The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Teen girls still paddled at home by their dad

teen corporal punishment paddling

bending over in the living room about to receive a long and hard paddling from dad.

Many parents go through a range of implements that they use to spank their daughters.  Most spankings at an early age begin with a handspanking.  As the girl grows to be a young lady, a belt is often the next step as a hand tends to be less effective.  For the naughty teen girl, with very strict parents, a logical step is to move onto a wooden paddle.

There have been many garages throughout America in which a dad has spent a couple of hours creating the perfect spanking implement.  It is usually triggered by an episode of very bad behavior, in which dad finds the motivation to get out the tools and start his new project.  There are also many cases in which the naughty daughter is made to go out in the garage with dad and either help build it, or at least watch its construction take place.  Imagine the anticipation as dad hands her the roughed out paddle and a piece of sandpaper and tells her to get to work finishing it up.  This allows her to feel the overall weight and really appreciate the size and thickness of the paddle.  She spends the next couple of hours not just finishing the paddle but imagining what it is going to feel like when it is applied full force to her teen bottom.  This is already a pretty effective punishment and it has not even been used to paddle her butt.

For some families it is almost somewhat of a tradition for the girl to have “her paddle”.  It is one thing to send her off to get “the paddle”, but there is a big sense of ownership of her transgressions when she is sent to get “her paddle”. For many families each girl has her own paddle.  I have known more than one family in which the girl keeps “her paddle” in her own room as a reminder to be on her best behavior.  It might hang in her closet, or even more embarrassing, she may be required to hang it on her bedroom wall.  There is no hiding the fact that she gets her teen butt paddled on a regular basis, when her friends visit, the evidence is right there on the wall.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the paddle is a very effective form of corporal punishment. With a handspanking it takes a

a hard paddling for this teen from dad

the look on her face shows how effective a paddling can be for a teen girl

while to achieve the desired reaction and results.  With a belt the point is made a little quicker, but it still takes a couple of dozen good strokes for a real point to be made.  A well-crafted paddle, that is large enough to cover most of the bottom with a single swat, and thick enough to really make that swat felt, gets the young lady’s attention very quickly.  When tears are the goal, which they generally are, the eyes are watering after a single swat.

A proper paddling is administered in many different ways, and in many different locations.  Many teen girls are told to get the paddle, or “her paddle”, and told to go wait in either her room or the parent’s room.  This gives time to think about what she did and how her behavior led her to this moment.  It also gives her time alone with the paddle.  She has to hold it, consider exactly how it is

teen girl about to be paddled by dad

Alone with her thoughts and the paddle.

going to feel, and to think about how long her poor bottom is going to be sore.  Some paddlings take place right the on the spot of the infraction without any consideration of who is present.  Maybe she did not do her kitchen chores and dad simply walks into the kitchen with the paddle in hand and bends her over the kitchen counter and gets to work.  It is not completely uncommon for a dad to march right out into the yard, have his daughter bend over and paddle her in full view of the neighbors.  Some families administer corporal punishment in a sort of “family meeting” setting.  The kids are sat down in the living room, behaviors are discussed, and for those that require a spanking, it is done right there, in front of the entire family. The

getting the paddle from dad

Bent over and paddled in front of her brothers and sisters

naughty teen is sent to get the paddle, bent right over the arm of the couch and paddled in front of her brothers and sisters.  This serves as a very effective reminder for the rest of the kids, to stay on top of their chores and to stay out of trouble.

There are many positions that can be used for a paddling.  Probably the most common is for the young lady to simply bend over and put her hands on the bed for her punishment.  Creative parents have found many positions over the years that have proven to be effective.  Bending over and grabbing her ankles is an embarrassing one and a painful way to be paddled.  It really pulls all of the muscles in her bottom tight to the surface, so the effects of the paddling last a long time.  There are many variations used throughout the country,

spanking from her father

Assuming the lunge position for a very hard paddling, in the dining room, from her father

including the “lunge positions” and another very effective one is with arms full outstretched touching the wall.  This position requires her arms to stay in place or she loses her balance and it helps keeps hands from getting in the way.

