping it would end soon.

hard corporal punishment for a teen daughter

Hard corporal punishment leaves her bottom bruised

When she spanked her daughter when she was little, she gave her a dozen or so swats to her little behind.  This time it was different.  Her daughter was fully grown and she had been exhibiting direct disobedience regarding being grounded.  She wanted her good girl back and was dedicated to finding her again with the paddle. There was no way a dozen swats were going to do it.  She just continued to paddle her teen bottom until she felt the job had been completed. Her daughter fought the tears back for a good minute, but they were bound to come.  The mom ignored the fact that her butt had gone from red to purple. She had

teen spanking

Her daughter learned her lesson

to ignore the bruising and focus on her daughter’s attitude and emotions. She waited until the tears were flowing good and hard before she considered stopping.  She paused for a moment to ask her daughter if she would behave, which she quickly agreed to through her sobbing.  Her mother raised the leather paddle once again and gave her twelve more for good measure.

She told her child to stand up and the young lady jumped up and rubbed her bottom furiously.  Her entire butt was on fire, and while she would not know it until she looked in the mirror later, it was a mess.  Both cheeks were marked from top to bottom from the paddle.  She would not be sitting at her computer on the Internet, she would not be sitting at all.  Her 17 year old butt was properly punished like it had never been before.  Her mom realized that

young girl spanking corporal punishment

A teen taught a real lesson through corporal punishment

corporal punishment still worked, even on a teenage bottom.  She might have had to spank longer, harder, and on a bare butt, but she got results.

This is not just a photo story, this spanking was actually administered to an 18 year old girl. It was one of the first times she had ever been spanked, it was to tears, and it was caught on video in the member’s area of  Spanking real teens to tears since 1997, they are the very best.

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