The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Corporal Punishment Spanking for the Asian Daughter


asian spanking from mom

Young Asian teen getting spanked by her mother

There is a very good reason why Asian daughters are so well behaved and respectful to their

Asian teen spanking

Spanked in front of her sister by mom

elders.  The primary reason for this is the result of discipline.  Discipline can come in many different forms in Asian countries, but a tried and true method that is still in use today is corporal punishment.  Asian moms do not hesitate to spank their daughter’s bottoms if the moment calls for it.  Unlike many countries, Asian moms have no problem spanking daughters that are as old as 20 years of age.  All children of Asian descent are taught that they must do as their parents say, and not doing so may indeed result in a very sore bottom.

There is no hesitation and no argument when an Asian girl is to be spanked.  Moms are the primary disciplinarians in the Asian household, and they are known for being very thorough in their approach to corporal punishment.  Just

teen asian girl spanked my mom

Japanese teen spanked my mom with a cane.

as they learned from their moms, a spanking is to be an event to be remembered.  They feel that if they are going to take the time to spank an older teen girl’s bottom, that they should do it to the best of their ability.

The only site that can truly present Asian corporal punishment as it is actually administered in the real world is  They film in Japan with very realistic scenes that show how Japanese girls are actually spanked in the home.  You can view their site and preview pictures and videos HERE

paddled by mom Japan

Baring her bottom so her Japanese mother can give her a hard paddling

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