The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Teen girl spanked by dad in front of her friends while naked.

teen girls smoking about to get a spanking from dad

Smoking and topless they have no idea that mom and dad are about to show up and apply a spanking to her teenage bottom.

Even though she is 18 years old, she has not finished her senior year of high school, and still lives under her parent’s roof.  Thinking that her parents will be gone all day, she has some friends over for some time by the pool.  They all hate bikini lines and decide that, in the privacy of her backyard, a little topless sunbathing will not hurt anything.  It does not take long until someone breaks out a pack of cigarettes and passes them out for everyone to have a smoke.  They are far too busy chatting it up and smoking to notice that Roxie’s parents came home early.

An otk spanking from dad is about to take place

The girls try to cover up as mom catches them smoking. Dad is about to be asked to spank her teen butt.

Her mom is first to notice what is going on and she storms into the backyard.  The girls see her coming and try to throw their cigarettes away, but they are too late.  Her mom fumes at seeing all of these half naked teenage girls smoking in her backyard, and decides that there will be a very serious consequence.  As the dad enters the backyard, the mother basically orders him to apply the spanking of her life to Roxie’s teen bottom.  The other girls clearly want to go home but Roxie’s mom demands that they not only sit and watch her daughter get a bare bottom spanking, but that they stay exactly the way they were, topless.

Roxie’s dad has a seat on the pool furniture and demands that Roxie bares her bottom.  With her already being topless, this leaves her fully naked, in her backyard, in front of all of her friends.  Her dad wastes no time, bends her over his knees, and gets to work spanking her tight teen bottom.  He does not go

baring her teen bottom for a spanking from dad

She bares her bottom for a hard spanking from her dad.

easy, instead he starts by spanking her bottom as hard as he can.  Her friends are horrified and embarrassed as they watch their closest friend receive the spanking of

teen girl spanked in front of her friends

Her teen bottom is spanked long and hard while her friends watch.

her life.  For most of them, they are no longer spanked at home, and this moment brings them back to their early childhood when each and every one of them was spanked.  They watch as her bottom goes from pink, to a deep and dark red.  It does not take too long until the tears begin to flow from Roxie’s eyes.  She may be 18, but you would think that she was 9, based on the current situation.

After two full minutes of hard spanking from her dad he finally stops.  She is lifted off of his lap, tears in her eyes, and embarrassed as she has ever been in her life.  She if standing completely naked, in front of both of her parents and all of her friends, with a bright red bottom, having just received the spanking of her life.  Her dad walks her into the house, while fully naked

teen girl sore bottom from spanking

A sore teen bottom and a lesson learned

still, and her mom escorts her friends to their cars.  In this house, spankings are the only form of punishment for the teenage girl, and they are still very effective.

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