The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A bare bottom OTK spanking from mom, followed by a hard, fully nude strapping

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Mom is about to lower her panties and spank her teen bottom otk.

Her mom was very strict and very old fashioned; as a result she was a well behaved young lady.  She knew that is she misbehaved in any way, she would be spanked.  A spanking from her mom was a very long and drawn out event, it hurt immensely, and it was equally as embarrassing.  As a result, spankings were somewhat rare in her home, she was typically spanked 2-3 times a year.  She stayed on her very best behavior as every time she was spanked, it was such a bad experience, she vowed to never again get a spanking.

Her last spanking happened more than a year ago when she was sixteen.  As far as spankings go, it was not one of her worst ones.  All spankings started bare bottom, over her mom’s knee, for a handspanking that lasted for a good five minutes.  Sometimes they progressed to something much worse, but her last one was simply a handspanking.  She had a feeling that today was going to be different.  Her mom was very angry with her and had sent her to her room so mom

teen girl corporal punishment spanking otk from mom

Mom gets started on her daughter’s bottom, this spanking will last more than 5 minutes.

could “cool off”.  Past experience has taught her that this is when things get rough for her.

It was close to an hour before her mom came and knocked on her bedroom door.  As her mom entered, she saw the strap in her hand and she knew this was going to be a lesson she would remember.  Her mom had gotten most of her anger out if her system, and there is no doubt she knew what she was in trouble for.  Her mother saw no reason to continue with the lecture and get herself all worked up again, so she just sat on the bed and told her to take off her pants, which was the standard start to any spanking.

She removed her pants and then stepped forward for what she knew was next.  There were several elements of the spanking that were embarrassing for her and it always started with her mom pulling down her panties for her.  It had been this way as long as she could remember being spanked, and she very much hated, at 17 years of age, that her mom still pulled down her panties for her.  Her mom would pull them down to her ankles and pull her over her lap.  There would be no words spoken and her mom would get to work.  Her mom spanked fairly hard, but it was not just the intensity that got to her, it was the longevity.  Her mom was a firm believer in a strict punishment and all spankings went on for as long as she could spank.  It would take a

teen corporal punishment to tears

1 minute into her spanking and the tears start.

good minute before the tears started, but that was barely the beginning.  Her mom was strong and in good shape, and while she never really had a reference for how long she was spanked, it went on for well over 5 minutes. Her mom would cover her entire teen bottom from the top of her thighs, to the very top of her butt cheeks.  Over the course of the 5+ minutes, she would spank every inch of her bottom at least a dozen times over.

It would not stop until she had been crying hard for a few minutes, but the very unfortunate part for her, was that mom brought in the strap, which means they were just getting started.  Her mom would finally stop and then be told to stand up.  The next part, the most humiliating part was next for her.  Her mom would tell her to remove all of her clothing.  She had no idea why her mom required her to be naked for her strapping, but since the strap became part of the equation, this was always how it happened. She would start to remove what was left of her clothing, her shirt and her bra, while her mom placed a couple of pillows in the middle of the bed.  At this point in her teen life, she did not have to be told what to do next, she would simply lay over the pillows with her bottom high in the air.

The strap was one that her mom had actually bought while she was present.  It was bought from a local feed and tack store and she

mom corporal punishment with a strap

Fully naked on the bed, now her teen bottom will receive a hard strapping from mom.

guessed it was for horses or something similar.  It was made from heavy leather, had two pieces of leather that slapped together on the business end, and had a cord in which to hang it. Over the last 5 years since it had been purchased, she had learned to hate and fear the implement very much.

Once she was in place her mom would begin.  She spanked with the strap much like she did with her hand.  It was raised high in the air and would hit in a very specific manner.  The same area on her teen bottom that was on fire and throbbing would be attacked again with the leather strap.  The pain was at least double as what the hand felt like and she was relentless.  She had barely had time to calm down from the handspanking when the tears would come back full force.  The spanking with

teen girl corporal punishment with a belt from mom

Fully naked strapping from mom

the strap did not last quite as long as the handspanking, but it was ten times worse in her eyes.  She always struggled to keep from putting her hands back and her mom always had a way of dealing with that.  The 1st time the hands came back, she was required to garb her hands and hold them behind her back, kind of like being handcuffed.  If her hands moved from that position, she would get ten smacks in the middle of her thighs.  She had learned on a couple of occasion to never let her hands get away once she had them locked behind her back, the spanks on her thighs were just brutal.

The spanking with the strap would go on for a good 3-4 minutes, at a very fast pace, which would

teen girl discipline

Made to keep her hands behind her back to keep them out of the way.

result in her teen butt getting well over 100 strokes.  She would be crying her eyes out after the 1st dozen, but that never slowed her mom down.  There was a reason her daughter had not been spanked in over a year, a spanking from her achieved results that lasted far longer than the marks and the soreness.  When it was all over, she was required to stand up, move to the end of her bed, kneel on the floor, and once again put her

teen girl corner time

Two hours of naked corner time will help he reflect on why she was spanked and strapped by her mom.

hands behind her back.  She was then required to lean forward and rest her head on the mattress, so her bottom was up in the air and on display.  Her mom did not have to tell her to stay in that position, she knew from experience that she was required to stay that way until her mom returned.  Her mom believed strongly in the positive effects of corner time and would leave her daughter in this position for as long as two hours.  She wanted her to have a long time to reflect on what she had done and to focus on nothing but her stinging bottom.

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