The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Paddled by Dad for Skipping School

For as long as she could remember, her dad has always spanked her.  There might be times that she is in a lot of trouble and she might

paddle spanking from dad

Lowering her panties for a hard paddling from her dad

also be grounded, but she can always count on a spanking accompanying whatever punishment she is to receive.  While a spanking is the constant, how it is applied to her bottom differs from one day to the other.  The way she is most typically spanked is over her clothes with his belt.  There is a special strap that is used on occasion that is kept in her parent’s room, but for day to day discipline he will spank with whatever belt he has on.  There is not a belt in his wardrobe that does not have a little crease in the back from being folded in half on so many occasions.

The location of the punishment tends to be wherever they happen to be when the issue of discipline comes up.  She has been spanked in close to every

paddle spanking daughter

He raises the paddle high as he prepares to paddle her round bottom

room in the house.  When she is in real serious trouble, he will often take her to his room for her spanking.  Anytime she hears the words “let’s take this upstairs” she knows she is really in for a bottom blistering that will be with her for quite some time.  This is not to say that a spanking anywhere else in the house in no big deal.  Even now, at this age, she fears a spanking and knows how very bad it will hurt.

On this particular day, she is in quite a bit of trouble.  She was hanging out with a friend in her room when he knocked on the door.  He had the note from school in his hand and her heart dropped.  Luckily he asked her to come with him for a few minutes, she was grateful that whatever was about to take place would not happen in front of her friend.  On more than one occasion in her life she had been spanked in front of someone she knew and it was always so embarrassing.  As they

Paddling spanking from dad

He paddles her teen butt hard

walked to the kitchen, she tried to think of something to say.  She knew the note detailed the fact that she had skipped a day of school last week.  She doubted that anything she would have to say could change anything.  As they walked into the kitchen she saw the paddle on the counter and knew for a fact that there was nothing she could say or do.

He did not even bring up what the note said, he simply told her to lower her pants and panties and bent over the chair next to the counter.  She asked if they could wait until her friend went home, a request which he denied.  She knew better than to push it further, so she lowered her jeans and pulled down her panties.  She bent over the counter and waited for the first swat.  She hated that paddle as bad as anything he spanked her with.  It was the biggest implement that he used and it somehow appeared in their home when she was around 16.  She was not sure is he had bought it or made it, but it was bad.  It covered her entire bottom with a single swat and he really knew how to lay it on hard.

bruised butt from a paddle spanking from dad

It takes only a few swats to bruise her teen bottom.

A few seconds later it started.  She gripped the stool tight as he raised the paddle in the air.  The first swat landed and the sound echoed through the house.  As many times as she had been paddled, she just never gotten used to it.  Even with her nice round bottom, she could feel the paddle burn deep into her muscles.  He was not a slow spanker, or one that talked during the process.  He would raise the paddle over and over again and spank her bottom until it was black and blue.  She never knew how many she was to get, but knew that it would last a couple of minutes.  It took about 10 swats before the tears started, and while she lost count, she must have received at least another 25-30 swats after she started crying.  He paddled her

a sore bottom from being spanked

A bruised bottom and a lesson learned

long and hard and made sure that she would not be skipping school any time soon.  When he was finished he had her pull her pants and panties back up, and she was sent back to her room.  Her face was now as red as her bottom as she considered that her friend had certainly heard the entire thing.  It was so embarrassing to still get her bare butt paddled at this age, but there was nothing she could do about it.

This account is illustrated from a real paddling video from the members area of FirmhandSpanking, a site that paddles the butts of real teens on a regular basis.

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