The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Corporal Punishment with a Belt for the Teen Girl

When we are looking at the topic of the corporal punishment of the teenage girl, much focus has to be given to the

bent over for corporal punishment with a belt spanking

Dad takes her to her room for a hard strapping over her jeans.

belt as a punishment tool.  If you consider the older teens that are still spanked at home, the most common implement used on their teen butts is indeed the belt.  There are many reasons that this is true.  The first is the fact that a 17-18 year old girl, who is spanked at home, has probably been spanked since a very young age.  Very few parents stick with the hand as their girl grows older.  What was effective for spanking her when she was 10, is no longer effective when she is 18.  Parents who still spank older teens are strict and a handspanking will no longer get the job done when applying discipline to her bottom.  The next reason that a belt is used so often when spanking teen girls is availability.  There are very few households in America in which there is not a leather belt of some sort that can be used for discipline.  Unfortunately for those Southern girls, almost all Southern dads have a heavy leather Western style belt, and these leave quite an impression when applied properly to the teenage bottom.  In addition, many people wear belts all the time so mom or dad never have to go searching for an implement to be used for a spanking.  If they choose to apply discipline on the spot, the belt is always handy.

corporal punishment with a belt from mom

Mom bends her over the ottoman and whoops her bottom in front of her sister

Depending on how it is used, a belt can be quite an effective implement for teaching naughty girls a very real lessonThe typical teen girl that is spanked with a belt is most often going to get it applied over her jean covered bottom.  Most girls wear jeans nowadays and it makes sense that this is the most common form of dress to be punished in.  Even though an older teen will typically be wearing jeans and panties which provides a bit of protection, when administered properly with a heavy enough belt, a good whoopin’ can be quite effective.  It could take place right there in the family room of the house, or maybe she is sent to her room, but the results are the same.  Maybe she is made to bend over an ottoman right there for everyone to see, or told to place her hands on her dresser in her room, but she knows she is in for it.  When that belt comes off it sends fear down the spine of teen girls everywhere.  All she can do is wait as the belt is folded in half and prepared to be used on her butt.  You know if her parents still spank at this age that they mean business.  There are no little love taps, there is no warm-up, what would be the point of that.  The belt is lifted high in the air and applied to her bottom in a manner that is meant to achieve results.  It is swung full force with much intention in every stroke.  It may take a little longer at this age, but tears are indeed the goal from the very beginning.

bare bottom corporal punishment from dad

This punishment is applied in the privacy of her room on her bare bottom. dad spank long and hard until a lesson is learned.

As bad as all of that might be, there are still high school girls who are sent to their rooms for a spanking with the belt, but they are now allowed the protection that jeans can provide.  It does not matter that she is 18, it does not matter if it is mom or dad doing the spanking…those pants and panties are coming down and she is getting a bare bottom strapping.  Nothing says “bad girl” as clearly as the words “lower your pants and panties and bend over”.  Some girls might have to bend over the edge of the bed, others are made to lay flat on the bed with a few pillows under them, propping up their bottom perfectly, to put it on display for a spanking.  Just as the spankings above, this bare bottom strapping is all business.  Tears come a little quicker with a severe bare bottom strapping.  Different parents spank for different results.  Some may announce a predefined number if strokes that they are going to apply to her bare bottom.  The typical older teen receives at least 20, often more.  Some parents do not measure in strokes, they measure in time.  Picture the 18 year old

bruised butt spanking teen

Mom spanks long and hard on her teen bottom until it is bruised and sore, teaching her a very real lesson.

girl, whose dad is a Southern Baptist minister, in a small town, and she finds herself in a whole lot of trouble.  Caught drinking, caught stealing, or some other “sinful” behavior.  This is not a spanking in which 30 strokes of the belt if going to be sentenced.  This is a whoopin’ that is going to last for minutes.  This is “spare the rod and spoil the child” country, and when the belts come off in this type of household, bottoms are left bruised and sore for more than hours.  The effects of this type of spanking are felt for days.  There are parents who spank until the crying starts, and then there are parents that swing hard and fast with the belt until the crying stops.  

It might seem like fantasy, but I assure you it is a reality, that teen girls throughout this country still bend over for a long and hard spanking with a belt.  It might be more common in some places than others, but is happens every hour of every day somewhere in this country.  Drive yourself to the deep South and take a tour of little towns in

bare bottom teen girl belt spanking

A strapping she will feel and remember for many days to come

Mississippi or Tennessee.  You can rest assured than at least 1 in 5 of high school aged girls still get the belt at home.  You can also be sure that on any given day, in any high school in those states, there are more than a few girls sitting in class with bruised bottoms from a whoopin from mom or dad the night before.

If you want to see legal aged teen girls, like the ones in the pictures above, get very real punishment strappings on video, visit  They have more than 100 full length videos featuring traditional strappings applied with a belt, both over pants, pjs, and on bare bottoms…often to tears.

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