The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Her College aged daughter still gets over the knee (OTK) spanking with a hand and a hairbrush.

an otk spanking from mom

Pulled from the shower for a long and hard OTK spanking from mom.

She feels that if her daughter still choses to act like a little girl then she will treat her like a little girl.  Forget the fact that her daughter is home for the summer from her 1st year of college.  She still acts like a brat sometimes and needs to be punished accordingly.  For this mom, that will always mean a bare bottom over the knee spanking. She has always spanked her daughter this way, and until she either fully gets her act together, or is able to pay for her own school and own place to stay; mom will continue to spank her.

For the little offenses like smarting off, or leaving her dishes on the counter and not putting them in the dishwasher, she is still handspanked like she was when she was young.  Her mom takes her to her bedroom and closes the door so they have some privacy.  She sits on the bed and pulls her daughter close.  She likes to add to the feeling of treating her daughter like a little child be being the one to unbutton her daughter’s pants and lowering her panties.  When her bottom is bared she pulls her daughter over her lap and then gives her a little lecture.  Once the lecture is complete, she starts the spanking.  Just because it is only her hand being used does not mean that this is not a serious

otk spanking from mom in her bedroom

Mom never hesitates to bare her daughter's bottoms for a hard handspanking

punishment.  Unlike the childhood spankings she used to receive, her mom spanks her as hard as her arm can swing and for as long as she can spank before tiring out.  A typical handspanking may last more than 5 total minutes, and depending on the offense, might also include the backs of her thighs.  Her mom is not a light spanker and after a couple of minutes, the sniffles turn to tears.  She makes sure her naughty daughter’s bottom and thighs are glowing before she stops.

For the major offenses in this home, the wooden hairbrush is used.  While handspankings are quite effective in changing her daughter’s behavior, sometimes it is just not enough.  Since she started college, the hairbrush has been used on her bottom three times. The first occurred over Christmas break, when her grades arrived.  Tuition at a private university is not cheap, so her parents had high expectations regarding their daughter’s study habits.  A couple of B’s, two C’s, and a failing grade were not what her parents expected.  Even with relatives staying at the house for the holidays, the moment her mom saw the school transcript, she was marched into her room for a long and hard session with the brush.  She received a similar punishment for her spring transcript, and also for returning to the house, with alcohol on her breath after a night out, in her mom’s car.

bare bottom over the knee spanking with a brush

Mom spanks her OTK with the hairbrush and teaches her a hard lesson.

For all practical purposes the punishments with the hairbrush were very similar to the over the knee handspanking.  Her mother still bared her bottom, still pulled her over her knees, and always lectured before the spanking began.  The primary difference was the severity of the punishment.  The handspankings were bad and always led to tears eventually, but the heavy wooden hairbrush was just a whole different world regarding the severity.  It only took one or two swats with the heavy brush for the tears to begin.  Unlike her hand which left a red mark with each smack, the brush left a bulls-eye shaped purple mark with every smack.  If she was using the brush it was a very serious matter and she felt like she

bare bottom OTK hairbrush spanking from mom

A hairbrush spanking from mom leaves her bruised and sore for days

needed to really teach her daughter a lesson she would never forget.  With the brush her goal was to spank her daughter’s entire bottom, leaving no part unmarked.  She tried very hard to make the phrase “you will not sit down for a week” an actual reality.  She would ignore her daughter’s pleas and cries and just continue to spank long and hard until the job was complete.  When her entire bottom was black and blue, she would then add ten to twelve additional smacks to the bottom of each of her cheeks, assuring that sitting would indeed be quite a chore.  After a hard session with the brush she would give her daughter a long and tender hug and ask her to be a good girl in the future.

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