The main reason a paddle is utilized for the punishment of an older teen girl is simple…a paddling hurts like hell.  We have to be honest here, the reason teen girls are spanked is to provide a negative stimulus that will help them remember to not get in trouble and to be well behaved.  A large wooden paddle raised high in the air and brought down full force on a teen butt is a very effective negative stimulus.  Parents who use a paddle for disciplining their teen daughter do not have to do it very often, because it achieves results.  If we look at the entire process, it makes sense.  A girl is sent to her room as I described before and is made to wait.  The anticipation is part of the learning process and allows her to reflect on her transgressions.  The next step is cooperation and obedience.  She is required

teen girl spanking from dad

Presenting her teen bottom to her dad for a paddling

to bend over, thus assisting in her own punishment, and she is required to present her bottom. Bending over and presenting your ass to someone on command is not something that typically takes place in our society.  This demonstrated control by the parent and submissiveness by the teen girl and shows her that as grown up as she feel, she is still not fully in control.

The next part and the primary function of a paddling is the pain.  There is no point in the dad going through all this trouble if he is not going to apply a painful and long lasting punishment.  A proper paddling is administered full force with tears being the goal on from the first swat to the last.  Each paddle swat is applied to the lowest and fleshiest part of her bottom.  Bruising will indeed occur, but it is part of the process.  Another aspect to the cooperation is the fact that she has to hold still for the duration of her

teen girl paddling from dad

Doing her best to stay in position as her dad paddled her tiny teen butt

punishment.  She is assisting her dad in HER punishment by keeping her bottom properly in place so he can effectively and safely continue to paddle her butt.  One of the downsides to a proper paddling, is that it hurts enough that the body begins to combat the pain, and often her butt will go numb after five or six hard swats.  A good parent will not stop the paddling just because she is not reacting as much to each swat.  An informed father will realize that while the current pain of the paddling is getting easier for her to deal with, that additional swats will serve a long term purpose.  The goal is not 30 seconds of pain for her transgressions; it is for a sore bottom that lasts for several days.  So while it may be easier for her after her butt goes numb, he knows that the next 15 swats are what are really going to bring the point home for many days to come.

The final part of a paddling as an effective punishment for the teen girl is the after effects.  Once her dad leaves the room she is just full of emotions.  Her bottom is throbbing and she is still trying to stop the tears from flowing.  Most teens take a look in the mirror

teen girl bruised ass spanking

Looking at the results of a well earned paddling. She knows her now bruised bottom is going to be sore for days to come.

to see how their bottoms look.  She lowers her pants and takes a look in the mirror and there is visual reminder of her behavior.  But the real lesson begins as her body starts to calm down.  The pain that the body was numbing begins to come back.  Her bottom goes from a gentle throbbing to a very painful throbbing.  With every beat of her heart a pulsating pain overtakes her teen butt.  Just like a hard workout at the gym, the real soreness begins the next morning and peaks 48 hours later.  Talk about an effective punishment, when the young lady wakes up two days later, goes to the bathroom, and can barely sit on the toilet.  There is not a minute that goes by in the next 3 days in which she is not reminded of her behavior.  Every time she sits down she vows to be a good girl from that day forward and to do everything she possibly can to never be paddled by dad again.

a hard spanking with a paddle

Dad paddles her bottom long and hard until she learns a real lesson

It is hard to find realistic paddling videos such as what has been described here.  Every picture used in the post comes from a very realistic father/daughter paddling scene at  These are not playful or pretend little spankings.  These are scenes that depict full force paddling just as teen girls receive them today.  The paddle is used in a severe and effective manner which often leads to tears and always leads to a very sore and bruised bottom.  They may be models, but many are 18-19 years of age and they go home with sore butts and feel it for days.  Check out their member’s area to see the videos that go with these pictures.  Currently in their member’s area they have 295 separate punishment scenes in which a large wooden paddle is used to spank a teen girl’s bottom.  You can visit their site at

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